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									What is the Apple ipad

What IPAD: - A4 iPad a new processor has the IPS one 9.7-inch screen, screen IPS wide viewing angle, color, delicate, etc. at the same time, rapid response and accurate color reproduction. With this piece of 9.7-inch touch screen, IPAD who have extensive experience in carrying out the update, a comprehensive presentation of the books, magazines, use the entry in the full QWERTY keyboard, and so on. was introduced iPad fully compatible with the iPhone software, Apple iBook, a new iBook and software store, the user will be many content to choose from. The price of the Apple iPad: U.S. Apple Grass Arts Center in San Francisco in 2010 laid the iPad tablet at the same time announced that Apple iPad will be on the world list at the end of March, Model 16 Go to the price of U.S. $ 499, 32GB model for U.S. $ 599 64GB model $ 699. Ipad WiFi 3G is raided in April, the months in the United States and some countries in the list, 16GB model price of U.S. $ 629, 32GB model for $ 729, 64GB model $ 829. Information on the sale of iPad: iPad will be sold through authorized resellers of Apple's retail stores for the sale of Apple, several regions of the world, the availability and prices will be announced later, but the match will be broadcast simultaneously in the United iBookstore States iPad. iPad Specifications: Apple iPad go 1GHz PA. Semi-A4 processor 16GB/32GB/64GB SSD preinstalled operating system OS iPhone SDK 9.7 in. LCD touch screen with 30-pin docking station, speakers, microphone, Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11n, time life up to 10 hours, the waiting for a month. The product to control iTunes, like the iPhone and the MAC synchronization data can be transferred. Service packages iPad: iPad is a range of 3G services, or $ 14.99 per month for 250 MB of traffic as well as $ 29.99 and not limited to, the packet traffic. iPadWiFi version within 60 days, which will be sent on the ship March, while the 3G version will have to wait 90 days to start in June iPad support for 1024 × 768, no mercury and arsenic standard of energy efficiency in the production of glass with LED backlight, the screen bright colors saturated.

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