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									How Can I Prevent Sinus Infections?
Sinusitis or better know as sinus infection, is one of the most common ailments gripping a large number of people in North America today. It can be
infectious as well as non-infectious. Many types of antibiotics are used to kill the sinus bacteria. Decongestants also help in relieving the pain. But as
they say, 'prevention is better than cure'. So, how do you avoid sinus infections?

What can we do to prevent sinus infections in the first place? Well, we can start by preventing excessive secretion of mucus. But, before we can get
into avoiding sinus infections. We should talk briefly about what sinus infection is and the symptoms that can arise.

Inflammation in the nasal membrane due to envoirnmental pollutants and naturally occuring factors is what causes Sinusitis. This can slow down the
cilia's work to evacuate accessive mucus from the nasal cavities. The trapping of this accessive mucus is what causes sinus infections. This can last
from a few hours, which is mild, to upwards of a few weeks, which would be considered chronic.

Weakness, exhaustion, recurrent cold or flu, a pain in the upper jaw, feeling of a pressure around eyes, forehead and cheeks, small amounts of mucus
going down the throat are all common symptoms of sinusitis.

Keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best things to do to help avoid sinusitis. Start by eating hot soups, drinking tea, and a variety of other hot
fluids. This will aid the cilia in removing the mucus from the nasal cavities by improving the movements of the cilia. So remember to drink plenty of
fluids if you are planning on performing alot of excercising. You should also avoid the use of air conditioners as they tend to dry the air. You could even
use an air humidifier if you live in a dry climate. This will moisten the air and reduce the chances of getting sinusitis.

You should also consider a salt and water solution, this will help reduce sinus infections. You need to sniff this into your nose so as to clean the sinus
cavities. Also try placing a warm, moist cloth or towel on your face and forehead for about four to five minutes, two or three times a day. This will aid
the cilia movements and it eases mucus circulation.

Getting a nasal irrigator or a hydro pulse nasal device will help in the painless irrigation of the nose. These are easy to use and are readily available at
your local pharmacy. The gentle pulse of water is easy to handle, and the devices are simple to use. I think you can see a pattern here now right?
Moisture is the key to all of this.

By observing these simple precautions we discussed here. You can reduce your chances of getting a sinus infection. But if symptoms still continue to
occur, consulting a specialist is advisable.

If you do not want to take man-made drugs. Try looking for alternative ways to reduce sinus infections. This way theres no chance of side effects or
the gradual destruction of the bodies natural defences. Remember, prevention does work.

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