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									Shropshire Mammal Group Committee meeting
23rd June 2009 at The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND. 19:30

Chair: Members:

Simon Poulton (SP) John Mackintosh (County Mammal Recorder) (JM) Pauline Mackintosh (PM) Dan Wrench (DW) Clare Jowett (secretary) (CJ) Alan Reid (AR)


Apologies Malcolm Monie (MM) Clive Dean (CD) Minutes of meeting held on 19th May 2009 The minutes of the 19th May 2009 were accepted as a true record except for the dormouse day, which will be held late spring, not winter. Matters arising SP welcomed DW to the meeting and the members agreed that DW should attend whenever possible. There was a discussion around the agreed fee for corporate membership. SP had contacted the Mammal Society and their affiliation fee is £30. The meeting agreed that the affiliation fee for the Shropshire Mammal Group should be £25. SP reminded members that subscriptions of £5 would be collected at the next meeting. Action: ALL There were no other matters arising.




Chairman’s Report The Chairman had contacted the Mammal Society about affiliation and confirmed that the fee was £30, and an additional £15 for Mammal Review. SP had a draft letter from the Mammal Society, which was being sent out to local groups about Public Liability Insurance. The Insurance only covers people who are members of affiliated groups and who are carrying out official Mammal Society business. Members wanted clarification about the definition of ‘official Mammal Society Business’. Would programmes have to be approved by the Mammal Society, for example? Action: SP to clarify with Steve Docker and also find out about 3 rd party damage. The group discussed risk assessments. It was agreed that risks assessments would minimise liability if properly carried out and reasonable steps taken to minimise risk. Action: JM to speak to John Hughes about risk assessments and liability.

SP discussed the hedgehog survey. There had not been much interest in this and more support is needed. Taking part makes for a long day as it is not possible to start surveying until about 10.30pm but it would be possible to combine this with other activities, such as glow worms or bats. 5 Secretary’s Report CJ requested that members provide their contact details to be circulated to other Committee members. Members agreed to provide details. Action: CJ to circulate list of telephone numbers to other Committee members. 6 Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer was absent, but it was confirmed that MM is opening a bank account. It was agreed that the signatories would be MM, SP and CJ. There was some discussion about the practicalities involved. Action: SP to contact MM re progress. 7 8 Membership Officer’s Report CD absent – nothing to report County Mammal Recorder’s Report JM felt that the group should be working towards an Atlas. SP supported this idea as a strategic objective which would give the group a purpose. JM said that he had a number of records but some of these were rather odd and would need some work to review them. DW pointed out that Natural Shropshire had a number of maps which gave a distribution for some species. Mole records used to be captured by the grassland survey. These are paper based records but DW pointed out that funding could be available to digitise these records. JM said it was now becoming possible to use images from Google Earth to look for mole activity. Action: JM to provide a sample of records for a future meeting to illustrate the data available. 9 Group Constitution The Draft Constitution was discussed. JM had updated since the last meeting. It was agreed to amend as follows: 1 Aims – add Affiliation to the Mammal Society

4 Meetings It was agreed that there should be two types of meetings: talks, to which all would be welcome (ie members and non-members) and training sessions and survey work which would only be open to members. 6 Amendment of Rules and Constitution A quorum of 3 Committee members + 5 ordinary members would need to be present for the AGM to be quorate. Action: JM to amend the Draft Constitution 7 Dissolution The issue of what to do with any membership monies if the Group was dissolved was discussed. It was felt most appropriate that, in this event, any

monies should be passed to the Mammal Society. Action: SP to discuss with the Mammal Society whether this approach is acceptable. SP to get advice from the Mammal Society on extant and successful local groups. 10 Relationship with other organisations It was agreed that it would be useful to have an affiliation with the SWT – both for recording and for joint applications for funding. DW suggested that it would be useful to link with the BAP group. There are a number of species which need a full survey DW is working on a generic schools biodiversity action plan. This will link to the national guidance for sustainable schools. It was suggested that this could include mole surveys as this would be something which could be done easily in school grounds. DW suggested that the group should approve the BAP surveys and the school action plan Action: DW to circulate information on the BAP species and the schools action plan for comment 11 Activities Field Visits Hares and Water Voles MM had agreed a date with Eirene Craney to her farm to see Hares and Water Voles. This would take place on August 1. It was felt that Water Vole signs might be easier to find at Whixall Moss. A discussion took place about the possible number of visitors. MM has a large contact list so it is possible that 50 might choose to attend. This will need to be checked with Eirene to ensure she is happy with the possibility of a large number of visitors. It was agreed that this event should be advertised to people who had previously expressed an interest or to limit numbers. DW suggested Radio Shropshire might cover this event Action: SP to contact MM to talk through the practicalities. Action: DW to discuss possible publicity with Radio Shropshire Deer Day As the Roe Deer rut is in July/ August it was felt that this would not be possible this year. AR suggested a visit to Cleobury Mortimer to see the Fallow Deer bucks in early October. Action: AR to arrange a suitable date and meeting point. Small Mammal Trapping SP suggested small mammal trapping at Preston Montford in October / November. This would coincide with the national survey launch by the Mammal Society. Action: SP to investigate 12 Public Launch Meeting This was discussed and it was agreed to try and hold a launch meeting in September. Johnny Birks was suggested as a speaker and AF offered to provide a talk on Shropshire deer.

Ideally this would be held at the SWT building on a Saturday afternoon, but Shirehall and Preston Montford were other possible venues. Action: JM to check availability of SWT Action: DW to check availability of Shirehall Action: SP to approach Johnny Birks 13 Any Other Business OPAL funding DW raised the issue of OPAL funding. Grants of between £500 and £2000 are available. They must come through a formally constituted society with a bank account. Applications can be made through wildlife trusts or other organisations using these bodies as the lead organisation. Bids must be made by the end of July with the money to be spent by March 2011. DW could help with a bid. Action: DW to forward details to SP Action: SP to contact MM to determine likelihood of functional bank account by end of July. Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS_ CJ informed the group that the SOS is intending to cover mammals in their publication. Action: CJ to contact the editor for details Ecological Network DW informed the group that the ecological network is requesting articles for their newsletter. This would be a good place to publicise the launch meeting. Action: DW to forward request to SP 14 Date and Time of next meeting Monday 20 July – Shirehall

Actions Item 3 4 4 5 6 8 9 9

10 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 13

from meeting on 23 June 2009: Action Pay membership subs at next meeting Clarify ‘official mammal society business’ with Steve Docker and also find out about 3rd party damage. Speak to John Hughes about risk assessments and liability. Circulate list of telephone numbers to other Committee members. Contact MM re progress with bank account – and date it will be set up Provide draft Shropshire Mammal records. Amend the Draft Constitution Discuss with the Mammal Society whether in the event of dissolution of SMG any monies could be given to Mammal Society. Get advice from the Mammal Society on extant and successful local groups. Circulate information on the BAP species and the schools action plan for comment Contact MM to talk through the practicalities of the hares and water vole visit Suggest suitable date and meeting point for Fallow Deer rut Investigate possibility of mammal trapping at Preston Montford Check availability of SWT for Sept launch meeting Check availability of Shirehall for Sept launch meeting Check availability of Johnny Birks for Sept launch meeting Forward details of OPAL funding to SP Contact editor of SOS publication re mammals Forward ecological network newsletter request to SP

Responsible ALL SP JM CJ SP JM JM SP


Draft list of activities

Suggested activities Hares and Water Voles: Whitchurch Public Launch meeting Deer Day – Cleobury Mortimer Live Mammal Trapping: Preston Montford Otter day: Shrewsbury Winter Bat Roost visit Dormouse day

Who MM All AR SP JM Mike Worsfield AR

Date Aug 1 Sept Oct Oct/ Nov

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