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REGISTRATION OF OPEN COMPETITIONS/ CHAMPIONSHIPS/SHOWS/EXHIBITIONS Contact Details Rink: ____________________________________________________________________ Name of Affiliated Club/Rink/Home Country_________________________________________ Contact Name: _________________________ _____________________________________ Position in Club/Rink/Association: ________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Tel.: ________________ Fax: ____________________ E-mail: _____________________ Event Details Referee: ______________________________ E:Mail: _______ ______________________ (Ice Cal is compulsory) Confirm Ice Calc Result System: ________


Date/s of Event _________________

Range of Standards: From __________________________To _________________________
National Singles Beginner (optional) Levels 1-6 Levels 7-10 National Pairs/ Couples Beginner Couples Novice Pre IJS Dance Couples National test entry only Solo Dance Adults (singles/pairs) Adults (dance) Other Competitions – (See Permit Chart) eg Int/Artistic Exhibitions/Shows/Galas Synchro Any level Any levels Any levels Any levels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No No No No

Yes Yes

No No

Please note that events will be registered on a first come first served basis. No clashes of dates are acceptable. If an announcement is not received within 4 months of the event, this will be removed from the calendar and the dates will be made available to other clubs/rinks. st This form should be submitted to the Events Directorate c/o the NISA Office by 1 December in the year preceding the event or 6 months prior to the event if it is to be held later in the year than May.

Please note:
  Only NISA affiliated clubs/rinks may hold Open Competitions. Shows/Exhibitions/Competitions without permits become non-sanctioned and may result in skaters becoming ineligible

Updated February 2009

Events 1

Updated February 2009

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