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					how to ASSemble your bAlAnced body Allegro Sport® reFormer
Thank you for purchasing the Balanced Body Allegro Sport Reformer. The following step-by-step instructions provide guidance for assembly and

note: inSpect contentS oF box!
Upon opening your cardboard box, please familiarize yourself with the orientation of the contents inside (see Figure 1). Remember how the Allegro
Sport is packed in case of damage during shipment. Box 1 near the head-end of the frame contains your Allegro Sport footbar. Box 2 near the foot-
end of the Reformer contains appropriately named kits for:
 Frame Handle Installation                                                                                            Box 1 with footbar
 Frame Knob Installation
 Leg and Wheel Installation
                                                                                                                       Box 2 with parts accessories
 Riser Installation
 Ropes and Loops
 Bungee Cord                                                                                                           Foot-end of frame
NOTE: You will also need a 7/16” open-end or small adjustable wrench
(not provided.)

If you believe there is something missing, please call Balanced Body’s
Technical Support at 800-745-2837 ext. 219.                                  Fig. 1 - Orientation of Carton Contents

Step 1: AttAching the FrAme hAndle                                           Step 2: inStAlling the knobS
The handle makes it easier for you to lift the Allegro Sport into a stand-   Parts and tools needed to install knobs are in a plastic bag marked
ing position or move around. Components to install the handle are in a       “Knobs and Hardware” and include (see Figure 4 for part orientation):
bag marked “Handle and Hardware” in Box 2 and include (see Figure 2):

                                                                                                                             602-011 Allegro Sports knob (2)
                                       HANDLE 219-050 (1)                                                                    201-030 #6 Fender washer, Black (2*)
                                       SOCKET HEAD SCREWS 203-002 (2)                                                        203-001 6/32 by 3/8” Allen cap screw (2*)
                                       3/16 ALLEN WRENCH GEN9280 (1)                                                         One 5/64” Allen wrench (included) (1)

                                                                                                                             *2 required, 4 provided

                                                                             Fig. 4
Fig. 2 - Handle and Hardware                                                 to inStAll:
                                                                             On foot-end of frame rails there are two silver protruding knob bolts.
note: For shipping purposes, you might have additional pieces                This is where you’ll attach your Allegro Sport knobs. (These knobs will
included in this bag and a 5/32 Allen Key (#5 in drawing) for use            be used to secure the footbar.)
when installing your legs.

                                                                                                                             Fig. 5

                                                    Fig. 3                    Place knob over protruding knob bolt, making sure that long sides of
to inStAll:                                                                     knob cutout match up with flat edges of the stud.
 Insert two large socket caps screws through holes in handle and into        Insert washer over open area in middle of knob and insert small Allen
  head-end of frame as shown in Figure 3.                                      cap screw through washer and into housing.
 Use 3/16 Allen wrench to tighten the screws completely.                     Tighten with Allen wrench, turning clockwise.
                                                                              Repeat on other side.

                                                                                                                                      400-113 (version: 12/07, print: 12/07)
Step 3: inStAlling the legS on your Allegro Sport                           with the Allegro Sport Still upSide down :
Six (6) metal legs (Part # 602-061) are packed inside Box 2. You will       Take the two wheel brackets and install them on the legs at the foot-
also need the components (see Figure 6) in the plastic bag marked           end corners of the Reformer (Figure 10.)
“Legs Hardware”, which include 14 each of the following (12 each for
installation plus 2 extra):

gen9021 ¼ –20 lock nut (for
installing legs onto frame)
gen9846 ¼” flat washers (for
pads on legs and installing legs
onto frame)
gen9016 ¼ -20 x 1’’ Allen bolts
(for installing pads on legs)
                                   Fig. 6
to inStAll:
Place shoulder rests in the down or storage position (see following
section on how to do this) and turn Allegro Sport upside down. You’ll see
six rubber pads or “feet” at each corner as well as middle on underside           Fig. 10
of the Sport’s frame. Using 5/32 Allen key from bag marked “handle
and hardware”, remove screws,                                                Slide wheel bracket up as far as it will go.
washers, and spacers and take                                                Tighten with the 5/32 Allen Key and your 7/16” wrench.
rubber feet off as shown in                                                 Installed leg and wheel bracket should now look like Figure 11a.
Figure 7.
will be using all of these parts                                            note: Wheels can also be mounted on foot-end of frame if legs
later.                                                                      aren’t used (see Figure 11b.)
 Take one of the six metal
   “legs” and, with open side of
   legs facing inside of Reformer Fig. 7
   frame, attach leg to frame as
   shown in Figure 8, inserting
   the long Allen key through
   the leg.
 Take rubber feet and reinstall
   them to bottom of each leg
   with existing screws, washers,                                           Fig. 11a                                Fig. 11b
   and nuts, using your 7/16”
   open-end or adjustable                                                   Step 5: inStAlling the FootbAr
                                   Fig. 8
Repeat with other five locations.                                           The Allegro Sport footbar can be
                                                                            adjusted to four positions. Two
Step 4: inStAlling the wheelS                                               positions are created by installing
Two (2) wheel brackets (722-013) are packed directly inside Box 2. You      footbar in one of two sets of holes
will also need the components in the plastic bag marked “transport          with padded portion of footbar
wheel hardware”. Parts include                                              facing away from carriage.
(see Figure 9):                                                             Footbar is contained in Box One
GEN9021 ¼–20 lock nuts (for
installing wheels on legs) (4)                                              to inStAll:                        Fig. 12
GEN9856 ¼’ flat washer (4)                                                   Pull plunger knobs out and give a ¼ turn to disengage as shown in
GEN9851 ¼–20 x 5/8 Allen Head                                                 Figure 12.
bolts (4)                                                                    Place the footbar in one hole position and re-engage plunger knobs.
note: You will also need
your 7/16” or small adjustable Fig. 9
Step 6: AdjuSting the FootbAr                                               Step 9: threAding the ropeS
Two additional foobar positions are created by reversing footbar so pad-    Be sure springs are attached so carriage is secure. Place loops over
ded portion faces carriage as shown in Figure 13.                           shoulder rests. The D-ring attached to loops should point toward pulleys.
                                                                            Ropes have a metal snap on one end. Connect metal snap to the D-ring
                                                                            on loop. Thread free end of rope as follows:
                                                                             Thread rope through the pulley top and around pulley wheel.
                                                                             Push rope into cam cleat, and then through eye strap furthest from
                                                                             Pull end of the rope until there is no slack left. Repeat on other side.
                                                                            To lengthen rope, lift it out of cam cleat, adjust rope to desired length,
                                                                            and push rope back into cam cleat. To shorten rope, simply pull on free
                                                                            end of rope.
                                                                            Excess rope can be tucked underneath the carriage.
                                                      Fig. 13

                                                                            uSing the Shoulder reSt locking pin (For exerciSe)
Step 7: inStAlling the riSerS
                                                                                                                  A locking pin prevents
Risers are packed directly in Box 2. Riser pins are attached to frame.                                            movement (see photo on
to inStAll the riSerS:                                                                                            left). Make sure shoul-
                                                                                                                  der rests are in brackets
 Insert riser into hole with                                                                                     and pin is in place
  pulley angled outward from                                                                                      before performing any
  the carriage at a 45-degree                                                                                     exercises. When storing,
  angle as shown in Figure 14.                                                                                    remove pin and move
 Insert locking pin through                                                                                       shoulders into down or
  frame and risers. The locking                                                                                    storage position.
  pins prevent risers from                                                  to StAnd the Allegro Sport upright
  pulling out of frame during                                               Make sure knobs that secure footbar are engaged (not pulled out), and
  use. Risers can be stored in a                                            all springs are connected. Place shoulder rests in the “down” (storage)
  compartment at the head-end                                               position.
  of frame.
                                   Fig. 14                                  If you are storing risers in compartment at the head-end of frame, use
                                                                            bungee cord to secure.
Step 8: rAiSing And lowering the Shoulder reStS                             Lock footbar into holes furthest from foot-end of carriage frame. Make
The Allegro Sport shoulder rests have two positions: “up” for exercising,   sure your footbar is secured and pointing downward.
and “down” for storage (See photos below).                                  inStAlling the Foot plAte (optionAl)
To lower shoulder rests to “down” position, release shoulder rests by       Attach foot plate bolt and
sliding them out of metal tabs on Reformer frame. Then rotate rests into    washer into hole at foot-end of
their storage position as shown.                                            frame.
To secure shoulder rest, be sure that the shoulder rest bracket slides      Then place footbar in holes
back into metal tabs.                                                       closest to foot-end and engage
                                                                            Slide foot plate into place with
                                                                            padded side facing the carriage,
                                                                            allowing cutout on the bottom
                                                                            of board to slide over and around
                                                                            foot plate bolt with washer
                                                                            against knob.
                                                                            The foot plate should now be resting against footbar. Tighten bolt
Up Position                                  Down Position                  assembly to secure foot plate between washer and standing platform.
The Allegro Sport Reformer comes with 5 springs pre-attached. To
                                                                            if you have any questions about these instructions,
detach a spring, just reach under standing platform and take the spring     please contact balanced body technical Support at
off the hook.                                                               800-pilAteS ext. 219.
innovation in pilates since 1976
8220 Ferguson Avenue  Sacramento, CA 95828  800-PILATES (745-2837)  916-388-2838