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              It is very, very rare for a professional web designer to write this kind of
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Dear Friend,
        It is shocking but true.
         Every day, businesses hire web designers that they should not be hiring. Web
designers often oversell their ability, charge you a LOT more than they should and
end up turning what should be your online shop window into an embarrassment and
put your reputation on the line by producing sub-standard websites.
        Commissioning your website is a DIFFICULT and STRESSFUL job. There
are so many details that must be attended to. But here is the undeniable truth:
         I realise that you might not believe that right now but think about it for a
minute. When was the last time you dismissed a company out of hand because of its
website. Not to mention the companies you didn’t find at all on Google that missed
out on a chance of your business.
         The Web Designer is the “Key” to a successful business website. But here’s
the problem ….

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          Hire the wrong person and your website will be a flop. Hire someone who
does not understand marketing principles and your website will not appeal to your
visitors. Hire someone with no experience of online marketing and no-one will visit
your site and your investment will have been wasted.
        This report is going to give you the inside-scoop on what some web
designers and web design agencies do to unsuspecting business owners. You’ll be
armed with the knowledge you need so you won’t be “taken in” by these people.
        In just a minute, I am going to reveal what the 7 biggest Mistakes are and
how you can avoid them, but first let me answer a couple of questions that are
probably on your mind.
         Who Are You And Why Are You Revealing This Information?
          My name is Rob Wilson and I’m a web designer and online marketer. For the
past 18 years I was a board level IT Director whose focus was online product
development and marketing. In the last five years I have created award winning web-
based programs and websites used by companies such as GSK, BUPA and Lloyds
TSB. I now work with small and medium size businesses to bring them the same
skills that were previously only available to larger companies.
         I’m revealing information that the web design and development industry
does not want you to know for three main reasons:
REASON #1: If you end up hiring a lousy web designer or online marketing
company, this closes the field not only to me but other competent professionals. Odds
are, if the person you hire stinks, you’ll be very reluctant to hire a new professional in
the future and will be missing a great opportunity.
REASON #2: I HATE to see bad web designers rip people off and make all web
designers look bad. It puts a black eye on my profession.
REASON #3: You can be given an inadequate and poorly performing website without
you even knowing it for years. I frequently have to fix others mistakes and often the
site owner does not even know the problems were there since they paid for the
“completed” site.
         Okay, now that you know who I am and why I am doing this, let’s talk about
the 7 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When Hiring A Web Designer And
How To Avoid Them!
                                      BIG MISTAKE #1
                                  Assuming That Big Is Better
         Many Business Owners assume that larger web design companies and
agencies are going to provide a better service than smaller company. The main benefit
of a smaller company is the personal service you should be able to get.
        With larger design companies your dealings are often with a salesman who
“hands over” the business to the designer and then loses interest in your business.
         Whatever the size of the business you choose, you need to be offered a
personal service with a main contact who is interested in your business.
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                                   BIG MISTAKE #2
                          Assuming All Web Designers Are Equal
          Did you know there are different types of web designer based on their
background and experience? Each has their pros and cons – you need to be aware of
the differences.
         Firstly, the print designer who also creates web designs. Print Designers are
used to laying out words and pictures and getting them to work well together. The
downside is that a web page is not the same as a fixed piece of paper and the ability to
control the design is not as good as in print. One of the main mistakes print designers
make is use too many graphics. For example the headings on the page are often
created as graphics, rather than the text that makes up the heading. While this looks
nice – the graphic is not readable by a search engine which is trying to work out what
your site is about.
          Next, the programmer who creates web designs. Programmers have a unique
way of thinking. They are interest in logic and how to do clever things on a website.
They are able to create websites that interact well with customers and provide a lot of
interesting features. However programmers typically have not learnt about laying out
designs correctly or essentials like which colours go well together or which colours
appeal to different target audiences.
         Then, the Flash Developer who creates website built in Macromedia Flash.
Flash is a wonderful product for producing websites for companies like Coca Cola,
Nike etc for those who image is all important. Sites that sing and dance as you visit
them are normally Flash Websites. The main problem with Flash Designers is they
can get caught up in the technology and create sites that are great looking but not very
user friendly. For example, with most Flash website you can not send a prospect to a
particular page only the home page. The other big problem with Flash websites is they
are not understood properly by search engines like Google. There are ways to create
Flash websites to be more user and search engine friendly but this is often not an
option you will be given.
         Finally, the Web Designer who learnt to be a Web Designer. They often
create lovely looking website but may not always offer you a search engine friendly
design as this takes more time and is not so much fun to do.
          All of these Web Designer types are often missing a vital piece of training.
They have no knowledge of marketing a business online beyond creating a website.
They may not understand the consequence of their design on getting visitors to your
site to take the actions you require of them. So you might end up with a website that
looks great but has no visitors or those that visit the site leave very quickly.

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                                      BIG MISTAKE #3
                                   Basing Decisions On Price
         Wow! This is a biggie.
         Of course, price is a factor when hiring a website designer. If you only have
a £200 budget you are not going to be able to hire the best designer in the country to
create your business website. However many business owners place too much
emphasis on price and not enough emphasis on the overall impact that a great website
designer can make on your website.
          Is the highest priced website designer always the best? Absolutely not! In
fact, in one marketing course for website designers, the author tells his readers to raise
their fees because a lot of business owners equate the value of the designer with how
much they charge. He says it is all “perception”.
        Well, it certainly won’t be just “perception”, if you hire someone who
charges you thousands of pounds for a web site that is, in reality, only worth a few
hundred pounds and does not serve your business well.
        On the other hand, hiring the least expensive web designer is not always the
way to go either.
         Simply put, everyone needs to make a reasonable profit. If the price is too
low then corners are going to cut corners to reduce the work needed and the quality
will suffer. What is even worse, you may not even know that corners have been cut. It
might not be obvious to you; the website might look great but not perform right for
          An example of cutting corners might include using a “slicing” program to
automatically take a graphical design and slice it into pieces to create a web page. The
site will look nice but the search engines will not be able to read any of the content
and will not be able to place your site in their search result lists. So you will not get
any visitors from the most powerful free advertising site in the world.
         Another way to cut corners is not checking the design on different versions
of Internet Explorer or other similar programs that might be used to view your
website. This is a little technical but each version of Internet Explorer can display
your website differently and in some cases completely illegibly. A significant amount
of time needs to be invested to make sure the vast majority of your website visitors
see the same site that you see when you test the site. Unfortunately it might look fine
to you but not to your potential customers.
        You need to base your decision on the website designer who will best fulfil
your needs and help you achieve your desired business outcomes.
        One way you can know whether a web designer is going to meet your needs
is by whether he or she asks you what your needs are and what outcomes you want to
achieve with your website. When you call them, do they just tell you how great their
websites are without finding out what you want and need?
         How would you feel if you went to a doctor because you weren’t feeling well
and the doctor instantly prescribed some medicine without first finding out what was
wrong with you? It’s the same with web designers. They should find out what you
want and need first and see if they have an idea for the design and online marketing
that would help you fulfil those needs
         Many web designers are so desperate for work, that they will say anything to
get hired. They will tell you they do things they don’t, won’t or can’t.
        Bottom Line: Decide what your budget range is, check out a number of
designers in that budget range and choose the best person regardless of price.

                                   BIG MISTAKE #4
                Building A Web Site And Expecting Visitors To Just Arrive
            Many business owners assume that you build a website and people just find
it, visit it and give you business. It all seems so easy for other websites, you find them
on Google, visit and purchase. Unfortunately getting your website listed in Google
does not happen automatically and getting a well place listing on Google requires
          Unfortunately, many website designers have no experience of marketing a
website online. They can create website but they don’t know what to do next to get
         This creates two problems. Firstly they do not design website with the next
steps in mind. This means that your website might even need reworking to get it to be
ready for search engines to find and add to their list. Secondly, your expectations of a
successful website are raised and you use your entire budget to get a website live but
have no money left to do the work involved in getting people to come.
       You need to plan for the next step of bring in visitors and use a web designer
who understands this.
                                    BIG MISTAKE #5
                              Assuming All Web Sites Are Equal
         Most business owners assume that a website is a website. If it looks right
then it must be right.
         As we mentioned before there is a lot under the bonnet of a website that is
not easily seen and understood that affects how well your website performs for you.
         To help lift the lid on your website and get past the visual appearance, I
created a website where you can have some aspects of the
construction explained in layman’s terms. This website lists the issues with your
selected website in traffic light colours. Red marks out items that need urgent
attention, amber being things to investigate further and green being information or
good points. It is worth testing any prospective web designer’s portfolio with this tool
to see how well they do.
          The main invisible issue is how “Search Engine Friendly” the website is.
This refers to how easy it is for Google and the other search engines to understand the
content of your website and add it to their databases. One thing that can go wrong is
that the text you supply to your designer for the site might be broken up with
programming code. So the paragraphs are no longer all together, the paragraphs might
read like paragraphs on screen. However to a search engine the paragraphs become a
puzzle that might not get put back together in the right way!
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                                BIG MISTAKE #6
            Depending On The Web Designer To Make All The Future Changes
          The automatic assumption by business owners is that the web designer will
make all future changes. It is often the assumption by web designers too; especially as
it keeps the revenue flowing from client.
         It is worth considering how important it is to for you to be responsive to your
online market. For example, should you have the ability to add new offers to your
website daily or to change immediately a phrase on the website that a customer
misunderstood on your website? I often hear about web designer taking months to do
a simple change like correcting a spelling mistake.
         Instead of having to depend on your website designer you can have a website
created that allows you to make some or all the amendments instantly. The amount
you can change will depend on your skill level but websites can offer different
systems to match your level and your need to make changes.
         Don’t get stuck depending on your website designer.

                                      BIG MISTAKE #7
                             Not Getting A Money Back Guarantee
       This is soooooo important especially in today’s day and age when anybody
can download a piece of free web design software and call themselves a web designer.
        In most case you can avoid a lot of trouble by insisting on a 100% money
back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
         This is the ultimate test as to whether someone really believes in what they
are offering or if they are just full of hot air. If a website designer really believes in
the quality of their work they shouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it.
        Bottom Line: Some website designers will argue that people will take
advantage of them if they offer a guarantee. This is a load of rubbish.
          In the years that I have offered a guarantee and over all the many websites I
have created, no one has EVER requested their money back. In fact most of my
clients refer me to other businesses.
        If the web designer you’re considering for your website won’t back up their
work with a guarantee … WATCH OUT!
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          Well, there you have it. Obviously, if you’re a seasoned business owner who
has already purchased websites before you may have already known some of the
secrets revealed in this report. But I hope you found a few gems that you can use to
ensure that your next website turns out to be exactly what you want it to be, to get
more leads, more customers and more sales!

If I can help you or you want to contact me, please call +44 (0) 1732 522244.

All the best
Rob Wilson
Director, Author of Forthcoming Book “Instant Customers”
Websites In Business Ltd
P.S. For more details about our website design and promotion services go to or call me at +44 (0) 1732 522244.

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