How to Assemble Sunflower II

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					How to A ssemble Sunflower II

 1. Open the Box                              4. Take out air diffuser from the filter case

 2. Take out the extra filter, instruction,   5. Uncover the head assembly
 and Accessory bag

 3. Take out the head assembly and            6. Take out the protection materials

 filter case                                  from head assembly
7. Insert lamp into the socket

                                        10. Put together filter case into head
8. Close the lamp holder to head body   assembly by twist
by twist

9. Put together air diffuser and head
assembly by twist
                                      13.   Insert   AC-DC      adapter   into
                                      connector at the bottom

11. Mounting Accessories

                                      14. Attach head assembly into flexible
                                      metal stand.

12. Choose   the right bases: screw
down and clamp type