How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark, Raving Mad

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Spring CIO Meeting
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer
      Stark, Raving Mad”

            Buffalo News, 3/3/08
 “How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
              Raving Mad”

Lesson: Allow
 Time Estimates
Enter/edit data in source systems
Data extracted and loaded to Level 0
Review data for errors
Research errors
Correct errors
Extract corrected data
Reload to Level 0
Data goes to Level 1 and beyond...
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
             Raving Mad”

                   Lesson: Have
                     your data
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
             Raving Mad”

Lesson: Be
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
             Raving Mad”

                   Understand SED
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
             Raving Mad”

Lesson: Review
  process and
   adjust as
“How to Drive your Tax Preparer Stark,
             Raving Mad”

                        next year’s
    Did You Know?

 It does matter that you
import and lock your data
  Data Load Sequence

Program Services
Special Ed Snapshot
     Did You Know?

You cannot lock data files
 up to Level 1, if there are
    unresolved errors
  Tuesday   PD Reports                                                 nyStart   Monday

                              Level 2 State Data Warehouse
                                           D      Sat. 12:01 am final pull
                                           T      for to level 2 for week

              Level 1 Container—Staging DB (aka Gateway) for Level 2
Errors                                     A
To                                         T

                           Level 1 Regional Data Warehouse

                                                  To be in Level 2 at Week’s
            Data is Loaded Daily           A      End,
            To Level 1                     T      Push Up To Level 1 by
                                                  EOD of Tuesday.

                                        Level 0

Matching IDs in SMS
and Special Ed
Be careful to avoid
creating duplicate IDs
when re-enrolling
Continue to maintain
preschool enrollments
Notify WNYRIC of
new CIO, so SED’s
list is accurate
CTE data is sent
from local BOCES
to each district
      Special Education

Top 5 Things We Have
    Learned About
 Reporting Special Ed
  Data Through SIRS
1. Get to Know Appendix G of the SIRS
              Policy Manual

 Special Ed scenarios for Preschoolers and
 School-aged disabled students, enrollment
 codes, and location codes for District of
 Residence and District of Location.
 Parentally placed disabled students and Charter
 School students.
 Be aware of when to use the 5905* code (CSE
 Responsibility Only) or the 0011 code
2. Demographic & Enrollment Records for
    Special Ed Students in your SMS
   All disabled preschool students
   All disabled school–aged students
   All disabled students parentally
   placed in non-public school
   (regardless of whether they are receiving
   services) , charter school, or public
   school district other than the district
   of residence, who are home-
   schooled, and who are enrolled by
   court order in out-of-State private
3. Preschool Student
 Preschooler with Disability not currently
 enrolled in UPK/PK Program referred to
 Preschooler with Disability currently
 enrolled in UPK/PK Program referred to
Preschooler with Disability not currently enrolled in
       UPK/PK Program referred to CPSE

          0011 code
   Location = Primary Service         4034/140 code:
   Provider Beds Code (from
       Snapshot record)             Location code = 0000
          Grade = PS                    Grade = PS
        Snapshot = Yes                Snapshot = No
Preschooler with Disability not currently enrolled in
       UPK/PK Program referred to CPSE
                                     Enrollment code = 0011
                                 Location Code = Primary Service
                              Provider BEDS CODE (from Snapshot
                                           Grade = PS
                                     Snapshot Record = Yes
  Location code on
  Snapshot = 0000

                       Primary Service Provider (BEDS
                      Code) = primary service provider**
                        **This code is entered into the
                      Location code of the demographic
                            and enrollment record
   Preschool Student with a Disability currently
enrolled in a UPK/PK Program is Referred to CPSE

            Location code
               = 0000

                             Primary Service Provider
                            (BEDS Code) comes from
                              the Special Ed System
4. Location is Everything

 The Location Code field on the Disability
 Record and the Snapshot must = 0000
  This identifies this student as a resident
 of your district and is disabled and is
 receiving services. Putting another
 location code here will prevent your
 special ed data from migrating to the PD
5. Don’t Wait, Communicate
 Coordinate efforts between Special Ed
 and General Ed for data entry purposes.
 The Special Ed office must let the
 person(s) entering information in the SMS
 know the dates for the 4034/140/0011/425
 General Ed must let the Special Ed office
 know when a student exits the district
 Work with the Special Ed office to clean
 up errors in Level 0 and lock data into
 Level 0 and push to Level 1 sequentially
 (Demographics, Enrollment, Program
 Services, and Snapshot)
  Don’t Wait, Communicate
Assist both General Ed and Special Ed
data entry personnel with understanding
the importance of communicating with
each other
Be accessible to answer questions
regarding Data Warehouse
If you need assistance with a situation you
are not sure how to handle, contact
WNYRIC for support
              Test Scoring
Science 4 and 8 answer sheets are due to WNYRIC
ASAP but no later than May 28.

NYSESLAT answer sheets are due to WNYRIC ASAP
but no later than May 30 (please refer to SAM
NYSESLAT regarding sending secure materials to
Harcourt to be destroyed).

Social Studies 8 answer sheets will be printed the
week of May 12. Test Administration (including make
ups) is June 3-11. Answer sheets are due to WNYRIC
ASAP but no later than June 23.

2008-09 Assessment Administration Dates

2008-09 NYSAA (NYS Alternate Assessment) age
        Test Scoring (cont’d.)
When sending answer sheets back to WNYRIC, please:
  If using an extra answer sheet, fill in student ID and
  heading on each side of answer sheet.
  Make sure all used extra answer sheets and the L24
  are placed on top of all used answer sheets. (No
  need to alphabetize.)
  You do not have to type the student names and
  student ID numbers on the extra answer sheets.
  Do not send us test booklets.
  Do not send us rosters.
  Do not send us unused extra answer sheets.
  Recommendation: Make copies before mailing
  answer sheets back to WNYRIC.
Regents June 2008

   Integrated Algebra
          Order Process

CIOs received order instructions and
forms in late April via email
Principals are involved in this process,
but the CIO is the contact
Your forms are printed out of the student
management system
The forms are sent back to the CIO for
Erie 1 BOCES students and ordering
        Integrated Algebra
         June 2008 ONLY
Memo from David Abrams
Instructions to follow
WNYRIC will NOT scan these forms
The data (at an undetermined time) will be
sent to WNYRIC, but details are not yet
You may copy the forms for your schools,
but you MUST NOT SCAN them
After Regents exams are completed
Forms are returned to WNYRIC after hand
scoring. WNYRIC will scan Regents
answer sheets for Data Warehouse Item
Analysis (this does not apply to schools
that scan in district)
PLEASE quality check answer sheets…
specifically teacher scores on back
After WNYRIC scans your forms, they are
returned to you to keep for one year
WNYRIC archives forms for one year
Level 1 DW: Regents Process
Files containing scanned scores are loaded from
FTP site to level 1 Assessment Fact record.
Assessment Fact is migrated to level 1
Production database.
Item maps are created by subject matter
experts and sent to Data Warehouse Support
Item maps are documented in MSAccess and
sent to DW Tech Team to be loaded to level 1
Process to rebuild cube(s) is run; cube is then
moved to development database for verification.
Cube is verified and moved to production.
Level 1 DW: Reports

1. Verification Reports:
    Location Report
    Student Enrollment Verification Report
    Student Graduate Report by School Year
2. New Development:
    Cognos 8
    Trend Reports
Become a Super CIO
Become a Super CIO

           Get to
Become a Super CIO

   Become a Super CIO

   data for
  errors and
Become a Super CIO

           Hold regular
             data team
            meetings in
            the district
Become a Super CIO

                   WNYRIC Contacts
Barb Burgstahler       Test Scoring                 716-821-7088
Mary Gramaglia         Regents Scanning             716-821-7173
Maggie Maloney         Data Warehouse               716-821-7466
Linda Nobile           SIS/eSchoolData              716-821-7431
Georgette Kenney       Non-Pubs, Semi-Supported     716-821-7268
Tony Pezouvanis        Charters, Win Mac School     716-821-7049
Bonnie Fosbury         Data Warehouse               716-821-7189
Fran Ogletree          Data Warehouse/Data Mentor   716-821-7615
Linda Mueller          PowerSchool                  716-821-7589
Robert Gottschall      Win Mac School               607-776-5208
Beth Muscoreil         ClearTrack/IEP Direct        716-821-7459
Email addresses for Student and
      Test Scoring teams:

eSchoolData –
   PowerSchool –
        SIS –
  ClearTrack –
    IEP Direct –
  Test Scoring –
 Win Mac School –