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					Careers in Agriculture
      Careers in Ag
About 10 percent of Ameri-
cans are involved in tradi-
tional farming, but about 24
million work in agriculture-
related fields. These include
production agriculture, mar-
keting, packaging, natural
resources and food safety.

Agricultural fields are al-
ways in demand because the
demand for food does not
decrease. Agriculture pro-
vides interesting and diverse
career opportunities for stu-
dents, whether they’d like a
job right out of high school,
to attend technical training
or earn a PhD.

For more information on
careers related to agriculture,


You can also download the
ag Career Trek Game at
the Utah AITC site: www.
      Careers in Ag
1. What do you call a person
who plants crops and raises
animals for food?

2. What do you call an
animal doctor?

3. What do you call a person
who raises livestock on a

4. A herdsman takes care of
these animals at a dairy farm.
What are they?

5. A hog farmer raises swine.
What else do we call these

6. An equipment sales person
sells machinery to farmers.
What is the most common
piece of farm machinery?

1. Farmer

2. Veterinarian

3. Rancher

4. Cows

5. Pigs

6. Tractor
      Careers in Ag
7. A person who prepares
food for people to eat is
called what?

8. A person who drives a
truck to transport crops
from the farm to the store
or processing plant is called

9. What do you call someone
who takes care of lambs,
ewes and rams?

10. What do you call
someone who cuts up meat
for sale?

11. What do you call
someone who sells you food
at a grocery store?

12. What do you call
someone who works in fields
of crops?

7. Cook or chef

8. Truck driver

9. Shepherd, farmer/rancher

10. Butcher

11. Grocer

12. Farm hand, laborer
      Careers in Ag
13. Agribusiness includes
many areas of agriculture
and related fields, such as

14. Agronomists are
scientists that specialize in
what areas?

15. A plant biologist is
generally known as a ____?

16. What science allows
researchers to study and
influence how plant and
animal cells grow, develop
and regulate systems?

13. Companies providing ma-
chinery, feed, seed, fertilizer;
banks that provide capital;
wholesale and retail food
processing; other specialized
goods and services for farmers.
14. Crop and soil sciences
15. Botanist
16. Biochemistry (also genetics
and biotechnology, etc).
      Careers in Ag
17. Engineers who design,
analyze, manufacture and
manage biological systems
are called what?

18. What is an entomologist?

19. The applied study of
forestry is called what?

20. What do you call a
nursery worker that grows
plants from seeds and

21. What do you call a plant

22. The propagation of fish
in a farm-like setting is ___?

23. What science engineers
innovative ways to keep food
and other products from be-
ing damaged in shipping?

17. Biosystems engineers
18. Insect scientist (biologist)
19. Silviculture
20. Propagator
21. Plant pathologist
22. Aquaculture
23. Packaging
      Careers in Ag
24. What do you call a per-
son who designs a garden,
lawnscape or green park

25. What is the discipline
within agriculture that focus-
es on managerial functions
throughout the food system?

26. A person who trades
futures on the commodities
exchange is called a ____?

27. The study of genes and
their functions is what?

28. A person who designs
specialized agricultural
equipment is called an ___?

29. What type of scientist
determines the chemical
content of food?

24. Landscape designer or
25. Agribusiness
26. Commodity trader
27. Genomics
28. Agricultural engineer
29. Food chemist
      Careers in Ag
30. About how many careers
does agriculture offer: 100,
200 or 500?

31. USDA employs these
people to be certain our
food is safe. Who are they?

32. What is the science of
vegetables, fruits & flowers?

33. What is the proper term
for a person who shoes

34. What is the science of
growing apples?

35. What is heliculture?

30. More than 200
31. Inspectors
32. Horticulture
33. Farrier
34. Pomology
35. Science of growing snails
for food
       Careers in Ag
36. What is the major field
of study for a person who
wants to teach about agricul-

37. What is pedology?

38. About what percent of
U.S. agricultural products
are exported each year?

39. What professional uses
a knowledge of chemistry,
biochemistry, engineering
and microbiology to develop
crops and livestock into new
food products?

40. This business person
manages the import and/or
export of foods around the
world. Who is it?

41. Who is the person who
arranges and sells flowers?
36. Agricultural Education
37. Study of soils in their natu-
ral environment
38. About 18%
39. Food scientist
40. International food broker
41. Florist
      Careers in Ag
42. What medical special-
ist might make a barn call,
visit a race track or enforce
animal regulations for state
or federal agencies?

43. A newspaper reporter,
magazine editor or broad-
caster who specializes in
covering the agricultural
industry is called what?

44. Farmers, ranchers, vint-
ners and others who raise
agricultural products are col-
lectively called what?

45. The science of develop-
ing grass for golf courses,
sports fields, etc. is what?

46. When considering all of
its aspects, what industry
is the nation’s largest em-

42. Large-animal

43. Agricultural journalist

44. Agricultural producers

45. Turf grass management

46. Agriculture