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					Edith Cowan University
Courses and Careers in Motorsports


  Courses                                                                                                                      Features
  Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) – 4 years                                                                               These courses provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment with
  Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) – 3 years                                                                               an enthusiastic and articulate approach that reflects the culture of motorsports.
  BEng (Mechatronics) / BTech (Motorsports) – 5 years                                                                          You will gain a solid understanding of the design, simulation and fabrication
                                                                                                                               processes associated with production of the complex automotive components
  Overview                                                                                                                     and systems that underpin the motorsport and automotive industries.
                                                                                                                               You will have hands-on access to ECU’s racing cars in our state-of-the-art
  Turn your passion into your career. If motorsport action gets you revved up, then
                                                                                                                               mechanical workshop facilities, and later in the course you will engage with
  Motorsports at ECU is your dream come true.
                                                                                                                               ECU’s Formula SAE team on the construction of Formula SAE cars. You will
  If you are interested in the automotive and manufacturing industries in general,                                             also have many opportunities to further develop competencies through the
  or the motorsports profession in particular, then our Motorsports courses                                                    provision of extra-curricular activities designed to help your progression into
  represent a unique opportunity. These courses develop core problem solving                                                   the motorsports industry.
  abilities and the technical, financial and management skills associated with
  manufacturing industries in general, and the motorsports industry in particular.

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Course Description                                                             Career Opportunities
The Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) is a four year course                 Motorsport offers a wide range of career opportunities that build on the
(full-time study) leading to a professional engineering qualification.         need to provide the technical, administrative and promotional support
This course has an optional motorsports stream suitable for students           that goes behind every successful motorsport venture. Graduates of these
with an ambition to develop a career in the automotive and manufacturing       courses will have developed the necessary skills to pursue careers in a
industries, building on a core interest in motor vehicle design and            wide range of fields including:
construction, and motorsports engineering. This stream is an option for        Motorsport Operations: vehicle preparation, maintenance, tuning and
all students enrolling in the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree.     the operational aspects of the sport.
The Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) is a three year course
                                                                               Automotive Design and Development: chassis design, advanced
(full-time study) leading to an engineering technologist qualification.
                                                                               engine management systems, engine and transmission systems, fuel
It is suitable for students interested in a career in the automotive and
                                                                               delivery systems, braking and steering systems, safety systems, and
manufacturing industries in general, and the motorsports profession in
                                                                               design for safety.
particular. This course has lower entrance requirements than the Bachelor
of Engineering (Mechanical) course, but graduates of this course have the      Manufacturing: use of alloy and composite materials, design specifications,
option to articulate into the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with        and fabrication, assembly and testing of components and systems.
three semesters of additional study.
                                                                               Project Management: project planning and operation, budgeting,
The Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) / Bachelor of                       resource utilisation, and personnel management.
Technology Motorsports is a five year double degree (full-time study)
                                                                               Sport Management and Marketing: team management, sponsorships,
combining the Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) with the Bachelor
                                                                               financing, advertising and promotion.
of Engineering (Mechatronics) and leading to a professional engineering
qualification.                                                                 Additionally, for graduates of the Bachelor of Engineering courses, diverse
                                                                               employment opportunities exist in many other sectors of industry including
Admission Requirements                                                         mining and resource, road and transport, public utilities, agriculture,
For the BTech (Motorsports), standard University admission                     defence, aerospace, marine, etc.
requirements apply.
                                                                               International Students
For the BEng (Mechanical), in addition to meeting standard University          Overseas students may be admitted to the Motorsports courses, subject
admission requirements, students are required to meet the subject              to the University’s fee scale. The language of instruction is English and all
prerequisites specified in the online handbook and also on the TISC website.   students are expected to be proficient in both spoken and written English.

Course Location
These courses are available on the Joondalup Campus.

School of Engineering
Telephone: (08) 6304 5831 Facsimile: (08) 6304 5811 Email: engineering@ecu.edu.au Web: engineering.ecu.edu.au