Silver Bridge Collapse 38 CftarIe«onDaHp afI THURS by Nancye1962


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									38'CftarIe«onDaHp^afI THURS, OK. 21, W7

.foster daughter, Mrs. Lois Cur-: sisters, Mrs. R. L. Critchfield ry of Chelyan; sisters, Mrs. Nel-!of Nitro, Mrs. John W. Carterj lie Landruiri and Mrs. Golda;of Montgomery, Mrs. J. 0. Can-i Newland of Jackson, Mrs. Edithlrell of Savannah, Ga., Mrs.! .Coleman of Urbana, Ohio, Mrs.;Ilene Shaver and Mrs. Robert G l a d y s Reffitt of Oak Hill, L. Foster of Diamond. ! POINT PLEASANT—Service Ohio; brother, Robert Foster of: The body is at Fidler andj ; \viii be held Friday at 2 p. m. Smithers. Franie Funeral Home at Belle. at the Ida Baptist Church at Friends are being received at: The service will be conducted Bentree in Nicholas County for the Eisnaugle Funeral Home.™ themfuneraltfahome Friday at, 2 Leo Otto Sanders, 43, one of the Jackson. P - bV e Rev. Jamesj Silver Bridge victims. He was The service will be held Fri- Holtsclaw. Burial will be mi a driver for the Pickcns Cab day at 2 p. m. in the funeralMontgomery Memorial Park at: Co. h e r e . The Rev. Charles home, with the Rev. Clifford London. ; Frum will conduct the service Thomas officiating. Burial will , . , ,. ' and burial will be in Elliott be in Fairmont Cemetery, Jack- Mrs. Anna MrOnl : Cemetery at Lizemores. son. Mrs. Anna Mae Strohl, 76, of The body will be at the Mohr-, 717 Winston Court, died Wednes-i day in the House of Mercy! Stevens Funeral home here un- Mrs. JignOfO iil 9 p. m. Thursday. From 9 Mrs. Signora Green, 87, of. Nursing Home. She was a mem-j Emmanuel Baptist a. m. until 1 p. m. Friday it Charleston" died early today in will be at the Corahs Funeral!a locai hospital following an ex-Church. 1 Home in Gauley Bridge. tended illness She was a mem- Survivors: daughters, Mrs. He was a veteran of World'j^ of the First Baptist Church.:Elizabeth Withrow of RavensWar H and the Korean conflict, j surviving is a sister Mrs.'wood, Mrs. Lenore Anderson of Surviving: wife, Lydia ElIiottiMary Lucy Brandon of . in-! Whiting, Indj sons, Clyde and i Garland of Pasadena, Calif. Sanders; sons. Stephen, Wayne,'sMute. and R o b e r t , and daughters: The body is at Harden anrj! The body is at Long and Fisher Funeral Home. Wanda and Julia, all at. home; Harden Funeral Home, The service will be conducted parents, Mr. and Mrs. E l l i s by the Rev. Gordon Withers Sanders of Sugar Grove, Ohio;! John Q Jenkins , _ . : Saturday at 11 a. m. in Embrothers, Elmo of Jasper, Fla..' Kpnncth of S u g a r ' MOUNT HOPE - Jonn Craigjmanuei Baptist Church. Burial Paul , , „,, .I",?,!' Jenkins, 67, of iwiu Grove, and Larry of Lancaster, Wednesday in Mount Hope, diedorv be in ^ Mountain Mem. Beckley Appa-i Ohio; sisters, Mrs. Lucille Wal- lachian Regional Hospital after lis, Mrs. Maxine Musser of a short illness. j Lancaster, Mrs. Bernicc Aisel He was a retired employe of Theodore D. Wah| of Columbus, Mrs. Birma Kosh- the State Road Commission and Theodore D. Wahl, 80, of Mir-l on of Denver. Colo., and Mrs. the Board of Education. Mr. amar, Fla., died there Wednes-i day at the home of a son TheoAlberla Snoke of Lancaster. r as a former

Arkansas Wreck Takes Lives Of 6

Friday Service Set For Victim Of Silver Bridge

HOPE, Ark. (AP) - An nois couple and four members fjt ' of a Texas family were killed as ffiff^ two cars collided in the rain fund this 17th day day near the crest of a hill on U.S. 67. NOTICE State police identified the Notice Is htreby given'o< the Intent of dead as Dr. 0. J. Ritz, 51, i Jacksonville, 111., his wife, Do.- |&erila- - ^ -siif,-jn _ _ ithy, 49; Robert Timbrook, 39, ofjttat resolution «t «w *SKeWe«' ot iChester, Tex., his wife, Came.p J35, and two of then; children,:™ !Tim, 13, and Billie Jean, 5. Two By Thom« s. RIMS 1$t Vlc fnMKl iother Timbrook children, Car-! ' ;rie, 6, and Lynn, 12, were hospiRELATIONS : COURT OF KANAWHA COUNTY, WEST talized in serious condition. ;VIRGINIA:
i •* * * "^"* * '. Isalri rnrrwatlnn ii»n»l W M m«*tin£

Notice Is lurtby gl««n *»t on ttw 5th day of J«nu«ry, 1W, »l »:00 o'clock A. AV, or u ttki Mmtler as ttit th» undersigned ffli-wl||, CM Dt Iwird. *t CjrcyW Court

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i IN THE MATTER OF: THE ADOPTION !OF STEVEN MARK WHITED, AN IN!FANT UNDER THE AGE OF TWELVE YEARS, BY ORDIE GERALD HUFFNOTICE TO: RICHARD B. WHITED You will please take notice that on the 5th day of JwxMry, 1M»- at 9:30 o'clock A. M., or as soon thereafter as jlhe matter may be heard/ at the office 'courthouse thereof it Charleston, West Virginia, the undersigned, by counsel, will



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Adaniga E.

Also surviving is a daughPOINT PLEASANT - A 91-; of World War II. ! year-old former employe of the! Survivors- wife, Mabel Mary;. ter, Mrs. M. R. Gwinn of HadNOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE STERED-BY-BOAR-5. FUNDS ADMINold K&M Railroad, Adaniga Ed-|sons Russell Allenbaugh of San- |don Heights, N. J. Default having been made In the pay- BALANCES ON HAND t RECEIPTS ment of the note secured by that cer- Balances on Hand July 1, 1966 ward Alexander, died Wednes-|ta Monica. Calif., Robert Allen- Friends may call at Bartlettain deed of trust dated May 17. 1956, Construction Fund: day at his Mason County home. jb au gh Of Albany, Ga.; daugh- Burdette Funeral Home here Bank of Dunbw 103.495.6J made by BOBBY GENE CLAY and DELIA United states Securities ....25,222.80 L. CLAY, his wife, to J. W. Hubbard, Jr. He resided with a daughter,|terSi Mrs. Ann Fisher of Lub- after 6 p. m. Friday. Service and Wm E. Wright, as Trustees, and Depreciation Reserve Fund: Bank of Dunbar 8,30388 recorded in the office of the Clerk of Mrs. Delbert Dui-st of LeonRt. l.jbock, Tex., Mrs. Betty Gunter will be held in the funeral home United States Securities ....44465.11 he County Court of Kanawha County, He was a lifelong resident of;of Beckley; sister, Mrs. Marion chapel Friday at 11 a. m. and West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book 1208 Operation and Maintenance WALKIE-TALKIES GO INTO ACTION page 617, and the holder of the said Fund: Mason County, a retired farmer :painler of iburial will be in Cunningham Bank .. 14 479 77 OO) days default, Patrolman Pat Toney uses his new walkie-talkie radio for instant communication to po- note, after thirty whole principal debt Office of DunbarFunds Working 2!s!oo and railroad worker. having treated the The funeral will be held Fri-[iMemorial Park. lice headquarters in any situation. Eight beat patrolmen downtown have been equipped secured by said deed of trust as thereBalancw on Hand The Rev. Homer Stephens will day at 2 p.m. in Mount Hope ' •• 196,192.20 upon immediately due and payable, the Re e DICKERSON, George-Serv- with the new radios, Chief Dallas Bias said. "They're proving invaluable in beat patrol- undersigned Trustee, having been reconduct the funeral Friday at 2|B ptjst chm.d with the Rev Collections-Seww Service Billings ing, traffic situations, catching purse-snatchers anH shoplifters—in every cittmKnn the. he property conveyed holder, deed of p. m. at Bethel Church nearj Bil f withcrs of{iciating Burial ice Friday at 2 p. m. in Pres- inff. traffic situations, rnfphinu nnrsA-cnnfnliprG and Qhnnlifforc in *»wonr situation, " the quired to do so by saidby said will sell Interest Income . . . . .112,0101 . 8,397.94 trust, at public auction, for cash, to the Leon. Burial will be in Bethel< will be jn Hj h Lawn Memorial ton Funeral Home by the Rev. chief said. Sewer Tap Permits fc , highest bidder, at the north front door Recording Fees .. R. C. Brooks. Burial in the Cemetery with Crow-Hussel Fu-i pal . k al Oak Hm of the Courthouse of said Kanawha CounSewer Tap Fees k Interest ty on January 12, 19M, at 10:00 o'clock Earned Roxalana Area . neral Home in charge. The body: The bod is a( Tyree Funerai Spring Hill Cemetery. Mr. Dick1,508.81 a.m. (EST), said property being: other 422.70 : erson, 75, of 824 Crest Drive, All that certain tract or parcel of is at the funeral home. llome here land together with the improvements died Tuesday. 1 M 34 Surviving in addition to Mrs.j hereon and the appurtenances thereunto TO'TV^E • "- 'PAIR 'BOMBED' belonging, situate and being now in ACCOUNTED FOR 318,793.55 Durst are other daughters, Mrs.| J a m e s F LOna Sr I HARRIS, Mrs. Hattie Alice he Town of Belle in Maiden District, and, ,. Lulai Flossie Ward and Mrs. T , JQme!> Ll LOn 9 J r > <anawha County, West • Virginia, and BY FIRECRACKER Fririnv at •> f Burton — ' being all of Lot No. Ninety-Three (93) DISBURSEMENTS AND Wilt of Columbus, Ohio; sisters,! James E. Long Sr., 72, of the L. C. Massey Addition to Belle as ENDING BALANCES a s BaDtist ON CITY STREET set out, shown and laid down on a Billing & Collecting .Mrs. Cassie Tilton of Zanesville, ; !0 Green Valley Drive, St. Da s> bv the Rev a . JUtai ?y Fne KevWest Virginia Water Co. . 2,437 01 map or plat dated June, 1925, made by 5 Ohio^'^rida"B^rpfjbans died today in ttomas 1^ Bank of Dunbar .... 12'no M. W. Venable & Son, Engr. and enA young couple from Belle Naomi c. Walker " 2,443 S itled "L. C. Massey Addition To Belle," Robertsville, Ohio, and a broth-!mona| Hospital altei a short„.„•'„ , ,„ Albans. ,,J .„ Betty Lou Janney 105 «! which said map or plot is duly of recMrs. reported to police early toillness. He attended Highlawn Hill Cemetery, St. Ella M. Stewart ' JSB'IO ord in the office of the Clerk of the er, Henry o£ Ripley. Petty Cash am County Court of Kanawha County, West day that they were Baptist Church and was in the Harris, 61, a resident of 85 OHcity of Dunbar 8S4'oo Virginia, in Photostatic Map Book 5, advertising business in Charles- ™ ^ Si Albans, died T^esVelma McKown ! 31914 page 81, said, lot fronts 30 feet on ttie "bombed" by a firecracker Mrs. Helen Berkley Betty Jo Gillispie 2,72440 westerly line of East Eighth street, forday. The body is to be taken to ton. Mrs. Helen D. Berkley, 55, a City Engineer J. Lewis Hark merly Eighth a Street, and extends back 0. S,H.P Tolley .... :.'.'."'. 1«752 the residence today at 6 p. m. Members of the Nitro Volun-! from a passing car on downC Telephone Co. 47 15 therefrom in westerly direction between Workman, 4000 teer Fire Department have! town Capitol Street. secretary at George Washington today reported that bridges un- parallel lines a distance of 120 feet to the Paul w.Dept. Store Assessor 28000 Sloan's line of 12 foot alley. daughters, Mrs. J. E. Tinmp Furniture 3300 threatened not to answer any] Mr. and Mrs.. James A. der Charleston's responsibility easterly this fith aday of December, 1967. National Prlntlns Co. . '. ' seta High School, died Wednesday in Dated Dunbar McCarty of South Charleston, J. W. HUBBARD Jr. more calls "until certain condi-j Charleston General Hospital afDunbar Sanitary Board .... 23.S6 As Trustee Mrs. Clifford Williams of Dun- HATFIELD, Mrs. Belva May ions" are met by the Nitro City! Sneed told officers they were are in good condition. Earl Graves Sweeper Service 6.40 _ __ _ (H427) ter an extended illness. NOTICE~OF~TRUSTEE*S""SALE walking in the 400 block of He said most of them had Notice is hereby given that by virtur* Kanawha Office Equipment, T 65 Inc Mrs. Berkley resided at 1304 bar; son, James E. Jr. of Long—Service Friday at 2 p. m. in Council. Island, N. Y.; eight brothers. Raiguel Funeral Home, HarrisCapitol Street at 1:35 a.m., been painted in recent years of that certain Trust Deed dated the Burroughs Corporation !"!! 22520 Lyndale Drive. She was a mem- The body is at Snodgrass FuPaul A. Wehrle-Clerk 27J10 A member of the department, 16th day of August, 1965, executed by ville, Ritchie County, by the Addressosraph Multigraph Der oE Oakhurst Presbyterian and Erthlyne Smith, heading to their route and at 250 00 neral Home in South Charles- Rev. Kenneth L. Zesinger. Bur- vho said he wished to remain! home after v i cart ien g in thoroughthe time were given a Charles Smith undersigned Jack D. W C T P M'k his wife, the ' Church and Angel Terrace Gar- ton. inspection. A Charles- Huffman, Trustee, of record in the Ofsi n obvious ial in the Harrisville IOOF Cem- anonymous "for strike by rea-| Charleston. of the the ton structural engineer, R. W. fice Kanawha Clerk of West County Court den Club. Total Billing & Collecting 12,653.01 ons," said the the1 of County, Virginia, In Operation & Maintenance etery. Mrs. Hatfield, 65, of ElSurviving are her husband, Deed Book of Dunbar Mrs. Sneed, 18, said the Haworth, conducted an inspec- Trust Trust Deed and1190, Page 652, the The City Industries W4.88 jlenboro, died Tuesday. Her olunteers was effective last said Note thereby securSimeon; daughters, Helen Jo W. S. Martin 17.08 firecracker, or cherry bomb, tion of five city bridges in 1960- ed having been assigned unto N o r t h B. I. F. Pump & Motor Co. Hopkins 31.61 lusband is the mayor of Ellen- midnight. 61. Hark said his recommenda- American Acceptance Corporation, a cor- Appalachian Power Co Anne and Sandra Joy at home; W. S. Martin, 75, a former boro 3,237.64 He said the certain conditions exploded at their feet in a tions were earned out short- poration, by assignment of , record In E. F. Buckalew 3,774.98 sons, S. Thomas, a student at resident of Charleston, died ' said Clerk's Office In Assignment Book Ralph G. Loudermilk shower of flying particles, 2,541.99 59, at Page 737, the makers of the Note David Andrew Stephens ... West Virginia University, Jef- Wednesday in a hospital. He HOLDREN, Alexander Camp- which must be met are: 97.76 inflicting minor scratches on ly afterward. and obligation therein described having McKesson & Bobbins, Inc. . 1,210.50 pay the same provided for frey A., a student at VPI in was living in Mandeville, Da. bell (Dan)—Service today at 2 1. A $50 a month raise for reg- her legs. They could not give Bobby Lutsy Hark referred to his own failed toand the holder ofasthe Note hav- GeoFge'Burilefre"!'.'.'.'.". therein, - irge -- 'w'm ilar firemen. Blacksburg, Va.; sisters, Mrs. Surviving are a son, Samuel ?. m. in East Bank Free Will ... ng ]549a a description of the car or bridge report to cite the latest and declared the whole thereof to be due W. Va. Water Co . payable, supply " 79.56 ' Louise Rose and Mrs. Mary V. M a r t i n of Ravenswood; Baptist Church by the Rev. Cal- 2. An increase up to $5 per call its occupants. improvements to city-supervised undersigned In and having requested the ElectricFuel Gas Co writing to make sale of United Co 35374 Menefee of Fairfax County, Va.; daughters, Mrs. lea Legg and vin Martin. Burial in Montgom- or volunteers and regular firethe real estate therein described, I will Kanawha Supply Co 55.06 bridges. These were: sell at public auction to the highest Gravely's vilo brothers, Landis, William and Mrs. Ruby Jenkins of Oak Hill, ery Memorial Park at London. len. Didder on Saturday, December 30, 1967, Ellis Pure Oil Station .'.'.'.'.'. 7.35 ELK RIVER SPANS at 1 ;30 o'clock P- M., at the North Kanawha Electric Machine John Detwiler oE Fairfax Coun- Mi's. Delores 1 Kerekgyarts of Mr. Holdren, 62, died Monday. 3. A fee of $5 for each regulai'j Co. 143 51 'ront door of the Court House of said Kanawha Boulevard Bridge- <anawha County, Stamford, Conn . ty, Va. Charleston, West Gulf OH Corporation 11507 ' P r y o r Funeral Home at ireman to be paid at each train-i pieces 4072 opened in 1938, examined and aarcels of all those certain Lens Creek, Dunbar Motor Parts Friends may call at Bartlett- The funeral will be held Fri- East Bank was in charge of ar- ng session for the volunteers. Ed McDanlets 47 40 fane) situate on painted in 1965. It had gone 28 -oudoun District, Kanawha County, West Property Protection Co 4. Protective clothing. lo'oo Burdette Funeral Home. The day at 11 a. m. in Brown's Fu- rangements. 800 i and more years with no painting. Hark Virginia, described as particularly bound- • Village Hardware Co The informant said a spokesfamily suggests contributions be neral Home in Mamteville. Flexible Pipe Tool 7260 ed and follows TO WIT: said this type of bridge does Lots Nos. Twenty (20) and Twenty- Industrial Rubber Products 442 Place made to the Memorial Scholar- ™ ~ " of burial is undecided. HYER, Mrs. Jessie—Service man for the volunteers had reCo one (21) of the "Lens Creek Subdivision not require much attention. Sanfax Corporation 15653 of part of Lot No. Thirty-nine (39) of ship Fund at Oakhurst PresbySaturday at 1 p. m. in the quested Mayor W. W. Alexander Garage 3705 " ~ ' i Creek," Mrs. Ivory Massey Virginia Street Bridge-opened »• ...„„ Lenssaid sub- Jones Sanitary Service terian Church. Northside Church of the Naza- .0 have City Council meet with Cadle 7,195.16 !p of 72335 them,.but the mayor refused. Herbert Clement Zogg, 79, of in 1908, repaired and repainted was made x qas Baforesaid" which map Luther C. Barnett Co division entitled WH1TESVILLE — Mrs. Ivory rene by the Rev. Frank Spiker. Pacific Flush Tank 1200 H< sc a ? : M -' in ' is duly - ' -for record™' ' Mrs. Mary Cloy Mae Massey,. 67, died Wednes- Burial in Floral Hills Garden oi said a y o r Alexander, however, Marietta, Ohio, a native of in 1948, inspected and repainted and of the " filed of 'the "County -the -Of- Calvert Chemical Co Inc. .. 42000 Moore's Super Stores, 3o'o4 fice Clerk Court of La thing rry Kersey 30.00 Mrs.. Mary Posy Clay, 80, of day in Green Acres Rest Home Memories. Mrs. Hyer, 54, of abouthe had not heard a volun- Wheeling and a former resident in 1965. Kanawha County, West Virginia, in Map Total Operation i the strike by the 16 and 17. 2002 - B o w m a n Court, diec of Charleston, died today in Randolph - Quarrier S t r e e t Book 12, at Pages same property con2509 Bench Road, died at the at Fayetteville. Maintenance 21,281.02 And being the | Marietta Memorial Hospital. He Bridge — opened in 1956, no veyed to Charles W. Smith and Erthlyne Administrative & General home of her daughter, Mrs. A native of Dry Creek, she re- Wednesday. The body is at iers. Donald P. Krisher wife, by Howard Gladys Johnson of Charleston sided here. She was a member Long and Fisher Funeral Home, "I do know that the volunteers was the last surviving member maintenance required to date. Smith, his E. Davis, his wife, S. Davis State Workmens Compensa- 1,902.05 tion asked us to do a lot of things of a family of 11 brothers and Dryden Street Bridge — a foot and Helen 20, 1959, of recordbyin Deec State Tax Commissioner 245.71 Dated August sale Rt. 6, Wednesday after a long|o£ the Free wiu Baptist church 178.44 No. J"A M E S, Clayton— Service which we don't intend to do," sisters. Internal Revenue Service 5,208.30 bridge only which was acquired Clerk's Office in Deed Bookwhich 1293, Social Security Fund at Page 220; reference to map illness. at Naoma. 1,668.49 Friday at 1 p. m. in Ander Alexander added. and Deed Is hereby made for a> further Fred Young Mrs. Clay was a member of Surviving are her husband, .on-Hairston Funeral Home a "There was a small number He and his wife, Laura Jane by the city in 1936. It has had description of the land herein conveyed. M. D.B.Harper ... . 300.00 300.00 TERMS OF SALE: Cash fn hand on Oak Ridge Gospel Tabernacle lames; daughters, Mrs. Pauline VIontgomery by Russ S. Mooney of the volunteers who said they Secrist Zogg, who survives, lived no maintenance since them, Claude Brown SO.OO of Charleston. She was a native 'rice of Beckley, Mrs. Kitty in Charleston 30 years ago. Spring Street Bridge — built day of sale. my hand this 4lh day of City of Dunbar (Blanket Given under Bond) 21.94 )f the Jehovah Witnesses. Bur wouldn't answer calls after Dec. A retired oil and gas producer,!^ 1925, repainted and repaired December, 1967. State Tax Commissioner o( Cedar Grove. JACK D. HUFFMAN Tarrell (State Auditor) ... Trustee Also surviving are a son, mas of and Mrs. Rosa McCo- al in Hugheston Cemetery. Mr 0." Kelley, Gldley, staub i"" Baltimore, Md., Mrs. Tames, 69, of London, died Sun Alexander said a letter asked Mr. Zogg was president of[j n 1952 {M001 Blair, Inc 172.50 M. T. Clay of Charleston; step- Justine Dickens of Huntington, REAL ESTATE Newspaper Agency Corp. ... 93.88 that the conditions be met, and to the First Presbyterian Church Slack Street Bridge - no NOTICE OF SALE OF TRUSTEE Bv daughter, Mrs. Ethel Crouch of VIrs. Patricia Bellott of Bastrop, day. maintenance since city acquiredh aviNOTICE SUCCESSORgiven that, default Lee Marshall Insurance the mayor put the letter before of Marietta. Is hereby Agency, Inc. 334.00 Valley Grove; sister, Mrs. Cora ua.; mother, Mrs. Nan Gunnoe LEGG, Enoch-Service b; City Council. f?9: Iness secured Charles W. Caldwell '.' nal£ of ^ responsibility of main-| h •"'-" ' 1 made In the payment of 581.00 250.00 Button of Glasgow. Mr. Zogg was a Shnncr and| taining it durmg 1958 annex- ilV'S . Jst made by by that certain C. C. Nolen Virginia Margaret Rusbrothers, Orville ;he Rev. Tommy Farren and West The funeral will be conducted of Dry Creek; Gunnoe of Dry the Rev. James Davis Frida- be"They ifalso asked thatgothey member of various Masonic |ation SRC also is responsible. sell J.Carver and. Dixie dated Taylor to State ofAdministrative . . . . ' . 97.33 " " Savage, Trustee, Lee November Total and Howard D. paid they have to out bodies.. He was a member andi & General o iaa 55 cc Saturday at 2 p. m. in Oak 19, 1955, ol record In Ihe office of the State Sinking Fund ' sisters, Mrs. Bencie Wil- at 2 p. m. in Roberts'ourg Coir emergency outside of Clerk ol the County Court of Kanawha Ridge Gospel Tabernacle by the 3reek; of Naoma, Mrs. T a c y munity Church, Putnam Coun on anI don't think we can pay nasr nrpsidpnt or me board OIj KANAWHA „ . , past piesiaeiir, of the DOaiCl of! ., _. . RIVER SPANS , county, west Virginia, In Trust Deed Commission County, West In liams 2^2, Rev. Bruce Young and the Rev. B r a d f o r d and Mrs. Georgia y. Burial in Craig Cemetery a town. for this type of work," directors of Marietta Memorial! South Side Bridge — openectlBook 1209, at page c and the owners Amount Paid Into Sinking 60.non.nn Fund ! liiem Virgil Cook. Burial will be in Skaggs of Dry Creek. 1937, t Srimms Landing, Mason Coun- Alexander said. "If a man can't Hospital a n d a past president of "" inspected a n d repainted ' repair done then.)",'^*a'"I ^^5^^,;^ ' Total Disbursements 1967 .103,117.61 Balances on Hand June 30, Clay Cemetery here. '1965, also pier ty. Legg,. 91, of Robertsburg, help out his fellow man in an the "Rotary Club. ' Construct!', n Fund: Friends may call at Cook Fu- The Rev. Phillip King will ofDunbar 6,70359 m- is uiju t,«i.i»^u by c. The uay tiicju la icojjuiiaiuic writing to He i.j also survived u_, a jut; city also is responsible\™» -^oS Sf deV^us", Bank 01States Securities ....129,112.35 United neral Home in Cedar Grove to- ficiate at thejuneral Friday at died Tuesday. The body is_ at emergency, what kind of man daughter, Mrs. Ralph (Alma) (or the Washington Street Westland to'sen the resi estate therein men- Depreciation Reserve Fund: ;cll is he?" the mayor questioned. ind described, and Ihe underBank of Dunbar . .. 1,93759 ......... „ . - . , - . aving City Council tabled the motion Browning of Charleston; grand-;Bridge across Kanawha Two-lIB tS!\ u nbeen appointed f as uSucccs- Operation States Securities Fund: S3,na.D3 United '..'.'. be taken 8. Maintenance . said daughter, Miss Katherine Ann Mile, which was built in I890,!»; T;«J|e a n ddcrs)^d Jfeed,h°B frT rSu5.[ to Bank of Dunbar 9,30817 her son Friday at 5 p. m. RYAN, Mrs. Lncretia C. Barn- butgrant the requests, hi ' f fu'iZogg of South Charleston. and extensively repaired and named therein, by that certain suiS Office Working Funds .... 225 00 Friends may call at Vallej ett — Service in Bartlett-Bura few days later one Funeral will be held Saturday rebuilt for a new roadway intte?! Ind'Toid^roTThe^n^bt^nos^ United States Securities .... H91U2 Funeral Home here. dette Funeral Home Friday at1 John H. Ferrell at 10 a.m. in the Doudna and 1965. It is a stone structure. The.f^eWS*^ Total Balances on Hand -.215,675.95 and asked that a special m 2 p.m. by the Rev. G o r d o n MADISON — Service for John FOR: ..318.7W.56 of council be called to McClure Funeral Home at Mar-Chandler-Orchard Manor Bridge;" - - - - - - . [Withers. Burial in Sunset Me-i Howard Ferrell will be held Fri- Mrs. Nancy Payne ietta, with the Rev. Alun Jones also is under city supervision. sor Trustee, by virtue of his appoint-! day at 2 p.m. in Hunter and Hun- MOUNT HOPE - Service for morial Park. Mrs. Ryan. 5(i, of STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND was tlien.AlcMnder said, officiating. An additional scrv- In recent years, , the fire serv- 1 Sfn!n"ni'rn°Sdr " ' ' DISBURSEMENTS: r ter Funeral'Home here. Burial Mrs. Nancy Payne, a local resi- 1024% Central Ave., d i e d that he told the council member ice will be conducted Saturday jce fee hass taken the strain off l • ' Fr .'"" ,,<? t d, ; , lnnust' wl" l. da th r "JJ »,' ayP«»; BOARD'S FUNDS ADMINISce ee will be in Ferrell Cemetery at dent, will Ire conducted in the Wednesday. a t highe! JJ ... FUND BY STATE he wouldn't insult then- intelli- at 3:30 at the Snodgrass Funer-ithe city general fund so thatlDece'mber"' m7, the To toVoc k, a m! TERED COMMISSION SINKING Mount Hope Union B a p t i s t (E. to Hewett. „„ ..... by asking B ... ......... _ _ . a l Home in South Charleston, j Charleston has been able to de- cS. TT.), ...... of "- "' - " north Beginning Balance-July i, IWi 142,284.21 , ...,..... "= ' Mr. Ferrell, 63 of Hewelt in Church Friday al 2 p.. m. by the ROACH, William Henry _ gence motion theythem to meet Buria l wi" be m Sunset Memori-jvote funds for bridge repair and, cash on the day front sale, at the Cour* Receipts : err, . door of Ihe lv (Virginia Street) From Sanitary Board of had already| p. m. in! on a . House of Kanawha County, n the City fnitntv was found dead Rev. James Thompson. Burial heivice 1'iiday atfhn 2 . 60,000.00 al Park. county, was louna utau «. ,.„.., „ ' „ ,-,___,„„„ vvinfiplH Banter Church maintenance. Most Of the repair:of Charleston, west Virginia, the real Interest Earned 5,661.25 : d£scr 1Hl in ia Monday at his home of carbon will be in Mount Hope Cemetery. Winfield Baptist and the by the I tabled. men feel like they don't ..._ and repainting work has beenSVp:''!^ " "' Mrs" Payne" 82"died~Mond~ay Rev. Ted Wall "Rev.! W!ml the "If All or monoxide poisoning. done since 19S4, especially to the land, that certain lot the parcel ot TOTAl TO II IIMVLT fire calls, 1111:11 . \/' L' I jTodd Smith. Burial in Ever-! - to answer me uaiib. then Q together with improveACCOUNTED FOR He is survived by a son. Em-! at • ' ' . , , , . . -»,, home. ments tricroon and the appurtenances ^.u™, at be replaced b>- other! beating VlCtim S South Side Brid; llel thereunto belonging, situate in tne mett of Hewett;' daughters,! She is survived by daughters, B.«». Cemetery a, Fra^,V|Uiey will arc wllllll an(1 able en ho Eighteenth Ward of the City of Disbursements: r Bessie Hannah of Glen Bottom. Mr. Roach, 44, of Win> ^ g > n - . r j. C ' J of Charleston (formerly Charleston Dt Bonds Retired . ., trict), Kanawha County, West Vir. Mrs. Lucille Canada of field Rt. 1. died Tuesday at*"'«*:_.. ,., . mem^ Q[ ^ Kite bet hridoy y Bond Interest Coupons Paid c ginia, being Lot No. 2, In Section 2, Bank Commission w lw .ell me or City! Service for Henry Russell, r ' Total Disbursements CoimcTwhirto do," the mayori^"0 of a beating during therob-, >JC13 Pricnn Tpflfli 'Fv; added. 'suit died Wednesday as a re-(7pi.e I I I 3 U U I C i l i i fj-

divorce for the purpose of an adoption proceeding filed In said Court, all In acTo the Above named Defendant: cordance with the Code of West • It apoearing by affidavit filed In ginia, Chapter 43, Article 4, SectionsVir1, this action that Jimmle Fouts is an " and 3. non-resident of the State of west Vir- You are further notified that ginia, it is hereby ordered that Jlmmie tion has been filed In said Court a petipraying , Fouts serve upon Cleo S. Jones, plaintiff's that Ordte Gerald Huffman be permitted .attorney, whose address is 303 L & S Whlted and to 'Bldg., Charleston, W&st Virginia, an ans- to adopt Steven MBftcHid Infant child change the name of wer, including any related counter claim from Steven Merit Whlted to Steven Mark 'or defense you may have to the com- Huffman. plaint filed in this action on or before At which time and place you may January 15, 1967. If you fail to do so, appear and show cause against said mothereafter .--=--• judgment, upon rproper hear- tion, if any you can. -----, . . ing and trial, may be taken against you ORDIE GERALD HUFFMAN for the relief demanded in the com-1 By Counsel [plaint. John N. Charnock, Jr. • A copy of said complaint can be ob-!Coimsel for Petitioner tained from the undersigned Clerk ah 606 Peoples Bulldin< his officeCharleston, West Virginia Entered by the Clerk of said Court (8455) November 8, 1967. FINANCIAL STATEMENT ' ! LEWIS A. HATCHER THE SANITARY BOAJ^D OF THE CITY CLERK OF COURT OF DUNBAR, KANAWHA COUNTY, Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper WEST r,,,-* VIRGINIA designated by plaintiff's Attorney for publication
. . .


is .0 from the bonds of

Nitro Firemen Strike To Get Increased Pay

Bridges Under City Control In Good Shape

Last Of Zogg Brothers Dies



— . .,-











TERRY, Mrs. I,nrcclla-Serv-! He said he does not Hunk the *>ery at his home Dec. 9, will, A 25-year-old Upton C r e e k ; of ice by the Rev. H. P. Winston'situation is serious, and is no! ''c held Friday at 1 p.m. in the;man was sentenced yesterday to FrieiKls ma cal1 at the >' Friday at 1 p m at Longacre going to give it much attention. Leonard Johnson Funeral Home l-to-10 years in prison for break-' Mrs. Hazel Gay Bantist Church. Burial in Rnrial at Marmet. The Rev. James E. ins and entering Tri-Dent Corn.1 ing Corp. Mrs. Hazel Gay, 65, Baptist Adkins and the Rev. Herman in South Charleston in August. Wednesday en route to a hospiMeadow H a v e n Cemetery at .. , ,.,.., cl Jones Ingram Branch. Mrs. Terry isi H u m p h r e y W i l l Ny be in will officiate. Burial will James Ray Lawson of 826 tal at Gallipolis, Ohio. She had v j c LI R o m j n e Mont been ill several months. ; W*- 3 y D l e M""ine s. ivus. jyuic ixuiuinc survived by her mother Mrs. u ' c ' ru 'cfr«"« S°mery Memorial Avesta Drive had previously native ofj Miss Syble L. Romine, 52, of Mary Lewis of Smithers, 'whose! Home for V-nriSimaS Park at London. pleaded guilty in Intermediate Mrs.. Gay was Jackson,, Ohio,, and had been liv-!338 Diamond Ave. in Diamond, name was omitted earlier.. The! WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice His wife,, Ada Russell,, 64, al- Court. , ing there the past 15 years. Her died Wednesday in McMillan body is at Andcrson-Hairston President Hubert H. Humphrey so beaten, was listed slightly' im-j. home was at 611 Harris St. She Hospital after about a year's Funeral Home in Montgomery, will leave the \.apiuai A-iiwnj to proved at the hospital jcaitri-; tl If tli will itttvt; uiu capital Friday tupiuvcu at UJC nuopiiai yes islor-! 1 H f Korea is was a member of the Christian illness. ly home for the Chris mas holi-jday. She had been in critical!-™^ ™y^2°(°nag™ Korea ,s Miss Romine was a Girl Scout| WASHINGTON, C. Robert Jr. Church. Survivors: husband, M i k e ; Humphrey left Wcdnes-' Owner and operator of Rus[0 the couplc s rSwictV^TtheUWo^ '' ' Wavcrly.'scll's Grocery for 18 years Mr.;cicvelandi Ohio; sons, J o h n ' . . "*_'.. .•'"•„ P I will be —j-Minn. home. 'Russell lived at 11708 Mac-JHenry Jr. of Winfield, Billy R. en's Society .of Christian Serv- !«„:„.. and iburial ....n ,.. made Heinle, »..j SEND FLOWERS Wh*n You An ice and" a native of Kanawhajin Mountain View Cemetery. The The vice president saidiCorkle Ave., Chesapeake. He :o f st. Albans; sisters, Mrs. Myrat a UMI for Word* ^-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday he will visit his.was a member of Chesapcakeiti e Buenrostro of New Jersey, County.. ' PH. 3«-5137 Mrs. Rachel Wilcox of Mount She' is survived by her par-€. Robert Washington of 5310 mother in Huron, S.D. beforejMcthodist Church, Valley Cut Flower enls, the Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Staunton Ave. SE, died Tuesday. going on to Wavcrly for the rcsli Also surviving arc daughters, Gay; brothers, Clifford and Orta W« llirUu, Ownr Romino of Diamond; brothers, 'The body is at Barlow-Bonsall of the weekend, returning to Mrs. Opal Morrison of Chcsa> ville of Decota; stepbrother, 10S» WASH. ST., WESTi Washington next Wednesday. pcakc, Mrs. Deloris Skaggs ofLconard Stevens of Decota. J. W. Jr. and Ray of Diamond ;|Funcral Home,
all, Tex.

ments appertaining thereto, heretofore conveyed by Frederick J. Riffla and Virginia R. Rilfle, his wife, to The stale ol West Virginia, for tne Slate Road Commission of West Virginia, bv deed dated March 1. 19jl, of record In said Clerk's office In Deed Book 952, st page <15; and being the same lot or parcel ot land heretofore conveyed to Margaret Russell Carver and Dixie Lee Taylor by Frederick J. Riffle and Vlrqlnb

J&f BOOR No. 6, at oage 60; exceotng an •cserving, however, Irom said ioi parcel ot land .ihe reir np joulherly it feel thereof, together wi the rights, privileges and easewith


Analysis of Customers Ledger" —Fiscal Year Ended June 30, Beginning Balance—July i,

Add: Sewer Chaws 'i '" "'™-'z Penalties Posted +112,792 U Less: Collections Posted .-mmia Less: Adiustments Posted —(216.61) Ledger Balance June ». "»7 Note: All ' 26,«77.4i

35 ART 1?

November 19, 1965,'and recordist'In said Clerk's office in Deed Book 1464, at page 347, to which said deed, and r t to the above mentioned map and deed to The state of West Virginia, ins records maintained bv *aM RnarH • is, to the best"? our LwiMs? aid reference is hereby made for a more particular description of said lot or the-fln.'nclil'A ""the' BoSfdTr' the parcel of land. Jm « ». 1966, ' lhe The above described real estate wl %%[.'!?',SW

are small current ' County of Kanawtia We, the undersign*! members of the V rd Clly hereb"' ce°" °' "* "" *""<*" *>

fkJ$'W??s't '>»®"' '<>™

WILLIAM T. HOMIIRO Successor Trustee (HIM)

My commission exolrys Nov. is, *** »» inwrWH


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