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                            HOT CAREERS!
                                                           2. Web Designer. Companies, organizations, and
                                                           creative agencies that sell or promote
                                                           will need people to design, code, and
TODAY S HOT CAREERS ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!                  maintain their websites. Though many
                                                           Web designers are self-employed,
It s time to start thinking about the career that will     others work in staff positions. Average Annual Salary:
jumpstart your future. Have you thought about what you     $48,785.
plan to do once you graduate from Ypsilanti High
School? You may answer, I plan on working or I m           3. Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technician.
planning to enroll at WCC or a four-year university.       These technicians comprise a third of all engineering
Terrific! You may even answer, I don t know. If your       technician jobs. They often work in industrial or
answer is I don t know , you may want to ask yourself      commercial plants and laboratories, taking calculations,
 How much does that pay?                                   running tests, modifying equipment and otherwise
                                                           assisting the engineers on their team. Average Annual
Consider a two-year Associate Degree from a                Salary: $47,163
community college such as Washtenaw Community
College (WCC) as one of the quickest routes to your                       4. Registered Nurse. According to the
future career. You can go directly to the workplace, or                   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs are
you may want to continue for another two years and                        the largest occupation in the health care
earn a Bachelor Degree.                                                   field with 2.5 million jobs currently and
                                                                          about 587,000 new jobs expected to
An Associate Degree is so convenient. Besides being                       open up by 2016. 59 percent of RNs are
right in your neighborhood, many two-year programs         working in hospitals. Average Annual Salary: $55,276
offer part-time, evening, weekend and online classes.
                                                           5. Computer Support Specialist. These specialists
So which two-year and four-year degrees offer the most     include the tech support and help desk workers who
job opportunities and will earn you the most after         assist customers and users with problems they are
graduation? Let s take a look . . . .                      having with their computer hardware and software.
                                                           Often, computer support specialists can enjoy the luxury
                                                           of working from home or working flexible hours. Average
                                                           Annual Salary: $46,111.
1. Physical Therapy Assistant. While every other job
sector slashed their workforce in 2008, the Health Care    6. Executive or Administrative Assistant. In the
field added nearly 400,000 jobs. Job openings for          business sector, there is no shortage of administrative
physical therapist assistants are expected to grow by 33   jobs. There are a quarter of a million job openings every
percent in the next decade, especially as people age       year and although you may start in an entry level
and are living longer as a result of modern medical        position, once you are in the door you are in a prime
technology. Most physical therapist assistants either      position to prove your worth and begin climbing the
work in a hospital or a physical therapist's office.       corporate ladder. Average Annual Salary: $37,660
Average Annual Salary: $46,111
Dental Hygienist. Dental hygienists must obtain a state      4, Forensic Science Technician. If the TV show CSI
license on top of their two-year degree, but it is well      interests you, consider becoming a forensic science
worth the investment. According to the Bureau of Labor       technician where you can specialize in DNA analysis or
Statistics, more than half of the country's dental           firearms. A Bachelor of Science Degree can prepare you
hygienists work part-time and many enjoy flexible work       for this profession. Some programs offer more
schedules. This is one of today's fastest growing            specialized career training. The need for forensic
occupations. Average Annual Salary: $57,148                  scientists is expected to grow 30.7 percent within the
                                                             next eight years. Average Annual Salary: $50,310
8. Surveying or Mapping Technician. It is expected
that there will be a huge need for surveying and mapping     5. Teacher. If you enjoy working with children and want
technicians. Such technicians do much of their work in       to help them reach their potential, consider a rewarding
the field collecting data, taking calculations, and          career as a teacher. A Bachelor's Degree in education
assisting with computer-aided drafting. Average Annual       or a specialized, technical degree in the subjects to be
Salary: $42,104.                                             taught with an education emphasis is necessary for
                                                             these careers. Career Technical Education teachers
9. Veterinary Technician. The Bureau of Labor                such as those in the areas of Graphic Arts, Business,
Statistics expects this field to grow significantly during   Health, Culinary Arts are examples of teachers with
the next decade. Vet technicians often work in a private     specialized training in their teaching field; they also have
veterinary practice performing lab tests and clinical        the required work experience which qualifies them to
procedures. Vet techs must pass a state exam.                teach their subject areas. Average Annual Salary:
Average Annual Salary: $33,363                               $50,040 annually for elementary teachers and
                                                             $52,510 for secondary teachers.
            10. Camera Operator. Television and film
               work often involve long or unusual hours.     6. Accountant. Accountants help companies,
                For that reason, many camera operators       businesses, and individuals keep their financial records
                gravitate toward commercial advertising      in order, pay taxes, and offer budget analysis. This
or corporate videos. The more computer skills a camera       faster-than-average growing profession requires a
operator has, the better their job prospects. Average        bachelor's degree in accounting where you will focus on
Annual Salary: $42,558                                       math skills, tax law, and business. Becoming a Certified
                                                             Public Accountant (CPA) can also advance your career.
                                                             Average Annual Salary: $63,180.

                                                             * Source: Salary data is from and U.S.
                                                             Bureau of Labor Statistics

1. Network Systems Analyst. All companies with
email, Internet, or intranet use networking systems and
need individuals who can design and operate them. An
online bachelor's degree in computer science,
information science, or management information
systems can give you the career training you need for
this fast growing, high-paying career which paid an
annual wage of Average Annual Salary: $70,760                The time to begin thinking about your future is NOW!

2. Financial Advisor or Analyst. Financial analysts          Remember--The web site is one of
research companies and make buy/sell decisions, while        the best ways to begin exploring careers.
Financial Advisors help individuals make their financial
investment decisions. Online coursework and a                Your counselor or Ms. Alex can help you to identify your
bachelor's degree in Finance or Business Administration      career options and to assist you in seeking the financial
can prepare you for this quickly growing, well-paid          support needed to pursue your education beyond
position. Financial specialists made Average Annual          Ypsilanti High School.
Salary: $61,760.
                                                                                             Career Prep Newsletter, Editor
3. Counselor. There is a growing need for counselors                                                       Artemis C. Alex
in the areas of substance abuse, mental health,                                             Career Preparation Coordinator
marriage, and family counseling. Good interpersonal                                                              714-1268
and listening skills are essential. A bachelor's or
master's degree and career training in counseling are
needed. Average Annual Salary: $68,150.

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