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									         Careers in Hair and Beauty                                        By Jodie Mickleburgh

                  The Hair and Beauty industry in the UK employs around 250,000 people and is
                  all about making people look good and feel good. It is also a very innovative
                  and fast-paced industry, with many key looks changing on a daily basis according
                  to which celebrity is in the headlines. Trends are often dictated by these
                  celebrities appearing in magazines, on television or in films showcasing “looks”
                  created by a team of stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists… “looks”
                  which customers will want recreated in their local salon or beauty parlour.
                  Hair and Beauty is an industry that often appears very glamorous and
                  exciting. This can be true, although the realities are that it often involves hard
                  work, long working hours (including weekend and evening work) and long
                  periods of being on your feet, so can be physically draining.

What jobs does this include?
The Hair and Beauty industry covers a wide range of occupations,
often allowing you to specialise within your field. Some examples
of jobs within the industry would include:
           African/Caribbean Hairdressing
           Wig Maker
           Beauty Consultant
           Beauty Therapist
           Image Consultant
           Nail Technician
           Make-Up Artist
           Special Effects Make-Up (SFX)
           Theatrical/Film Make-up
           Tattoo Artist/Body Piercing
           Hair and Beauty Sales (including retail)

What qualifications will I need?
This is one of the few industries where recognised training is a standard for almost all positions,
with the vast majority of young people starting their career as either a trainee or an apprentice.
For example, around two-thirds of hairdressers and around 80% of Beauty Therapists are
trained to NVQ2 standard or an equivalent recognised industry qualification.
There are often no GCSE requirements to start your training within the industry. Employers
                                                                                               By Jodie Mickleburgh

searching for potential trainees and apprentices will look for personal qualities such as
                                                                                                and Leonie Gordon

motivation, good communication skills, artistic flair and the ability to get on with people.
As a trainee, you will tend to learn on-the-job, with a day release to a local college. This is
particularly true of sectors such as Hairdressing. In some sectors, for example Beauty and Holistic
Therapy, you will often have to attend a full or part-time college course prior to being able to
practice as a qualified therapist. Your experience is gained within the college on willing
participants and classmates.
There are also more unusual and growing sectors such as tattooing and body piercing which
are extremely competitive, and you will tend to train as an Apprentice with an experienced artist.
There is a huge commitment to this training as you will be expected to buy your own equipment
at a cost of around £4000 to £5000, and your training can last from two to three years.
                      Careers in Hair and Beauty
The Hair and Beauty industry in the UK
There are around 250,000 people employed in the Hair and Beauty Industry, although it is difficult
to pinpoint which sector they all work in, the annual turnover of the industry and its impact on
the UK economy. We know that hairdressing and barbering employs around 180,000 people
and has an annual turnover of around £3.8 billion. We also know that Beauty Therapy employs
around 35,000 and brings in around £500 million. This means that around 35,000 people are
employed in the remaining sectors such as Nail Technicians and Tattooing/Body Art.
It is fair to say that the Hair and Beauty Industry is growing significantly. New developments,
                              techniques and products in the industry, along with trend changes
                              and promotion of services in the media have meant that more and more
                              people want more and more services! For example, the celebrity trends
                              for hair extensions, tattoos and ’fake’ tans have increased the
                              demand for trained professionals considerably in these sectors. Also,
                              developments in technologies surrounding Skin Camouflage for
                              example have meant that demand for the covering of scars, birthmarks
                              and tattoos has increased radically, and therefore the number of
                              professionals in these areas is rising.

What’s happening in our area?
There is very little information available locally on the numbers of
people who work in this sector. The closest information would be
that there are around 320 establishments listed in Bedfordshire
on web directory in Hair and Beauty. These range
from Hair Salons and Barbers to Tattooing and Piercing
Studios. Based on this information it is easy to see why training
opportunities and apprenticeships within the sector are so
competitive and scarce.
Provision for training in the county is very good however, with
many of the major colleges (Barnfield, Bedford and Dunstable
Colleges) covering Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy courses               Source:
from NVQ Levels 1 to 3. And with High Schools and Upper
Schools starting to teach Level 1 courses (including Lea Manor High School, Sandy Upper School
and Vandyke Upper School), the foundations are there for many young people in Bedfordshire to
excel in the industry.

                          **Not Just Jobs for the Girls!**
It is a popular misconception that the Hair and Beauty industry just has ‘Jobs for the Girls’. It is
true that the industry does employ significantly more female than male employees. However some
of the most well-known and famous faces in the sector are male.
There are also sectors within the industry which do employ a predominantly male workforce. For
example, the majority of Barber Shop workers are male, significantly more Tattoo Artists are
                        male, and many top Special Effects Make-Up artists are male.

                                          Top names in the field include:
                                Nicky Clarke (Celebrity Hair Stylist)
                                Howard Berger (Top Special Effects Make-Up Artist, credits include
                                From Dusk Till Dawn 1-3 and The Chronicles of Narnia)
                                Charles Worthington (Celebrity Hair Stylist)
                                Paul Starr (Beauty Make-Up Artist, clients include Angelina Jolie and
                                Scarlett Johansson)
                                Lee Stafford (Celebrity Hair Stylist)
                      Careers in Hair and Beauty

                                   Like many salon’s in the Bedfordshire and Luton area,    Steven
                                   Hilliard Hairdressing         (based in Luton and established in
                                   1996) are very pro-active in the training and development of
                                   young people in the hairdressing industry. The salon provides a
                                   wide range of hair services from cut, colour and styling, to
                                   newer trends such as hair extensions and professional
                                   straightening. It also caters for a range of budgets so you can
                                   have a graduate stylist work on your hair for around half the price
                                   of the director of the company.
                               When looking for trainees, the salon tend to take on Saturday
                               Staff who are in Year 11. The salon begin their training at this
                               stage, with a view to them starting full training at Barnfield
                               College when they finish school. This means that trainees tend to
                               have a head start on their peers when they reach College.
Trainees receive 3 hours a week practical instruction in the salon after school to prepare them
for their course.
The salon also offers a wide range of techniques for colouring, cutting and extending, which would
allow potential trainees the opportunity to specialise in a certain field.
So progressive is the salon when it comes to the training of their staff, that one of their Saturday
Staff recently won an award for completing her NVQ Level 1 in Hairdressing whilst still at school!
The 15-year-old was presented with the ‘Increased Flexibility Learning Trophy’ from the Bedfordshire
Education Business Partnership for her ‘exceptional’ level of skills and commitment to her training
and career.

For budding Trinny and Susannah’s who wish to change people’s lives (and wardrobes), you may
consider a career in Image Consultancy. There are several large Image Consultancy groups in the
UK, but Europe’s leading Image Consultancy is called Colour Me Beautiful, which has
around 250 consultancies across the UK, three of which are based in Bedfordshire.
Colour Me Beautiful was established    in 1983 with a vision to help women and men with ‘personal
image makeovers’. The service does     not just concentrate on clothing alone, but also on personal
grooming, make-up, colouring, body     shape and personality. It is all about making the client feel
confident and teaching them to make    the most of themselves.
Being a long established brand, Colour Me Beautiful has a
comprehensive training programme to arm its Consultants with
the skills and tools for the industry. It also enables you to run your
own business and work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.
It is worth noting however, that whilst you would have the support
that comes with working as part of a multi-national company, as you
work for yourself, your success, and ultimately, your earnings will be
down to your level of ambition and self-promotion. There is no
basic salary—so if you don’t work, you don’t earn. Your income
is generated from the fees for your services and sales of Colour Me
Beautiful products (such as cosmetics and books), so you need to
work hard to build up your reputation and your business in
                          Careers in Hair and Beauty
Earn While You Learn!                                                 What kind of salary can I
Apprenticeships are an increasingly popular way                               expect?
to get training and qualifications whilst you are
                                                      As with most industries, salaries depend greatly
earning money. More than 250,000 young people
                                                      on the kind of job you do and the level at which
in England are on an Apprenticeship Scheme.
                                                      you work. For example, working as a
An Apprenticeship involves training on-the-job Hairdresser or Barber, you will tend to start
along with learning Key Skills, which will not only on around National Minimum Wage, rising to
gain you a Technical Certificate in your chosen between £10,500—£16,000 when you are
career, but will also increase your chances of fully-trained. Top stylists can sometimes earn
finding a job in that field, as you have been gaining in excess of £30,000 per annum. Beauty
experience whilst working for your qualification.     Consultants (often working in large salons and
                                                      department stores) can start at around £9,500
There are many benefits to Apprenticeship per annum, rising to around £13,000. As a
training… not least the fact that you are not newly-qualified Beauty Technician, you will
accruing debt whilst you study as you are likely to start on around £13,500, and rise to around
do if you study for a Degree. It also increases your £16,500 with experience.
confidence in working with others at an earlier age
and provides you with valuable on-the-job The Connexions Bedfordshire & Luton Salary
experience that many of your competitors will not Survey (Jan—Sep 2007) found that the
have, thereby making you more employable to average starting salary in this sector tended
many companies.                                       to be a training wage of £80 per week.

Habia (Hairdressing and Beauty                                                      Association of Nail Techni-
Industry Authority)                                                                 cians
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   Factsheet updated in March 2008. Should you have any queries about the information provided,
        please speak to you school/college PA or contact your local centre on 08456 123300.

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