How To Assemble Deutsch Crimp Sleeve Reducer by lhh12385


									                                                             How To Assemble:
                                                        Deutsch Crimp Sleeve Reducer
    Reducing Sleeve Fast Facts                                            Ordering Information
• Use when a reduced AWG wire is needed with size 4 solid
• Allows size 4 solid contacts to accept 8-10 AWG wire
                                                                                                 Insert Seal      0410-241-0406
• No extra crimp tools needed
• TXL wire insulation with 10 AWG wire is not recommended
  because it may not provide an environmental seal against
  the insert seal
• When inserting a completed contact with reducer sleeve
                                                                                                 Crimp Sleeve
  into a connector, be sure the insert seal penetrates the                                                        0421-203-04141
  rear grommet


   Step 1:                         Step 2:                                  Step 3:
   Place crimp sleeve reducer      Slide insert seal onto 8-10              Insert wire into barrel of          Crimp sleeve reducer
   into contact barrel.            AWG wire stopping just                   contact and crimp using             assembled
                                   above the stripped                       designated tooling.
                                   insulation.                           All parts available through LADD Industries 800-223-1236                                032607
                                                                 ISO 9001:2000

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