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									                                                                                                              Summer 2005

                   News Bulletin of the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
                      Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)

Inside the Summer 2005 Issue                                                     CAP Attends the 8th Annual ICUC
                                                                                 Training Conference ....................................................3
CAP Participates in Walter Reed Career
Networking Fair ...........................................................1     WRP Initiative Promotes Employability .......................3
Always a Soldier ..........................................................1     CAP Supports the Micro Purchase Section 508
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Japanese Leaders Visit CAPTEC ................................2
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CAP Provides New Video Communication Access
Technology ..................................................................2   Calendar of Events ......................................................4

CAP Participates in Walter Reed
Career Networking Fair
The Department of Defense (DoD) continues
its efforts to support service members severely
injured in the Global War on Terror. Although many
wounded service members are still receiving
ongoing medical treatment, many of them are also
evaluating future employment plans.
On April 27, 2005, the Defense Applicant Assistance
Office and the Military Severely Injured Joint
Support Operations Center co-hosted a DoD
Civilian Career Networking Job Fair at Walter Reed                               CAP team member Derek Shields demonstrates assistive technology
Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington,                                       available to wounded service members.
DC. The purpose of the fair was to provide job
                                                                                 TX, and via other forums. For more information
opportunities and support resources to recently
                                                                                 regarding CAP’s efforts and for general updates
injured service members. Participating agencies
                                                                                 regarding what is being done for reemployment of
included organizations from the Army, Navy, Air
                                                                                 our wounded service members, please visit the CAP
Force, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington HQ
                                                                                 Web site at
Services, and the Departments of Energy, Homeland
                                                                                 whats_mailing.cfm and join the CAP Wounded
Security, and Veterans Affairs. Each agency
                                                                                 Service Members listserv.
had updated job listings to provide to potential
employees. The successful event had participants
actively engaged in resume writing, interviews and                               Always a Soldier
networking directly with recruiters.                                             One of the exhibitors at the WRAMC Career Fair
                                                                                 was the Always a Soldier Program. This program is
CAP staff had an exhibit booth and discussed how
                                                                                 an Army Materiel Command (AMC) based initiative
service members with new disabling conditions
                                                                                 focused on assisting our nations wounded veterans
could use assistive technology in order to meet the
                                                                                 after their selfless service to our nation and allies.
requirements of the potential new jobs. Planning is
                                                                                 The goal of the program is to provide continuing
now underway for future career fairs at WRAMC,
                                                                                 support to War-fighters beyond their active duty
Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio,
                                                                                 service. AMC is dedicated to assisting our wounded
                                                                                 veterans just as they were dedicated to our nation
                                                                                 when called to duty. By providing jobs for veterans,
                                                                                 AMC can clearly benefit by tapping into the valuable
                                                                                 experience and commitment that our men and
                                                                                                                        Real Solutions for Real Needs
       Always a Soldier (cont’d)                                     Iraqi Freedom, was
                                                                     wounded in action in
       women in uniform embody. To accomplish their
                                                                     October 2003 and was
       goals, Always a Soldier partners with the Army’s
                                                                     medically discharged
       Disabled Soldier Support System (www.armyds3.
                                                                     from the Army in
       org) and other groups working to support wounded
                                                                     August 2004. Mr. Clark,
       service members and veterans.
                                                                     a right arm amputee,
       The Always a Soldier Program Coordinator,                     became the Always
       Mr. Steve Clark, was in attendance, as was CAP                a Soldier Program
                                                                                             Steve Clark with Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, the
       Director, Ms. Dinah Cohen. They met and discussed             Coordinator in January former Deputy Secretary of Defense.
       how CAP and Always a Soldier can partner to                   2005 and continues to
       support wounded service members and veterans.                 serve as a Peer Counselor for wounded soldiers at
                                                                     the WRAMC. He refers to his participation as part of
       Immediately following the September 11, 2001,                 his successful reemployment process.
       attack on the United States, Mr. Clark joined the
       Army. He served as a 13M, Multiple Launch Rocket              To learn more about Always a Soldier, please visit
       Systems Gunner. Mr. Clark participated in Operation 

       CAPTEC Corner                                                 Ms. Yukiko Sakamoto, member of the Japanese House
                                                                     of Councilors and Ms. Nami Takenaka Chairperson, Prop
       Japanese Leaders Visit CAPTEC
                                                                     Station and other representatives participated. The Prop
       On Monday, May 2, CAPTEC hosted a tour                        Station is a leading disability-rights organization located
       for senior members of the Japanese federal                    in Japan. To learn more about the Prop Station visit www.
       government’s Ruling Coalition’s American’s with     
       Disabilities Act (ADA) Study Group and leaders
       of local Japanese government and educational                  Ms. Cohen provided an overview of the ADA and the
       organizations. The members of the Study Group                 Rehabilitation Act of 1973. She explained the roles and
       were welcomed by Dinah Cohen, CAP Director,                   responsibilities of employers in the United States to
       and the Honorable Dr. William J. Winkenwerder,                provide reasonable accommodations for employees
       Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.            with disabilities. Ms. Cohen further explained how
                                                                     these requirements led to the establishment of CAP
       The group was visiting the United States to learn             as the centrally-funded program to provide reasonable
       more about the ADA, as well as procedures for                 accommodations for federal employees with disabilities.
       providing reasonable accommodations in the
       workplace for people with disabilities. The ADA               CAP Provides New Video
       and the United States federal government’s
       procedures for including and accommodating
                                                                     Communication Access
       people with disabilities as an integral component             Technology
       of the workforce are seen as model programs. The              Did you know that you can make video phone calls
       visitors learned key strategies and approaches that           from your computer with either a Web camera or a
                                      they hope to emulate           videophone, and a high-speed broadband internet? Most
                                      in Japan.                      deaf people can type 50 words per minute, and sign
                                                                     200 words per minute, so using a sign language-based
                                        The group of visitors
                                                                     relay service makes sense. If you use sign language, you
                                        included Ms. Seiko
                                                                     can now use a video phone call to access Federal Relay
                                        Noda, Ex-Minister
                                                                     Services’ Video Relay Services (FEDVRS) at www.fedvrs.
                                        of Posts and
                                                                     us, and visually communicate with the relay operators.
                                        Communications and
                                        current member of the        FEDVRS is available free of charge for Federal
                                        Japanese House of            government official business. CAP currently provides a
CAPTEC Manager Mike Young speaks with   Representatives. Ms.         Web camera which uses Microsoft NetMeeting video
members of the Japanese coalition.      Noda served as head          software. This software is available in many PC’s in the
                                        of the visiting coalition.
2                                                                    Federal workplace. The FEDVRS Web site provides
Video Communication (cont’d)                                 providing the D-Link
                                                             videophone as an assistive
firewall instructions on which specific ports need to
                                                             technology accommodation.
be opened for this platform.
                                                             If you would like more
To assist in the resolution of firewall issues, an
                                                             information on how to get
alternative video communication device can be                                                   D-Link wireless broadband
                                                             free video communication
utilized. A videophone known as the D-Link coupled                                              video phone.
                                                             equipment from CAP,
with a 16-inch television which does not require
                                                             please contact
a PC to conduct a video call is a recommended
                                                             Paul Singleton, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Team Leader at
solution. This solution has less firewall requirements,
                                                    or TTY (703) 681-3978.
and is considered more secure. CAP is now

CAP Attends the 8th Annual                                   receive assistive technologies for their workstations, they
                                                             are able to access and use informational resources which
ICUC Training Conference:                                    increase their employability for permanent positions. We
In Support of the Injured Workers                            encourage Federal Human Resources officers to plan for
CAP Representatives recently attended and                    the WRP student’s assistive technology needs prior to
presented at the 8th Annual Department of Defense            their first day of internship by submitting a WRP request
Injury and Unemployment Compensation Division                form with CAP on-line at
Training Conference. This conference was held                request/request_wrp_acc.cfm.
in Southbridge, MA from April 25-29, 2005, and
                                                             CAP plans to participate in the WRP and hire students
included sessions on the Pipeline Reemployment
                                                             this summer to assist with this initiative. For additional
Initiative. This initiative is funded to reemploy 200
                                                             information on WRP, please visit the WRP Central portal
injured employees per year, eliminating budgetary and
                                                             on the CAP Web site at
operational hurdles in efforts to return injured workers
to the workforce as soon as medically able, and the
Safety, Health and Return-to Employment (SHARE)
                                                             CAP Supports the Micro Purchase
Initiative. On January 9, 2004, President Bush               Section 508 Requirement
announced the SHARE Initiative directing federal             Section 508 requires that Electronic and Information
agencies to establish goals and track performance            Technology (EIT) acquired by the Federal government be
in the following four areas: (1) lowering workplace          accessible by individuals with disabilities. Agency micro
injuries, (2) lowering lost-time, (3) timely reporting and   purchases of EIT must comply with the Architectural and
(4) reducing lost work days. For more information on
                                                             Transportation Barriers Compliance Board’s (Access
these initiatives, please visit
                                                             Board) EIT standards. The standards are codified at 36
                                                             CFR Part 1194 and available through the Access Board’s
CAP remains ready to support agencies’                       Web site at
accommodation needs in support of these two
                                                        To make sure your procurements are in compliance with
challenging initiatives. If you would like to learn more
                                                        Section 508, technical standards, include the Section
about what CAP can do to assist your employees in
the return to work process, please visit our Web site   508 technical provisions among your requirements or for
at                             the acquisition action. Search for specific equipment on
                                                        the Buy Accessible Web site at http://app.buyaccessible.
                                                        gov/baw/ to do your market research. In addition, many
WRP Initiative Promotes                                 vendors have Section 508 information available on their
Employability                                           Web sites, or by contacting them directly. You can get
CAP has supported the Workforce Recruitment             training from CAP is here to assist
Program for College Students with Disabilities since    you if you have questions; please contact Mark Rew at
its inception in 1994 by providing over 1,000 assistive or phone at (703) 681-8812.
technology solutions. Over 1,900 students have been Sign up on our list serv to receive to receive Section 508
interviewed for summer internships with the Federal     information at
government this summer. When the WRP students
    Letter to the Editor                                   Dear CAP,

    The editor is allotting space for CAPtions readers     I want to express my gratitude for what has to be the
                                                           best government program I have ever encountered.
    to express their opinions on articles and CAP.
                                                           I took a two week classroom review and asked CAP
                           If you wish to write a letter
                                                           for an FM system that would allow me to better hear
                           and share your thoughts
                                                           the instructor. I passed the six hour exam! CAP is
                           with CAPtions, please send      and continues to be a role-model of a reasonable
                           an e-mail to Darlene.Avery.     accommodation program. Thank you for making a
                  Be advised,    difference in my life, both personally and professionally.
                           letters may be edited to
                           meet space, clarity or style    Sincerely,
                           requirements.                   Satisfied Customer

    Calendar of Events
    June 30-July 1, 2005* Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH), Washington, DC
                 (301) 657-2248 (V/TTY)

    July 2-9, 2005*         American Council of the Blind National Convention, Las Vegas, NV

    July 3-8, 2005          National Federation of the Blind Convention, Louisville, KY
                   (410) 659-9314 (V)

    July 11-13, 2005*       Telecommunications for the Deaf Conference, New Orleans, LA
                   (301) 589-3672 (V) (301) 589-3006 (TTY)

    July 26-28, 2005*       7th Annual: Worker’s Compensation Conference, Washington, DC
                   (410) 642-1857 (V)

    August 7-11, 2005*      FDR Conference, New York, NY
                   (202) 331-0004 (V)

    August 8-12, 2005*      8th Annual Force Health Protection Conference, Louisville, KY

    August 22-25, 2005      EEOC EXCEL Conference, Las Vegas, NV

    Sep 26-27, 2005         Job Accommodation Network Conference 2005, San Francisco, CA

                                                                                        * Visit CAP at these events


                                                             Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP)
                                                            5111 Leesburg Pike, Suite 810, Falls Church, VA 22041-3206
                                                                 T 703-681-8813, TTY 703-681-0881, F 703-681-9075

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