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					The MBA/MHA Dual Degree
A Joint Sponsorship of The Master of Business Administration Program and The Master of Healthcare Administration Program

Full-Time MBA Program 1-110 Carlson School of Management Phone: 612-625-5555 Fax: 612-626-7785

Full-Time MHA Program D262 Mayo, School of Public Health Phone: 612-624-8818 Fax: 612-626-8328

The MBA/MHA Dual Degree program was developed for students already accepted into the University of Minnesota’s Master of Business Administration Program. This program serves students who wish to earn an MHA degree as well as their MBA degree. Candidates may apply for both programs at the same time or current Full-Time MBA students may apply to the MHA Program during fall of their first year of study in the MBA program. Under this study plan students begin the MHA in Fall Semester of year two. Both degrees can be completed in three years. To complete in this time frame students will carry a very demanding course load. After acceptance into the dual degree program, students meet with both their MHA and MBA advisors to be sure that their study plan satisfy both degree requirements. While the dual degree MHA/MBA enables students to complete in a shorter time frame, it does not diminish the cost or number of credits required for each program.

To be considered for the MBA/MHA Dual Degree applicants must apply to both the Full-Time MBA and the Full-Time MHA Programs. Applications are available at: The Full-Time MBA Program 612-625-5555 The MHA Website 612-624-8818

The application deadline for the MBA Program is February 1 with MBA studies to begin in the following fall. Deadline for application to the MHA Program is March 15 for those who wish to secure an admission decision to both programs prior to beginning their studies at the University. Deadline for application to the MHA Program for currently enrolled MBA students is March 15 of year one in the MBA Program

Planning and Implementing your MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program
Once you have been formally accepted into both programs, you should use the attached plan of study to plot your individual program. You may use 12 credits of transfer work toward each program. For the 12 credits transferred from the MHA program to the MBA Program you must use: Health and Health Systems (2cr), Healthcare Finance I (3cr), Healthcare Finance II (3cr), Managed Care (2cr), and Healthcare Delivery Design and Innovation (2cr). For the 12 transfer credits of MBA coursework toward the MHA degree you must use: MBA 6210 Marketing (3crs), MBA 6220 Operations (3cr), MBA 6230 Finance (3cr), and MBA 6300 Strategic Management (3cr). In planning your program of study, please note that: 1. You must register and pay for three semesters and one summer session as an MHA student 2. You must register and pay for three semesters as a Full-Time MBA student 3. You must have a minimum of 51 credits of MBA or CSOM designated coursework and 48 credits of MHA designated coursework. MHA Degree 48 credits of MHA courses 12 credits of MBA courses 60 credits total toward MHA degree 4. MBA Degree 52 credits of MBA courses 12 credits of MHA courses 64 credits total toward MBA degree

You must submit two separate Application for Degree forms, one for each degree to be awarded
Revised March 2009 (mr)

Application Supplement MHA/MBA or MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program
Students who wish to be considered for the MHA/MBA or MBA/MHA Dual Degree must make separate applications to the Full-Time MBA Program and the Full-Time MHA Program. Full-Time MBA can be found online at MHA applications can be found at . You must also complete and sign this agreement indicating your interest in the dual MHA/MBA or MBA/MHA degree program. Deadline for application to the MBA portion of the dual degree is February 1. Candidates for the MBA Program may be required to complete an admission interview and a class visit as part of the MBA application process. Interview invitations are made upon receipt of an application to the MBA Program.


U of MN ID#










Please include a copy of this form with your both your Full-Time MBA and Full-Time MHA applications. I am applying to:

MHA/MBA Dual Degree Program. I wish to begin the MHA Program in year one and am applying for the MBA Program to begin year two in Fall Semester 20 .  I have also applied to the MHA Program to begin year one in Fall Semester 20 .  I am a current MHA student MBA/MHA Dual Degree Program. I wish to begin the MBA Program in year one in Fall Semester 20 I have also applied to the MHA Program to begin in Fall Semester 20 .  I will apply to the MHA Program during my first year in the MBA Program.



I understand and agree to the parameters of the dual degree plan I have selected above and agree to complete the degree requirements as stated.

Signature of Applicant

Revised March 2009 (mr)