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              Recruitment Summits – 2009
              London, 22-24 May
              Montreal, 26-27 June
              Johannesburg, 31 July-2 August
              London, 30 October-1 November
              Washington DC, 20-22 November

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A Global Career Company Initiative

Recruitment Summits – 2009

London, Montreal,
Johannesburg, Washington DC
Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits have become the             In 2008 more than 150 leading companies attended Careers
world’s most significant and successful recruitment initiatives   in Africa Summits, recruiting thousands of Africans from
for the African region.                                           across Europe and North America into new positions back
                                                                  home. With a single application, high calibre graduates and
Over recent years, thousands of graduates and professionals       professionals were able to gain unparalleled access to this
have secured jobs through these Summits, making them must         exclusive network of employers, illustrating the uniqueness of
attend events for anyone looking to develop a rewarding           these events. Make 2009 your year!
career in Africa.
                                                                  Why Attend?
“I received great job offers from some of the                     At the Summit you can expect:
world’s best finance companies. I was truly                       • Pre-scheduled interviews with leading employers from
amazed by the range and quality of                                  across Africa
opportunities available. These are must                           • Exclusive access to company executives to arrange
                                                                    ‘on-the-spot’ interviews
attend events.”                                                   • Company presentations, round table discussions and
Michael Balogun – 2008 Summit Attendee                              workshops
                                                                  • A unique opportunity to network with other graduates and
                                                                    professionals from around the world
                                                                  • An excellent chance of receiving at least one job offer

                                                                  Job Opportunities:
                                                                  Our 2009 Summits are set to be the largest yet with
                                                                  attending companies recruiting for positions across a range
                                                                  of functional areas, including:
                                                                  •   Banking & Finance
                                                                  •   Consulting
                                                                  •   Engineering
                                                                  •   Health, Safety & Environment
                                                                  •   Human Resources
                                                                  •   Information Technology
                                                                  •   Legal
                                                                  •   Marketing
                                                                  •   Sales
                                                                  •   Sciences
                                                                  •   Supply Chain & Procurement
                                                                  •   Telecoms
                                                                  •   Transport & Logistics

                                                                  Applications are welcome from candidates with:
                                                                  • Work authorisation for at least one African country
                                                                  • An undergraduate degree or professional qualification as
                                                                    a minimum requirement

                                   Places at these Summits are limited
                                         Apply today!

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