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Written by Leslie Tracy http://ltreview.com All the Whitehat Copycat Reviews that we checked out had one thing in common… And we have to say we are not surprised. Tim Bekker’s Whitehat Copycat is a copy and paste system that includes website templates, niches that Tim says are profitable and traffic strategies. What does Tim have to say about his Whitehat Copycat review? “Whitehat Copycat is the exact system that LITERALLY gives you ONE steady revenue stream. In this complete system, I have already put all pieces of the puzzle together. The sales medium, the products to promote, the niches and keywords to target, the traffic sources. Just follow my step-by-step blueprint and you WILL see results in less than 30 days.” Now we have heard these claims before, so we wanted to know what other marketing folks said in their Whitehat Copycat review. The reviews were overwhelming positive with some cautions thrown in also. The reviewers really liked the approach of Whitehat Copycat that Tim took with looking at macro niches instead of micro niches which is what most of the current internet marketing courses teach. Focusing on the macro niches help reduce competition because their are more people coming into the websites to be shared by marketers. For example, it’s easier to make money when there are a million people interested in a niche with 20 competitors then it is to make money in a niche with 5,000 people and 20 competitors. Each Whitehat Copycat review liked that the plug and play system provided was easy to understand, implement and was for the most part free. After the initial investment for Whitehat Copycat, you will have to spend money to get a domain and hosting for your website to put your templates that are provided. You can use one domain for multiple website templates so that helps keep the cost down. That’s it. The reviewers commented that the traffic strategies that are given in Whitehat Copycat are truly free and work. Another aspect that each Whitehat Copycat review liked was the fact that the campaigns with templates and niches that are provided have been used by Tim to make him money. And not just a little money, but a lot of money. And he is giving them to you exactly. However, caution was given as to setting expectations. Just because the templates and niches that are provided

are proven to make money and get visitors, don’t expect to throw them up and start making money. You will need to put some work into the free traffic strategies in order to get visitors to your website. But Tim lays that all out for you, you just need to implement it. This should eliminate alot of your trial and error. Additional points covered in the Whitehat Copycat reviews:

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This product can be used by newbies and experienced marketers. Although basic internet knowledge is a plus. Minimal technical knowledge is needed (Nothing you can’t find on Google or through customer support). Whitehat Copycat is thorough. Tim explains how and where to download needed software for free. It works if you take action…and that goes for any product you buy. It takes a few weeks of effort to build a steady income stream. Tim Bekker is a successful internet marketer and has worked this system successfully.

Every Whitehat Copycat review that we read gave two thumbs up to Whitehat Copycat. Tim is currently giving a huge discount on this plug and play system since it was just released, making it $47. Click here to visit the official Whitehat Copycat site

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Description: Are the Whitehat Copycat Reviews the same as other products? Tim Bekker's Whitehat Copycat has a twist from other products that are plug and play. He does provide a complete system, but you'll need to add something in order to be successful with Whitehat Copycat.