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									CISMA 09 - the biggest exhibition in the sewing machinery
F   rom the second year of 2007,China sewing
    machinery industry stepped into a phase of
adjustment, though the economy is in the downturns
                                                                                                                         CISMA2009 will cover 7 halls. Sewing machine will
                                                                                                                         be exhibited mainly in W1-W4, spare parts and
                                                                                                                         accessories will be showed in W5. In hall E1 cutting,
until now. The statistics of CSMA shows that, in the                                                                     ironing and hanging equipment will be displayed. If
first half of 2009, all kinds of development indexes of                                                                  anybody interested in embroidery equipment, should
the industry decreased 20% compared with the same                                                                        visit E2 hall. The quantity and applied area of cutting,
period of 2008.Under this circumstances, the                                                                             ironing and hanging equipment increased more than
enterprises overcome the difficulties through                                                                            10% compared to CISMA2007. The theam of CISMA
controlling the scale, strengthening the ability to                                                                      2009 is "innovation" and "upgrading". According to
develop, paying more attention to innovation and save                                                                    the difference of membership of exhibitors, show
power for the next new development phase.                                                                                space and the influence of the brand, China sewing
CISMA2009 is the most shining light and the people                                                                       machinery association organize the activity of "choose
in the industry place a lot of hope.                                                                                     new product through public appraisal", encouraging
                                                            machinery industry. Until the beginning of June, 885         the exhibitors to show more new product. The prize
In the last several edition, the scale of CISMA has         enterprises have applied for booths, in which 8% are         is that the owner of the new product could possess
been on growth pattern, and it brought new challenges       from overseas. The total area exceeds 80,000 square          some show space for free.
to the sponsor every time. This year, the challenges        meters.
are bigger than before. China sewing machinery                                                                           The visitors could pre-register online and print the
association collect all kinds of information, statistics,   The world-famous brands like Durkopp, Pfaff, Brother,        cards by themselves. The participation guild could be
investigation and do market analyses to make a clear        Juki, Pegusus, Yamato, Lectra, Gerber, Kawakami,             checked and loaded online.
outline for future developments.                            Assyst, Sunstar, Chee Siang, Siruba, Weit, Macpi,
                                                            Shima Seiki, Tajima, etc. Along with local brands from       Except the forum and lecture held by exhibitors, the
The government carried a series of measures to              China like Typical, SGSB, Zoje, Gemsy, Jack, FDM,            organizer will hold a series of activities, including
stimulate the demand, to revitalize the equipment           Hikari, Highlead, Dahao, Powermax, North phoenix,            "national sewing machinery industry professional skill
industry, while the China sewing machinery industry         Sheen, Desheng,Ying, etc. The companies in Germany           contest", "excellent new production contest",
is adjusting its own structure, CISMA2009 has shown         pavilion, Korea pavilion, HongKong pavilion and              "excellent booth design contest", etc. The content of
its strong momentum and maintained the status of            Taiwan pavilion will take part in as group.                  CISMA2009 will be more plentiful
the biggest professional exhibition in sewing

How to avoid loose stitches in embroidery?
S   pending lakhs of rupees on the most advance
    machines acquire the best digitised designs, use
the most lustrous thread, service blue-chip
                                                            • Slide thread along tension flap until it feeds out of
                                                              the “eye” at the end of the tension flap
                                                            • Perform a quick “drop” test to check tension like
customers and the most beautiful fabric on which              releasing a yo-yo, hold the loaded bobbin case by the
to embroider. But all too often this can come to              free end of the thread allowing it to hang
naught if a wrong needle is chosen to do the job.             approximately 6-12 inches from finger tips and dip
That’s why it helps to go for needle maker like               hand downwards and bring to a quick stop (but not
Beissel. Based out of Chennai, Beissel is one of the          so suddenly that bobbin falls out of bobbing case). If
rate companies that make and sell industrial                  properly tensioned, that downward momentum of
household needles to over 39 countries. Formerly              the loaded bobbin case should cause the bobbin to
known as Altek Lammertz, Beissel has a 200-year               unspool downwards a few inches, then stop
German pedigree to counsel you on the right fashion
                                                            • If the tension is too tight, the bobbin will not unspool
solution for embroidery and more.
                                                              at all. If the tension is too loose, the bobbin will
For single and multi- head machines. The special              unspool continuously and not stop. Loosen or tighten
shape of the groove edges, reduce friction with the           the large screw on the tension flap until you achieve
fabric. The large eye creates lesser problems while           this result. This text consistently sets the bobbin        can go from approximately 1/16th of an inch wide to
using bulky thread. The optimal point provides safety         to around 23-27 grams.                                     0.25 inches wide. If one wants to go wider than 0.25
when embroidering thick material at high transport          • Pass bobbin thread through the wire loop (shaped           inches because of the risk of picking the stitches of
speeds. The complete variety of point styles means            like and inverted “U” at the front of the bobbin case)     the finished design
that not compromising by being forced to use says,            and allow 4-6 inches to hang from it, down across
round point for embroidering leather.                         the front of the bobbin case into basket of rotary
                                                                                                                          Do you know?
Solution to avoid loose stitches:                             hook and close the bobbin case
                                                                                                                          • Lacoste was the first brand to embroider its
• Insert bobbin and pull thread through slit at side        • Insert bobbin case into basket of rotary hook and             logo to a piece of clothing
  above the metal tension flap                                close the bobbing case door                                 • Jacob Schiess started the first commercial
• Ensure that it turns clockwise in the bobbin case         Satin stitch                                                    embroidery manufacturing establishment
  as it feeds out                                           Satin stitches are essentially columns of stitches              in 1848 in New York
                                                            used for making letters, borders, and areas of a design       • Beissel was the first to urge Tirupur to switch
                                                            that need columns of stitches. Statin stitch sized              from round point to ball point needles

                                                                                                                                            APPAREL VIEWS / SEPTEMBER 2009          55

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