Movie Star Kisses by wuyunyi


									Movie Star Kisses


Put hands to your mouth. Throw each letter a kiss, like Marilyn Monroe at the Oscars. Fly like an eagle

Sing the letters like an Opera Singer Chicken

Flap your arms up and down with each letter Stinky

Fold your arms up to make wings. Bob your head back and forth as you spell the word Beat it

Hold your nose and spell it!

Beat it out on the desk


Snap and Clap

say the word and call out for each letter (give me an “h”) Ketchup

Snap each vowel Clap each consonant

Volcano Start in a whisper Get louder with each letter Explode when you say the word at the end

Make a fist with one hand and pat it with your other hand like you would to a difficult ketchup bottle.

Marshmallow Clap

Slow Motion

Almost like a clap, but you stop just before your hands touch Ride „Em Cowboy

Hold the sound of each letter for a second or two

Deep Voice

Straddle the back of a chair Spin a lasso around for each letter Pretend to rope a calf and pull it in at the end as you say the word. Mouse Talk

Say each letter and the word in a deep voice Scream It/Whisper It

Say each letter and word in a squeaky voice with your hands curled up by your face Hand Jive Find a partner Double clap hands together for consonants. Double lap clap for vowels. Put your hands in the air at the end as you say the word. Disco

Scream the letters and the word Whisper the letters and the word Raise the Roof

Push hands up towards the ceiling for each letter (one push for each letter). Reach for the Stars

Pretend to be John Travolta in Sat. Night Fever. Start with your hands on your hips. Point your finger in the air for each consonant. Cross your body and point down for each vowel.

Reach up towards the ceiling and try to pull down a star with alternate hands for each letter.

Mexican Hat Dance

Stomp Stomp out each letter with your foot

Alternate putting one foot out in front of your body for each letter Motorcycle Basketball

Put your hands on pretend handle bars and do a wheelie for each letter. Pumping Iron

Dribble each letter and shoot the word

Pretend to lift weights. Say each letter as you “lift the barbell”. Put “the barbell” down and sound exhausted as you say the word. Apple Picking Pretend to pick an apple for each letter. Pick up the apple basket as you say the word.

Sky Write Have students pick their favorite color and pretend it is in their arm. “Write” the letters in front of you with your eyes closed, “seeing” your color. Underline your word and say it. Robot

Say the letters and word using a robot voice. Princess/Prince Tigger Bounce up and down for each letter. Save the biggest bounce for the word.

Say the letters and word using a voice like royalty.

Alligator Clap

Blast Off

Hold your arms straight out in front of you with your fingers curled up like teeth. Open and close your arms together, clapping for each letter. Back Tracer

Start by crouching down. As you say each letter, get a little higher. Jump into the air at the end as you say the word. Pat It

The whole class sits in a circle. Trace the letters on the back of the person in front of you. Underline the word when you say it. Boxing

Pat heads for tall letters. Pat tummies for short letters. Pat knees for low letters. “YMCA” it

“Punch” each letter out in front of you like a boxer.

Form the letters with your body like YMCA Jumping Jacks

Hula Start with your hands on hips. Swivel your hips in a circle for each letter swaying your hands to one side of your body. Switch your hands to the other side of your body with each letter. Put your hands in the air when you say the word.

Do a jumping jack for each letter.

Batter Up Toe Touches Get into a baseball batter position. Swing for each letter.

Touch your toes for each letter.


At the Mound Pretend to be a baseball pitcher and pitch a ball for each letter. Watch the ball go out of the park as you say the word. Surfin‟

Throw out a Frisbee for each letter.

Lumber Jack

Pretend to cut down a tree with an ax, swinging with each letter. Pretend to watch “the tree” fall down and say the word like a lumberjack would say Tim-ber. Swim

Start out by singing: Sing: "Let's go spellin' now, everybody's learning how, come and spell it with me!" Surf with each letter.

Songs for 3 letter words:
Swim a stroke with each letter. Hold your nose and “go under water” when you say the word.    This Old Man Jingle Bells Are you sleeping? Three Blind Mice


Songs for 4 letter words:
   Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Skip to my Lou YMCA Are you sleeping?

Songs for 5 letter words:
   Skip to my lou Row, row your boat You are my sunshine BINGO



Songs for 6 letter words:
    This old Man Jingle Bells Happy Birthday The Farmer in the dell Skip to my lou

Songs for 7 letter words:
   She‟ll be coming around the mountain My Bonnie lies over the ocean Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Willoughby, Walloughby Woo



Songs for 8 letter Words:

Songs for 9 letter words:
 I‟m a little teapot


We wish you a Merry Christmas For he‟s a jolly good fellow

Monster Say each letter and the word in a scary monster voice.


Say each letter and word like a ghost.

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