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 Careers in Natural
 Resources and the

Upper secondary vocational qualifications
         Vocational Qualification in Agriculture
         Vocational Qualification in Horticulture
           Vocational Qualification in Fishery
           Vocational Qualification in Forestry
           Vocational Qualification in Natural
             and Environmental Protection
Natural resources and the Environment
People in this field work in agriculture and forestry      The qualifications build on the comprehensive school
or have other livelihoods close to nature. In the midst   syllabus. They are also suitable for people who have
of changes in the rural economic structure, it is         already completed the general upper secondary school
necessary to create new substitute livelihoods, new       syllabus and the matriculation examination (in such
operating methods and forms of entrepreneurship.          cases, the scope is reduced by about 30 credits). It is
The challenge is the increasing call for sustainable      also possible to complete both an upper secondary
use of natural resources and environmentally friend-      vocational qualification and the general upper secon-
ly approaches. The integration of new EU countries        dary school matriculation examination in parallel.
poses challenges for preservation of competitiveness
of nature-based activities in particular.                 There are five upper secondary vocational
                                                          qualifications within Natural resources and
Upper secondary vocational qualifications are              the Environment with a total of 13 study
designed to meet the needs of working life. Studies       programmes. The field also covers further and
last three years and have a scope of 120 credits,         specialist vocational qualifications.
providing general eligibility for further studies.
Upper secondary vocational qualifications include at
least 20 credits of on-the-job learning in workplaces.

2     Careers in natural resources and the environment
Vocational                                        Jobs
                                                  Agricultural occupations include rural ent-

Qualification in                                   repreneurship, animal care, agricultural relief
                                                  work, agricultural supplies sales, farm tou-

Agriculture                                       rism entrepreneurship and further processing
                                                  of agricultural products. In addition, equest-
                                                  rian and trotting horse stables, riding schools
Agriculture is about producing and proces-        and fur farming offer employment to people
sing raw materials found in nature. In additi-    competent in the field. A growing area of ru-
on to plant and livestock production, people      ral service activities is machinery contracting
in the field carry out farm tourism, machinery     and subcontracting. Qualification-holders are
contracting, further processing of agricultural   able to function as rural entrepreneurs, agri-
products and environmental management             cultural machinery contractors, repair shop
and provide services to holidaymakers.            entrepreneurs, in the agricultural supply trade
In addition the operating sectors of the field     and in different service assignments intended
include horse breeding, care and training as      for agricultural holdings. Studies specialising
well as equestrian services related to tourism.   in animal care, in turn, prepare for assign-
In addition, specialised activities include fur   ments at pet boarding establishments and
farming and auxiliary production, such as         stray animal refuges, domestic animal parks,
feed production.                                  pet shops, farm tourism enterprises and in
                                                  the fodder trade.
 Rural Entrepreneurs qualify from the
 Study Programme in Agriculture.
 Grooms and Riding Instructors qualify
 from the Study Programme in Horse Care
 and Management.
 Fur Farmers qualify from the Study Pro-
 gramme in Fur Farming.

                                                            Careers in natural resources and the environment   3
Vocational                                                Jobs
                                                          Gardeners are employed in greenhouses and

Qualification in                                            outdoor gardens, landscape development
                                                          and management, garden centres and floristry

Horticulture                                              enterprises. The qualification also provides
                                                          capabilities for entrepreneurship.
                                                          In recent years, the shift to year-round
Activities in the field promote the pleasant-              cultivation in greenhouse production has
ness of the environment and produce healthy               increased demand for labour to some extent.
food. The field is divided into production of              The development of production methods and
garden plants, landscaping, sales of garden               techniques, in turn, has decreased the need
plants and horticultural services as well as              for operative workers, while demand has
floristry.                                                 shifted to service, advisory and trade sectors.

    Gardeners qualify from the Study Program-
    me in Horticulture or the Study Program-
    me in Landscape Industries or the Study
    Programme in Floristry and Horticultural

4      Careers in natural resources and the environment
Vocational                                      Jobs
                                                In addition to fishing, jobs in the fishery field

Qualification in                                 can be found in fish processing and farming,
                                                fish trade, fishing tourism and research and

Fishery                                         administration. An increasing form of com-
                                                mercial fishing is fish removal implemented
                                                as a measure to restore eutrophic waters. In
The operating sectors of the field include fis-   the future, new employment opportunities
hing, fish farming, fish processing, marketing    will be available in the fish trade in particular.
and sales of fish products as well as fishing
tourism. Fisheries management and sales of
fishing tackle and equipment are also part of
the field’s activities.

 Fish Processors, Fish Farmers, Fishers and
 Fishing Instructors qualify from the Study
 Programme in Fishery.

                                                          Careers in natural resources and the environment   5
Vocational                                                Jobs
                                                          Demand for forest machine operators and

Qualification in                                           timber lorry drivers is expected to grow
                                                          over the next few years. Demand for forest

Forestry                                                  workers will remain unchanged in the near
                                                          future. Forest ecosystem workers may also
                                                          find employment in hiking and nature tou-
Forests continue to have major significance                rism assignments and in entrepreneurship,
to Finns’ well-being and subsistence. In the              but their employment opportunities are not
country’s national economy, more than a                   anticipated to improve in the next few years.
quarter of net export revenue comes from
the forestry sector. Key functions in the field
include forest management, timber procu-
rement, multiple use of forests and forest

    Forest Workers qualify from the Study
    Programme in Forestry. Forest Machine
    Operators qualify from the Study Program-
    me in Forest Machinery. Forest Ecosystem
    Workers qualify from the Study Programme
    in the Multiple Use of Forests.

6      Careers in natural resources and the environment
Vocational                                        Nature-based Services.
                                                  Reindeer Farming Entrepreneurs and
Qualification in                                   Entrepreneurs in Nature-based Produc-
                                                  tion qualify from the Study Programme
Natural and                                       in Reindeer Farming and Nature-based
Environmental                                    Jobs
Protection                                       The natural resources and environmental
                                                 field provides work in assignments such as
The field’s environmentally friendly activities   urban and rural environmental maintenance,
focus on environmental management and            nature-based tourism, reindeer farming and
maintenance as well as on diverse use of         nature-based production. The field also
nature. Nature-based and environmental           requires entrepreneurs. Environmental
entrepreneurship has considerable growth         awareness is increasing continuously and its
potential in rural areas. The challenge is       significance will grow in the future. Needs for
to make use of new forms of nature-based         education and training in the field are the-
entrepreneurship.                                refore on the increase as well. Nature-based
                                                 production provides plenty of opportunities
 Environmental Operatives qualify from           for international trade, since a growing area
 the Study Programme in Environmental            is product development and further proces-
 Protection.                                     sing of export goods and organisation of
 Entrepreneurs in Nature-based Services          exports through efficient marketing.
 qualify from the Study Programme in

                                                           Careers in natural resources and the environment   7
                       > Further studies
   Upper secondary vocational qualifications provide general eligibility for
further studies at polytechnics and universities. Typical degrees obtained as a
     result of further studies in the field are e.g. Bachelor of Forestry and
      Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry. The field also covers
           numerous further and specialist vocational qualifications.

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