SOLSEC CAREERS Enlist INT 6+ The most feared secret by mrl19919


									SOLSEC CAREERS            Enlist: INT 6+
The most feared secret service in human history, SolSec ruthlessy protects the Solomani Cause
from all threats both external and internal. Its eyes are everywhere and its arms are long.
Patrol/Analyst: You fly the spacelanes delivering secret messages and inserting black ops teams.
Survival: INT 6+          Advancement: EDU 8+
Analyst: You fly a desk or go undercover gathering information and seeking out threats.
Survival: EDU 5+          Advancement: INT 8+
Commando: Thugs, the heavy mob, Spetznaz. You are the boot stamping on faces both human and not.
Survival: END 7+          Advancement: INT 7+
      PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                     SERVICE                 ADVANCED EDUCATION

 1   Drive or Flyer                  Deception                     Admin
 2   +1 END                          Comms                         Advocate
 3   +1 INT                          Sensors                       Investigate
 4   +1 PTS                          Computer                      Tactics
 5   Melee (Any)                     Gun Combat                    Any Science or Engineer
 6   Leader                          Streetwise                    Medic
           PATROL/COURIER                      ANALYST                      COMMANDO

 1   Pilot                           Investigate                   Gun Combat
 2   Sensors                         Persuade                      Battle Dress
 3   Zero-G                          Comms                         Tactics
 4   Astrogation                     Deception                     Recon
 5   Gunnery                         Computer                      Stealth
 6   Mechanic                        Admin                         Explosives
                                         RANK & RANK SKILLS

 0   Officer (Vac Suit 1)            Officer (Admin 1)             Officer (Gun Combat 1)
 1   Lieutenant                      Lieutenant                    Lieutenant
 2   Captain                         Captain                       Captain
 3   Major (Pilot 1)                 Major (Investigate 1)         Major (Tactics 1)
 4   Colonel                         Colonel                       Colonel
 5   Must transfer to Analysis       Commandant (Leader 1)         Must transfer to Analysis
 6   Must transfer to Analysis       Inspector-General             Must transfer to Analysis
           CAREER EVENTS                   MUSTERING OUT                      MISHAPS

 2 Roll Mishap, but continue                CASH BENEFIT           1   Badly injured in the line of
 3 Enemy in the Party. –1 PTS                                          duty. Roll on the injury table
 4 SolSec Rival                      1   1000 cr                       twice, and +1 PTS. Keep all
 5 Special Op: rank 1 in             2   3000 cr                       benefits.
                                                                   2   You are the fall guy in
   Patrol: Sensors or Engineering    3   7000 cr                       political machinations. An
   Analyst: Stealth or Computer      4   12000 cr                      Ally turns enemy and
   Commando: Melee or Heavy          5   25000 cr                      –1 PTS.
   Weapons                           6   40000 cr                  3   You are on the losing side
 6 Undercover Op. Get                7   75000 cr                      of a conspiracy. You are on
   Deception 1 and roll 1 skill on                                     the run with all SolSec as
   any career specialist table.           MATERIAL BENEFIT             an enemy! –1 PTS. Become
 7 LIFE EVENT                                                          a Drifter or Rogue.
 8 1D3 Contacts                                                    4   Disavowed by SolSec.
                                     1   2 Ship Shares                 Spend the next term in
 9 Transfer to Analyst. +1 PTS       2   + 1 INT                       prison, cold sleep, or as a
10 Black Op: Stealth 1 or            3   + 1 EDU                       Drifter.
   Deception 1, and an Enemy.        4   Gun                       5   Captured by the opposition.
11 Find a mentor in a superior       5   Combat Implant                Defect and lose all benefits
   SolSec officer. Gain Ally.        6   + 1 PTS                       or roll an injury and spend
12 Great success in a mission.                                         the next term in prison.
                                     7   + 2 PTS                   6   Injured. Roll on injury table.
   Promotion and +2 PTS

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