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Violent Crime Prevention by hkw27409


									Violent Crime Action Plan 2009 – 2010
Violent Crime Prevention
Action   Actions                                 Milestones                        Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                                                Date         Agency
VC1      Develop and implement a comprehensive      To complete an                June 2009    Violence and      £0
         violence against women strategy             equalities screening                       Hate Crime
         building on the forthcoming national        process of the work of                     Reduction
         strategy                                    the Violence & Hate                        Manager
                                                     Crime Reduction Team to                    Safer
                                                     ensure it is functioning                   Communities
                                                     within its equalities                      Team
                                                     duties and exercising
                                                     good practice

                                                    Draft local strategy          January      Violence & Hate   TBC
                                                     agreed                        2011         Crime Reduction

VC2      Implementation of domestic violence        Implement MODUS               December     Performance       £0
         electronic case management system           (domestic violence data       2009         Manager           Funding
                                                     system) with a breakdown                   Safer             allocated
                                                     of the data by ethnic                      Communities
                                                     origin, age, disability, by                Team
                                                     borough and district, type
                                                     of incident, disability

                                                    Introduce a reporting
                                                     framework for the
Action   Actions                                  Milestones                      Completion   Lead Person/   Costs
No.                                                                               Date         Agency
VC3      Develop a better understanding of the       Develop a project plan to   April 2010   Violence and   TBC
         extent and nature of domestic and            scope the requirement                    Hate Crime
         sexual violence on women and men             for a Needs Assessment                   Reduction
         in East Sussex                                                                        Manager
                                                  Project plan to include:                     Safer
                                                   Investigate whether                        Communities
                                                      current provision is                     Team
                                                      adequate in meeting the
                                                      needs and understanding
                                                      of the experience of
                                                      women and men and the
                                                      impact on children

                                                     Explore the findings with
                                                      partners and agree a
                                                      way forward

                                                     Review partnership
                                                      structures for
                                                      development and
                                                      delivery of future
                                                      planning and appropriate
                                                      representation at
                                                      meetings with particular
                                                      reference to equalities

VC4      Investigate the feasibility of using a      Monitor data through        March 2010   Violence and   TBC
         MARAC style model that receives              the SARC Management                      Hate Crime
         referrals about ‘vulnerable’ high risk       Board to identify need                   Reduction
         victims of sexual assault                                                             Manager
                                                     Consult with partners on                 Safer
Action   Actions                                  Milestones                        Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                                                 Date         Agency
         Links to:                                    establishment                              Communities
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                                                                     Team
                                                     Link in with Rape
                                                      Prevention plan                            DCI Crime
                                                                                                 Manager East
                                                     Define high risk                           Sussex Division
                                                      vulnerable victims of                      Sussex Police

                                                     Assault and rape through
                                                      the Rape Steering Group

VC5      Ensure training on the role, function       MARACs covered in             March 2010   Violence and      TBC
         and screening/referral protocol of the       continuing professional                    Hate Crime
         MARACs included in all relevant              development packages,                      Reduction
         agencies continuing professional             e.g. Social Workers,                       Manager
         development                                  Health visitors                            Safer
         Links to:                                   Identify a champion for                    Team
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                          the MARAC from relevant
                                                      services, ensuring that
                                                      all high risk referrals are
                                                      accessing the MARAC

VC6      Deliver countywide domestic violence        Identify funding for          March 2010   Violence and      TBC (additional
         awareness training to frontline staff,       training package                           Hate Crime        resources
         recognising early signs of violence                                                     Reduction         required)
                                                     Identify appropriate                       Manager
                                                      means of delivering the                    Safer
                                                      training                                   Communities
Action   Actions                                 Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/       Costs
No.                                                                               Date         Agency

VC7      Ensure consistent screening and                Written screening        March 2010   Violence and       TBC
         referral process across all agencies            and referral process                  Crime Reduction
                                                         in place                              Manager
         Links to:                                                                             Safer
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                                                                   Communities

VC8      Better support for children and young      LSCB to develop THINK        Ongoing      LSCB Steering      TBC
         people who have witnessed domestic          CHILD as a strategy and      through      Group
         violence                                    to encourage the             2009-10
                                                     creation of a compact                     LSCB Business
         Links to:                                   between practitioners                     manager (with
         East Sussex Local Safeguarding Board        working within domestic                   support from all
         (LSCB) Business Plan 2009-10                abuse and those working                   sub groups)
                                                     specifically with children
                                                     to identify ways

                                                    Work continues to            Ongoing      Child Safety       TBC
                                                     ensure LSCB has              through      Sub Group and
                                                     appropriate links to         2009-10      LSCB
                                                     Refuges, Domestic Abuse                   Business Manager
                                                     For a and Community                       LSCB
                                                     Safety initiatives

VC9      Maintaining and improving the quality      Monitor and evaluate the     Ongoing      LSCB Business      LSCB training
         of inter-agency child protection            delivery of the LSCB         through      Manager            budget
         interventions                               Multi- disciplinary          2009-10      LSCB
                                                     training programme
Action   Actions                                Milestones                     Completion    Lead Person/        Costs
No.                                                                            Date          Agency
                                                    (includes the Domestic
                                                    Violence Training                        LSCB Training
                                                    Programmes)                              Sub group

VC10     Prevention through education           Develop lesson plan/input to   August 2009   Inspector           TBC
                                                school and college                           Youth Safety
         Links to:                              curriculum that educates                     Officer
         Rape Steering Group Action Plan        young people to consider                     Youth Safety
                                                sexual their behaviour and                   and
                                                the associated risk/legal                    Intervention
                                                responsibilities. Implement                  Team/
                                                the Domestic Abuse                           Sussex Police/
                                                Guidance for Schools and                     Associate Adviser
                                                requirement for schools to                   PSHE Healthy
                                                be teaching about domestic                   Schools /
                                                violence                                     East Sussex
                                                   Final Guidance agreed                    Improvement
                                                    and produce                              Service/ CfBT
                                                   Implement the Domestic
                                                    Abuse Guidance into East
                                                    Sussex Schools

VC11     Ensure appropriate representation         Appropriate                July 2009     Violence and        £0
         from other voluntary and community         representation from                      Hate Crime
         sector organisations on the MARAC          other VCS groups when                    Reduction
         where they can provide added support       required                                 Manager
Action   Actions                             Milestones                      Completion   Lead Person/    Costs
No.                                                                          Date         Agency
         e.g. BME                                                                         Safer
                                                Ensure appropriate level                 Communities
         Links to:                               of vetting is carried out                Team
         NI 32 Delivery Plan

VC12     Extend post of the MARAC Co-           Seek Agreement from         December     Safer           £TBC
         ordinator until March 2012              Resource & Performance      2009         Communities
                                                 Sub Group for funding                    Manager
         Links to:                               post                                     Safer
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                                                              Communities

VC13     Reduce prevalence and harm caused      Ensure Violence Against     TBC          Violence and    £0
         by serious sexual offences              Women Strategy links                     Hate Crime
                                                 into Rape Prevention                     Reduction
                                                 problem profiles                         Manager
                                                Ensure that rape                         Communities
                                                 prevention agenda is
                                                 featured in needs                        SIB
                                                 assessment and VAW                       Sussex Police

                                                Work with Sussex Police
                                                 to create support
                                                 pathways for victims

                                                Continue to attend the
                                                 Rape Steering Group and
                                                 the SARC Management
                                                 Board to understand and
Action   Actions                                 Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/        Costs
No.                                                                               Date         Agency
                                                     support problems arising
                                                     from the challenges in
                                                     investigating sexual

VC14     Support perpetrators referred through      Investigate the              September    Violence and        £0
         non criminal justice routes, away           requirements for running     2009         Hate Crime
         from abusive behaviour                      a non mandatory                           Reduction
                                                     perpetrator programme                     Manager
                                                    If feasible recruit a                     Team
                                                     perpetrator programme        March 2010   Violence and        £20,000
                                                     coordinator/facilitator                   Hate Crime
                                                    Involve Respect in any                    Manager
                                                     perpetrator programme                     Safer
                                                     development, to ensure                    Communities
                                                     programme is safe and                     Team

                                                    Implement a voluntary
                                                     perpetrator programme
                                                     linking into schemes
                                                     such as conditional
                                                     cautioning etc
VC15     To reduce re-offending by delivering       Sussex Probation Service     March 2010   Director of         TBC
         interventions which are good value,         will Increase the                         Offender
         are effective and which meet                availability of Integrated                Management
         offender need as specified by the           Domestic Abuse                            Public Protection
         Local Delivery Units                        Programmes (IDAP) to                      Sussex
Action   Actions                                     Milestones                      Completion    Lead Person/       Costs
No.                                                                                  Date          Agency
                                                         respond to the number                     Probation
         Links to:                                       of offenders convicted of                 Service
         Sussex Probation Business Plan (2009-10)        domestic violence
                                                         assessed as suitable for
                                                         the programme and
                                                         enable 75 offenders to
                                                         complete the
                                                         programme in the year
VC16     Work with the Safer Communities                Work in partnership with    March 2010    Violent and Hate   Within existing
         Communication Officer to produce                agencies to produce                       Crime Reduction    comms budget
         public reassurance editorials and to            targeted publicity on                     Manager, Safer
         raise awareness and promote the                 success stories                           Communities
         work being done around violent crime.                                                     Team
                                                        Assist in promoting
                                                         awareness of binge
                                                         drinking, domestic and
                                                         sexual violence

                                                        Ensure that all media
                                                         campaigns involve
                                                         relevant partners and
                                                         are coordinated.

VC17     Reduce harmful consequences of              Lead cross-county Safer         August 2009   Health Promotion   £1000
         binge-drinking in 18-30 age group           Clubbing & Pubbing Group.                     Specialist,
                                                     Develop links to involve both                 Substance
         Links to:                                   crime reduction and sexual                    Misuse, East
         Choosing Health Alcohol Harm Action Plans   health using „Have Fun Stay                   Sussex
         20009/2010 for NHS ESD&W and H&R            Safe‟ branding.                               Community
         PCTs                                        Campaigns will focus on:                      Health
                                                      Summer 2009 Promote a
Action   Actions   Milestones                      Completion   Lead Person/       Costs
No.                                                Date         Agency
                       generic sexual health,
                       physical health &
                       personal safety message
                       to aid a reduction in
                       PPVC & anti- social
                       behaviour in public
                       places across East
                       Sussex in relation to
                       binge drinking
                      Fresher Week 2009           2009         Health Promotion   £1000
                       Promote sexual health                    Specialist,
                       and personal safety &                    Substance
                       safer socializing message                Misuse, East
                       on: University campus                    Sussex
                       sites (Eastbourne &                      Community
                       Hastings only), further                  Health
                       Education College sites
                       (Eastbourne, Lewes and
                       Hastings only)

                      Christmas 2009 Promote      January
                       a generic health,           2010         Health Promotion   £1000* (Cost of
                       responsible drinking &                   Specialist,        delivering “Safe
                       personal safety message                  Substance          Space” TBC)
                       to aid a reduction in                    Misuse, East
                       PPVC & anti-social                       Sussex
                       behaviour in public                      Community
                       places across East                       Health
                       Sussex incorporating
                       “Safe Sex” provision in
Action   Actions                                  Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/        Costs
No.                                                                                Date         Agency

                                                     Overall evaluation of SC     March 2010
                                                      & PTG annual campaigns                                        TBC
                                                      x 3 to measure the
                                                      impact & effectiveness of
                                                      all SC & PTG campaigns
                                                      in order to plan future

VC18     Develop links between East Sussex           Establish a clear referral   March 2010   SIB                 TBC
         and the Saturn Centre (SARC)                 process from the SARC                     Sussex Police/
                                                      into East Sussex IDSVA                    Violence and
                                                      and Domestic Abuse                        Hate Crime
                                                      Services                                  Reduction
                                                                                                Manager Safer
                                                     Develop SARC values                       Communities
                                                      and minimum standards                     Team/
                                                                                                Sexual Violence &
                                                     Develop support services                  Abuse Strategy &
                                                      locally for victims of                    Development
                                                      sexual violence in East                   Coordinator
                                                      Sussex                                    Brighton and
                                                                                                Hove Council
                                                                                                Safety Team/
                                                                                                Project Manager
                                                                                                Worth Services,
                                                                                                West Sussex
                                                                                                County Council
VC19     Scope the possibility of having a SARC      Scoping report to            December     Violence and Hate   TBC
Action   Actions           Milestones                     Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                       Date         Agency
         in East Sussex        Resources and              2009         Crime Reduction
                               Performance Group                       Manager,

                                                                       Crime and
                                                                       Sussex Police

                                                                       PCT Lead

VC20     Employ an IDSVA      Identify appropriate       September    Violence and      TBC
                               sexual violence training   2009         Hate Crime
                              IDVAs to attend sexual                  Manager, Safer
                               violence training                       Communities
                              IDSVA to develop and
                               communicate care
Action   Actions                                  Milestones                     Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                                              Date         Agency
VC21     Investigate options for Therapeutic         Identify alternative       December     Violence and      TBC
         children’s services living with the          funding for the existing   2009         Hate Crime
         legacy of domestic violence                  children‟s therapeutic                  Reduction
                                                      service                                 Manager

                                                                                              Area Manager
VC22     Progress with the development of an         To develop a planning      March 2010   Service Manager   TBC (resources
         additional 5-bed refuge in the Lewes         proposal for the Refuge                 Refuge            already in place)
         district, to increase refuge provision       accommodation
                                                                                              Housing Officer
                                                                                              Lewes District


VC23     Progress with the redevelopment of          To develop a planning      March 2010   Service Manager   TBC (resources
         the existing 8-bed Eastbourne refuge,        proposal for the Refuge                 Refuge            already in place)
         to improve the standard of                   accommodation
         accommodation                                                                        Housing Manager
VC24     Plan delivery model for specialist          Revised delivery model     December     Violence and      TBC
         support services for domestic violence       and funding agreed by      2009         Hate Crime
         from April 2010 to March 2012 and            Resources and                           Reduction
         ensure appropriate transition plan in        Performance Group                       Manager
Action   Actions                                Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/     Costs
No.                                                                              Date         Agency
         place                                                                                Safer
                                                   Revised service                           Communities
         Links to:                                  commissioned from April                   Team
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                        2010
                                                                                              Head of
                                                   Ensure appropriate                        Supporting
                                                    provision for victims of                  People
                                                    domestic violence who                     Supporting
                                                    are assessed as facing                    People
                                                    standard risk or requiring
                                                    resettlement support                      Area Manager

VC25     Develop appropriate aftercare             All clients seen by          September    Violence and     TBC
         packages for those clients reviewed        MARAC and are assessed       2009         Hate Crime
         by the MARAC                               as in need of specialist                  Reduction
                                                    support are to be offered                 Manager, Safer
         Links to:                                  CRI support                               Communities
         NI 32 Delivery Plan                                                                  Team

                                                                                              Area Manager

VC26     Identify mainstream funding for IDVA      Produce cost benefit         December     Safer            TBC
         service                                    analysis, produce            2009         Communities
                                                    proposal for statutory                    Manager, Safer
                                                    agencies for buy-in                       Communities
Action   Actions                                   Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/        Costs
No.                                                                                 Date         Agency
VC27     Administrate and Chair the East              Ensure robust monitoring     March 2010   Violence and        TBC
         Sussex Specialist Domestic Violence           of the IDVA service by                    Hate Crime
         Court (SDVC) Operational Group                setting localised targets                 Reduction
                                                       for the IDVA‟s that                       Manager, Safer
                                                       reflect the Sussex                        Communities
                                                       Criminal Justice Board,                   Team
                                                       targets around attrition,
                                                       repeats and bailing to

                                                      Ensure the direction of
                                                       the operational group is
                                                       focused on local delivery,
                                                       and submits quarterly
                                                       data to the Pan-Sussex
                                                       SDVC Steering group

VC28     Earlier intervention to prevent more         Number of open CAFs          March 2010   ISA Manager         TBC
         serious safeguarding and safety               recorded on the Children                  Children’s
         issues arising in the future                  Index                                     Services
         Links to:
         East Sussex Children and Young People‟s
         Plan (2008-11)
VC29     Children and young people safe from          Number of Preventable        March 2010   Head of             TBC
         accidental injury and death                   Child Deaths as recorded                  Children‟s
                                                       through child death                       Safeguarding &
         Links to:                                     review process                            Quality Assurance
         East Sussex Children and Young People‟s                                                 Children’s
         Plan (2008-11)                                                                          Services
Action   Actions                                   Milestones                        Completion   Lead Person/       Costs
No.                                                                                  Date         Agency
VC30     Children and young people protected          NIS 59 Initial                March 2010   Heads of           TBC
         from neglect and abuse, including             assessments for                            integrated
         domestic violence                             children‟s social care                     Services, East &
                                                       carried out with 7                         West
         Links to:                                     working days of referral                   Children’s
         East Sussex Children and Young People‟s                                                  Services
         Plan (2008-11)                               NIS 60 Core                                ESCC
                                                       assessments for
                                                       children‟s social care that
                                                       were carried out within
                                                       35 working days of their

                                                      NIS 65 Number of              March 2010   Head of            TBC
                                                       children becoming the                      Children‟s
                                                       subject of a Child                         Safeguarding &
                                                       Protection Plan for a                      Quality
                                                       second or subsequent                       Assurance,
                                                       time                                       Children’s
                                                                                                  Services ESCC
                                                      NIS 67 Child protection
                                                       plans which wre
                                                       reviewed within the
                                                       required timescales

                                                      NIS 68 Referrals to           March 2010   Heads of           TBC
                                                       Children‟s Social Care                     Integrated
                                                       going on to initial                        Services, East &
                                                       assessment                                 West
                                                                                                  Services ESCC
Action   Actions                                    Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/        Costs
No.                                                                                  Date         Agency
VC31     To reduce the level of repeat                 Sussex Probation Service     2009/10      Director of         TBC
         victimisation (Public Protection)              will conduct an                           Offender
                                                        inspection of our                         Management
         Links to:                                      offender management of                    Public Protection
         Sussex Probation Business Plan (2009-10)       Domestic Violence cases                   Sussex
                                                        to examine the                            Probation
                                                        effectiveness of our                      Service
                                                        multi-agency working,
                                                        identify best practice and
VC32     To improve the experiences of victims      Provide a range of               2008/11      Business Manager    TBC
         and witnesses in the fairness and          information and services to                   SCJB
         effectiveness of the Criminal Justice      meet differing needs
         System                                      Domestic Abuse –
                                                        Specialist Domestic
         Links to:                                      Violence Courts (SDVC)
         SCJB Victim and Witness 3 year strategy
         2008 – 2011                                   Sexual Assault Referral
         (SCJB Delivery Plan)                           Centres (SARC)

                                                       The Victim Contact
                                                        Scheme (VCS) provided
                                                        by Sussex Probation
                                                        Area will be extended to
                                                        provide a service to
                                                        victims of offenders
                                                        convicted of a sexual or
                                                        violent offence who are
                                                        made the subject of a
                                                        Hospital Order
Action   Actions                                   Milestones                         Completion   Lead Person/     Costs
No.                                                                                   Date         Agency
VC33     NI 20 Assault with Injury Reduction in         A reduction in recorded      Ongoing      Superintendent   TBC
         Crime Rates                                     assault with Injury          March 2010   Crime and
                                                         assault with less serious                 Operations
         Links to:                                       injury (AWLSI) crime                      Sussex Police
         NI 20 Delivery Plan
VC34     Work in partnership to reduce             Link in with SARC                  TBC          Violence and     TBC
         attrition rates for domestic and sexual   Management Board to                             Hate Crime
         violent offences.                         ensure monitoring of                            Reduction
                                                   attrition rates                                 Manager,
                                                    Attend the Rape Steering                      Safer
                                                     Group in order to better                      Communities
                                                     understand investigative                      Team
                                                      Develop support services                    Sussex Police
                                                       to victims of serious sexual

                                                      IDSVAs and SOLOs to
                                                       develop good links and

                                                      Reshape SDVC operational
                                                       Group to ensure it works
                                                       as an effective trouble
                                                       shooting mechanism
Action   Actions                                  Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/          Costs
No.                                                                                Date         Agency
VC35     ABH (assault with injury) detection       Sussex Police will continue    March 2010   DCI East Sussex       TBC
         rate - 50%                                 to positively police the                    Division & District
                                                    night time economy                          Commanders
         Links to:                                  through targeted                            Sussex Police
         East Sussex Division Policing Plan         initiatives such as
                                                    Operation Marble and by
                                                    working with partners to
                                                    reduce the harm caused
                                                    by alcohol misuse. The
                                                    Anti-Victimisation Unit will
                                                    continue to tackle
                                                    domestic abuse and
                                                    ensure victims are
                                                    supported throughout the
                                                    criminal justice process
VC36     Serious sexual offences detection rate    Sussex Police will improve     March 2010   Superintendent        TBC
         - 30%                                      our service to victims of                   for
                                                    serious sexual offences by                  Neighbourhood
         Links to:                                  ensuring the best possible                  Policing/
         East Sussex Division Policing Plan         support and resources are                   Superintendent
                                                    available to them                           Crime and
                                                    throughout the                              Operations
                                                    investigative process, and                  Sussex Police
                                                    through the Safer
                                                    Communities Partnership
                                                    we will build a series of
                                                    business cases to secure
                                                    funding for enhanced
                                                    services for victims of
                                                    sexual assault and
                                                    domestic abuse, including
                                                    steps to secure a Sexual
Action   Actions                               Milestones                        Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                                              Date         Agency
                                                   Assault Referral Centre
                                                   within East Sussex.
                                                   Sussex Police will work
                                                   towards fully training all
                                                   our detectives in Sexual
                                                   Offence Liaison to ensure
                                                   the standard of service
                                                   provided to victims is of
                                                   the best possible quality

VC37     Domestic abuse detection rate - 55%      Bringing to justice those     March 2010   DCI East Sussex   TBC
                                                   who commit domestic                        Division
         Links to:                                 abuse is a key priority for                & District
         East Sussex Division Policing Plan        East Sussex, and positive                  Commanders
                                                   action by our Anti-                        Sussex Police
                                                   Victimisation Unit and
                                                   Neighbourhood Policing
                                                   Teams will ensure that
                                                   detection opportunities
                                                   are maximised and that
                                                   the best possible support
                                                   for victims of domestic
                                                   abuse throughout the
                                                   criminal justice process is
                                                   provided in conjunction
                                                   with our partners and
                                                   local services.
Action   Actions                                 Milestones                      Completion   Lead Person/      Costs
No.                                                                              Date         Agency
VC38     Domestic abuse repeat incident rate -    Tackling domestic abuse       March 2010   DCI East Sussex   TBC
         19%                                       is a key priority for East                 Division Sussex
                                                   Sussex Division. The Anti-                 Police
         Links to:                                 Victimisation Unit will
         East Sussex Division Policing Plan        work with partners to
                                                   ensure the full range of
                                                   services is available to
                                                   victims of domestic
                                                   abuse, and through Multi-
                                                   Agency Risk Assessment
                                                   Conferences those most
                                                   at risk will be proactively
                                                   identified and supported
                                                   to minimize the likelihood
                                                   of serious harm. We will
                                                   ensure that repeat
                                                   victim/incident data is
                                                   included in
                                                   Neighbourhood Profiles.
Action   Actions                                   Milestones                       Completion   Lead Person/         Costs
No.                                                                                 Date         Agency
VC39     Crime and Disorder Reduction                 CDRP violent crime action    March 2010   CDRP                 See individual
         Partnerships will continue to identify        plans to be produced,                     Co-ordinator         CDRP plans for
         and deliver strategies and actions            monitored and updated by                  Eastbourne           costs
         plans to help reduce violent crime,           the respective CDRP Co-
         public place violent crime, anti-social       ordinator and Violent                     SHP
         behaviour, domestic violence and              Crime Action Groups in                    Co-ordinator(s)
         sexual assault etc, at a local level,         each CDRP locality, with                  Hastings
         contributing to an overall reduction in       the exception of Wealden
         violent crime across East Sussex              where Violent Crime is not                CDRP
                                                       a priority for 20009 -10                  Co-ordinator
         Links to:                                                                               Lewes
         Eastbourne: 2009/10 Violent Crime            Wealden and Eastbourne
         Action Plan                                   to continue to work in                    SRP
                                                       partnership to address                    Co-ordinator
         Hastings: 2009/10 Public Place Violent        Domestic Violence within                  Rother
         Crime Action Plan                             the Eastbourne and
                                                       Wealden Domestic                          CDRP
         Lewes: 2009/10 Violent Crime and              Violence Forum                            Co-ordinator
         Domestic Violence Action Plans                                                          Wealden
                                                                                                 (Violent crime not
         Rother: 2009/10 Violent Crime Action                                                    a priority in
         Plan                                                                                    Wealden for

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