How can I prevent caries Caries is caused mainly by our high sugar and high carbohydrate eating habits Bacteria which live in the mouth settle on the surfaces of the teeth and multiply by convertin by lhh12385


									How can I prevent caries?

Caries is caused mainly by our high-sugar and high-carbohydrate eating
habits. Bacteria which live in the mouth settle on the surfaces of the teeth
and multiply by converting the sugar components from our diet into acids.
A sticky dental coating known as plaque develops. If the surface of the
teeth is exposed to these acids frequently or for a prolonged period the
dental enamel, which consists to a large part of acid-soluble minerals, is
attacked and demineralized. If the demineralization progresses the enamel
breaks down and a cavity forms. You have caries.


The most effective way to prevent caries is therefore to remove the cause,      Plaque build-up
i.e. the plaque, by regular tooth brushing. In addition, fluorides strengthen
the resistance of the teeth. On the one hand they reduce the solubility of
the dental enamel, on the other hand they can put back lost minerals into
the dental enamel and, last but not least, they also suppress the acid
production by the plaque bacteria. The amine fluorides are particularly
effective. They are used as active ingredient in all elmex products.

                                                                                The amine fluorides go directly to
For comprehensive caries prophylaxis you should therefore:                      where they are needed

  Brush the teeth twice daily with the elmex ANTICARIES toothpaste
  containing amine fluorides
  Rinse once a day with the elmex ANTICARIES dental rinse containing
  amine fluorides. This increases the fluoride depot and also reaches
  places which are difficult to clean with a toothbrush.
  Use the elmex interX toothbrush. Its raised bristles arranged in an X
  configuration also clean the interdental spaces.
  Clean the interdental spaces once a day with an interdental product.
  Brush once a week with the highly concentrated elmex gel. Studies have
  shown that use of this gel in combination with the elmex ANTICARIES           elmex CARIES PROTECTION
  toothpaste can reduce the risk of caries by up to 51%.

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