Psalm 145 Introduction How would you describe your relationship by lhh12385



                                 How would you describe your
                                 relationship with God?
                                 Is it characterized more by
                                 duty or delight?

                   Psalm 145

How do we keep our               One of the things all of us can
relationship with God fresh?     do is to remember who God is
What can we do when we are       and what he has done.
feeling dry?                     He is a God who loves you
                                 and cares about you.

                               I. The Lord is great. Verses 3-7

Psalm 145 is David’s last        God is greater than we can
Psalm in the Psalter.            fathom.
It is a psalm of praise that         –Mighty in power
worships God for who he is.          –Glorious in splendor
                                     –Wonderful in his works
                                     –Abundant in his goodness
                                      and righteousness.

“I am graven on the palms of his
                                            This is momentous knowledge.
hands. I am never out of his mind.
                                            There is unspeakable comfort…in
All my knowledge of him depends on
                                            knowing God is constantly taking
his sustained initiative in knowing me.
                                            knowledge of me in love and
I know him because he first knew me,
                                            watching over me for my good.”
and continues to know me. He
                                            J. I. Packer in Knowing God
knows me as a friend, one who loves
me; and there is no moment when his
eye is off me, or his attention
distracted from me, and no moment,
therefore, when his care falters.

                                          II. The Lord is gracious and
                                            compassionate. Verses 8-13a

What are the stories we can                 David quotes Exodus 34:6.
tell of his mercy and grace?                “The Lord is gracious and
                                            compassionate, slow to anger
                                            and rich in love.”

Most people think of God as                 His kingdom is different than
all-knowing or all-powerful,                other kingdoms we know.
but fewer people think of God               He invites us to enter his
as gracious and                             kingdom by placing our trust
compassionate, slow to                      in Jesus Christ as our Savior
anger and rich in love.                     and Lord.

  “There are many reasons God saves          Whenever you want to talk, he’ll
  you: to bring glory to himself, to         listen. He can live anywhere in the
  appease his justice, to demonstrate        universe, and he chose your heart.
  his sovereignty. But one of the            And the Christmas gift he sent you in
  sweetest reasons God saves you is          Bethlehem? Face it friend. He’s
  because he is fond of you…If God           crazy about you!”
  had a refrigerator, your picture would     Max Lucado in A Gentle Thunder
  be on it. If he had a wallet, your
  photo would be in it. He sends you
  flowers every spring and a sunrise
  every morning.

III. The Lord is faithful.
   Verses 13b-16

  “The Lord is faithful to all his           How does God show his
  promises and loving toward                 faithfulness?
  all he has made.”                            – God keeps his word.
  Notice how often the word all                – God upholds those who are
  is used in this section –
                                               – God provides for our needs.
  9 times in verses 13-18.
                                               – God satisfies our heart.

                                           IV. The Lord is righteous.
                                              Verses 17-21

  How has God been faithful                  “The Lord is righteous in all
  to you?                                    his ways and loving toward all
                                             he has made.”
                                             God is light and God is love.


We are to fear and love God.        Is your relationship with God
Verses 19-20                        characterized more by duty or
  – To fear God is to honor him.
  – To love God is to delight in
    him.                            There may be some of both.
We need both.

My prayer is that our
relationship with God will
increasingly be marked not
by duty, but by delight.


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