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aOL’s sites FOr Kids and teens
AOL’s RED service has a completely new design for 2008! Every day on, we’re blogging about the latest celebrity news, music, movies, style, video games, college, and more. Teens can get in on the conversation by adding their own (moderated) comments and unique perspectives. Join the fun at!

AOL pArentAL cOntrOLs
KOL is AOL’s site for kids. On the site you will find Games, Movies, Music, Sports, Pets & Animals, TV, Cartoons, and Style areas. The site also includes kidfriendly email, weather and a My Web Favorites storage feature. Also, the site offers message boards that are monitored whenever they are open, and polls where kids can make their opinion heard. Kids can change the skin of their welcome screen to give it the look that they like best. KOL Jr. features games, stories and music for preschoolers to enjoy with mom or dad. and are now free for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head to and start having fun!

aOL ParentaL COntrOLs: Keep Your Children Safer On the Internet
AOL’s award-winning Parental Controls are now available to everyone as a free download. You don’t even need an AOL screen name! Just sign up on the web using any e-mail address and download the software to start protecting your kid or teen online. Set up is quick, easy and customizable to suit your parenting style—features that earned AOL Parental Controls a 4 out of 5-star rating from CNET.

Key Features
Web Browsing Controls
You choose the content your child can view.

Email/IM Controls
You decide who can communicate with your child via email and instant messages.

Time Limits
You determine when and for how long your child can be online.

Activity Reports
You can receive email or Web reports of your child’s online activity.

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GettinG started: How do I set up AOL Parental Controls?
national Center for Missing and exploited Children’s Cybertipline Go to and in a few easy steps you can set up and customize an age-appropriate online experience for your child.

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Create your parent account using any e-mail address Set up child accounts for each of your children Download and install the software for AOL Parental Controls on each computer that your child will be using. Once you’re set up, you can easily customize the settings for each child at

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AOL Keyword: Parental Controls • URL:

Keep Your Children Safer On the Internet

AOL Keyword: Parental Controls • URL:

Keep Your Children Safer On the Internet

AOL pArentAL cOntrOLs
Key Features: What features does AOL Parental Controls offer?

AOL pArentAL cOntrOLs
activity reports

Web Browsing Controls and Web unlock
Web Browsing Controls give you the flexibility to decide which types of Web sites are appropriate for your child’s age and maturity. No one knows your own kids better than you do. AOL Parental Controls allows you to choose which web sites your child can access. Want to easily grant permission to view specific Web sites? With Web Unlock, your child can request access to specific Web sites that have been blocked by default for his/her age group.

Ever wondered exactly what your kids are doing while they’re online? Of course you have. Thanks to AOL Activity Reports, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Every time your kids go online with AOL, you can automatically receive an email report that lets you know where your child has been online. AOL also provides notification to the kids that their online activity is being monitored and a report will be sent to their parent or guardian.

Online timer
How much time should your kids spend on the Internet? It’s entirely up to you. With Online Timer you control the amount of time, the hours during the day or even days of the week that your kids can go online with AOL. Custom Daily Limits even allow you to select a different time limit for each day of the week.

iM and Chat Controls
IM Controls let you decide who can send your kids AOL Instant Messages (AIM). With Chat Controls, you can also limit them to visiting only AOL chat rooms. Our AOL hosts monitor all KOL message boards and remove any posts with inappropriate language or personal information.

sOFtWare dOWnLOad: Why do I need to install it?
software download
The AOL Parental Controls software download is required, to enforce your existing AOL Parental Controls settings, monitor your child’s Internet activity and provide you with the flexibility to decide which Internet sites and programs your child can use on a specific computer.

email Controls
Tired of your kids getting email from people they don’t know? You can block mail from unknown or unwanted senders. AOL Mail helps put an end to the barrage of junk email messages and even filters out spam that may contain inappropriate content.

Go to to download the software. Please install the software on every computer that your child will be using to access the Internet. Important Note: All users must sign-in to AOL Parental Controls before going online. Requiring password access to Internet-related programs reduces the risk of children encountering potential threats or inappropriate websites while online. AOL Dial-up subscribers do not need to download this software. Parental Controls are automatically enforced when using an AOL dialup connection.

AOL Keyword: Parental Controls • URL:

Keep Your Children Safer On the Internet

AOL Keyword: Parental Controls • URL:

Keep Your Children Safer On the Internet

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