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									Advice on How to Seduce Women
Do you follow the men’s versions of The Rules, that say you wait x number of times, you avoid a, b, c, and you be sure to always do d, e, and f? Do
you follow the special advice on how to seduce women who are hot or who are rich? Do you go with the psychology of genders, and follow the
generalizations that all girls want Brad Pitt, all women are on diets, and all girls love to shop?

If you do try to abide by the rules of any of the above, aren’t you eliminating a number of options to meet and maybe get involved with a woman who
loves cars and can drop an engine, rebuild it, and replace it in three weeks? Won’t you be leaving out the women who have no money but are
potential money-makers as they are working two jobs and taking classes at night to become a veterinarian or a geologist?

You get the idea. Following some (I said “some”) advice on how to seduce women might in fact have the opposite effect: you may gross her out (if
she’s not like the girls targeted in the how-to-seduce-women-manual) when you were trying to intrigue her, you may make her laugh when you
intended to make her swoon, or you may make her scream when you meant to make her giggle or laugh.

So how about this? How about following a few righteous and fair methods that work almost every time because you weren’t working at them or
weren’t working her?

Be real. And realistic. You say one lie (that you are bold-faced aware you are saying), and you have just changed the game. You now have to keep
track of the lie, never forget it, and know that that lie is what part of your potential relationship is now based on. For she will believe you. And one day,
if you are both lucky enough to get involved, she will find out. And she will dump your ass. Or do a LOT of haranguing and how-could-yous….

In the same respect as you will be yourself—nervous if you are nervous (some girls find that adorable); clumsy if you are clumsy (some girls find this
endearing)—you will also remember that the girl you seek to impress might not be the one for you…no matter how close a next-door neighbor she is
or how many years you all went to the same football games and movies. Do not bother “bartering above your station” if she is not the type to date
your type.

Be confident and self-reliant. Don’t think yourself unworthy of every woman who walks into study hall, either. Try, please, TRY to strike a healthy
balance between “Ah, me,” (ala Eyore) and the cock of the walk. We do not know how to handle either of you. WE don’t know what to do with a
whimpering one—other than play armchair psychologist—and we don’t know how to act around an egotist—other than to giggle NERVOUSLY, as in
DANGER to our self-preservation instincts, which are telling us to run.

Be interesting and interested. Have interests other than guns. Talk about something besides your Nazi swastika collection. In fact, if you are a
skinhead or neo-Nazi, you may have other things on your mind besides how to seduce women. So ignore this article, won’t you? When you ask her
questions, for God’s sake—or yours—LISTEN to the answer. Don’t look at her boobs. Don’t keep saying uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Interact.

Be healthy. The studies show that we are attracted to the body and face that represents the optimum reproductive abilities and features. That is,
white teeth, symmetrical shapes, etc., are not consciously sought after but certainly part of the search. Brush, bathe, shave, etc.. And smell good.
Whatever that means.

Be fair. Do not put her on some Madonna (or Madonna/whore combo) pedestal. She is not Angelina Jolie. She is not your mother. She won’t make
love to you forty times a week. She won’t cook for you or jump up from her studies to do the dishes if you demand it, expect it, or insist that Mommy
always did it for you. If you are just meeting her, don’t tell her how much you adore your mother or how many nights a week Mom comes along on
dates with you. In fact, if you’re an actual Mommy’s Boy, don’t even bother reading this.

And be positive. You don’t have to fake joy and sunshine and lollipops if your favorite pet just died, but try to see something good in every person you
meet, not just the one that your biology cannot ignore. Try to see, especially, some good in yourself. Smiling and jokes are often great bonding
mechanisms. So is “Hello.”

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