Values-Based, Multicultural Approach to Career Counseling

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Multicultural Approach
to Career Counseling

                PSY 714
    Instructor: Emily E. Bullock, Ph.D.
Values-Based, Multicultural Approach

  Work of Duane Brown
  Based on a culmination of research on
  values and multiculturalism from
  psychology and a variety of other literature
  Assumes that values can be defined within
  a culture and must be addressed as truths
  in career counseling
  Unique in the approaches integration of
  advocacy in the career counseling process
Values-Based, Multicultural Approach
   This approach addresses 8 core areas:

  1. The assessment of cultural variables
  2. A culturally appropriate relationship
8 Core areas continued

3. The facilitation of the decision-making
      Who makes the decision?
4. The identification of career issues
      Is crisis career counseling needed?
      3 suggested, qualitative assessment devices
        Pattern Identification
        Achievement Profiling
8 Core areas continued

5. The establishment of culturally
   appropriate goals
      Are client, family, and culture’s goals the
      “Did your_____ affect this goal you set?”
6. The selection of culturally appropriate
8 Core areas continued

  7.   The implementation and evaluation of
       the interventions used
         Interventions aligned with goals
         Evaluation based on level of goal
  8.   Advocacy
         Requires working as a mediator between
         clients and industry
         Being aware of relevant information and
Byars-Winston, A. M., Fouad, N. A. (2006). Metacognition and
multicultural competence: Expanding the culturally appropriate career
counseling model. The Career Development Quarterly, 54, 187-201.

       Fouad & Byars-Winston (2005) Metanalysis
           No difference in career aspirations by self-reported
           racial/ethnic groups
           Racial/ethnic minorities perceived fewer career
           opportunities and greater barriers
       Hold that counselors should evaluate their
       culturally-relevant metacognitions when
       working with clients
       Poses the CACCM with their own 7 steps
       Assert that “cultural differences in norms,
       values, and expectations significantly shape the
       emergence and recognition of a career problem
       operate not only for the client but also for the
Values-Based, Multicultural Approach

  Application of this model to groups

  What more might you need to know to
  effectively use the ideas from this

  How might you currently see yourself using
  this approach?

  How might this approach differ and/or fit
  with other theories we have discussed?