(1) Work Type (required) 245h 300a 655a: teapot Title (required) 245a: Aesthetic Teapot Title Type: manufacturer's title (2) Creator display (required) 245c: design attributed to James Hadley (Britain, ca.1838-1903), manufactured by the Worcester Royal Porcelain Co., Worcester, Britain (est. 1862) Controlled Creator field 100ad: Hadley, James, ca. 1838-1903 Role (required) 100e: designer Attribution qualifier 100e: attributed to Controlled Creator field 710a: Worcester Royal Porcelain Company Role (required) 710e: manufacturer (3) Measurements display (required) 340b: 16 x 17.8 x 8.9 cm (6.25 x 7 x 3.5 inches) Value: 16 Unit: cm Type: height Value: 17.8 Unit: cm Type: width Value: 8.9 Unit: cm Type: depth Materials/Techniques display (required) 340c: glazed Parian (porcelain) Inscriptions 562a: inscribed on the bottom: "Fearful consequences, through the laws of natural selection and evolution, of living up to one's teapot", signed BUDGE; standard factory mark with letter code printed in puce. Physical description 500a: Teapot modeled with one arm as the spout (with two thumbs) and one arm as the handle. The cover is in the form of a double sided head, male on one side (with a sunflower) and female (with an arum lily) on the other. The whole is painted in full color. (4) Style 655x: Aesthetic Movement Style qualifier: movement Culture: British Display Date (required) 260c: designed in Dec. 1881, manufactured in 1882

Earliest Date 008/07-10: 1881 Latest Date 008/11-14: 1882 (5) Current Location display (required): Pierpont Morgan Library (New York, New York, USA) ID 541e: no id Controlled location Creation Location display 260a: Worcester, England Controlled location 752ad: England Worcester Discovery Location Former Location (6) Subject display Controlled subject (required) 6xx: Aesthetic Movement; Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900; Sullivan, Arthur, Sir, 1842-1900. Patience; lily; sunflower (7) Class (required) (8) Description (descriptive note) 520a: The long hair, wit and flair of Oscar Wilde and his fellow "Aesthetes" were well known in London. Followers of the Aesthetic Movement were frequently ridiculed in Punch magazine and were immortalised in Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera, Patience, first performed in 1881. This fascinating teapot, designed in 1881 and produced in 1882 (Royal Worcester, shape number 870), was intended as a jibe at Wilde. He promoted the lily and the sunflower as the finest examples of natural design, making them the symbols of Aesthetic Taste. The figures on the front and back of the teapot - one male, one female - represent the characters Reginald Bunthorne ("a fleshy poet") and Patience, a milkmaid. Bunthorne sports a sunflower, the unwavering symbol of aestheticism, and flips his wrist in a typical aesthetic pose. The inscription on the teapot is a play on Wilde's famous comment, "I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china," purportedly made at Oxford after purchasing two vases for his room. (9) View (required)

ALA Annual 2006 New Orleans – CCO Boot Camp – Maria Oldal, Pierpont Morgan Library –

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