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									Bacterial Fouling in Electrocoat Paint – Know how to prevent it and what to do to fix it!

Membrane fouling is the number one cause of poor performance in membrane based filtration systems.
Common fouling causes include excessively high levels of suspended solids, and other harmful
chemicals. A major source of membrane fouling that is routinely overlooked is the buildup of bacteria.
There are many ways that bacteria can foul a membrane and cause poor performance. Here are some of
the most common forms of bacterial membrane fouling:

   Bacterial Fouling of Membranes
          Build up of live bacteria, algae, microorganisms
          Dead bacteria following a kill
          Protein remnants and pyrogens after Autolysis
          Formation of a biofilm

There are many different kinds of bacteria that can cause fouling. Even if the system is isolated and
closed to external influence there can still be a buildup of bacteria. The most common bacteria in
electrocoat systems are those that feed off of the specific proprietary components of different paint baths.
Bacteria range from those that reduce sulfate to those that attack acetic and lactic acid.

The best way to prevent bacterial buildup is by using a proactive approach. It all starts with recognition
of the bacteria. The paint solution should be tested often for bacterial buildup. Once bacteria is
identified in the solution further investigation should be performed to determine the exact type of
bacteria present in the solution. Knowing the exact bacteria makes it easier to determine a treatment
method with minimal system downtime. If no special method of eliminating the bacteria exists then a
thorough cleaning with proper cleaning chemicals and peroxide is required. After performing regular
cleaning and routine deep cleaning the best way to minimize bacterial fouling is to perform proactive
monitoring of the paint solution.

By following the simple tips mentioned above you can ensure that you are getting the best value out of
your Synder products. For specific inquiries, please contact Synder Filtration.

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