Celebrating Leon Fleisher at Homecoming, Reunions Career Day is by rog66353


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      Alumni                                                                                 t h e n e w s l e t t e r o f t h e p e a b o d y c h a p t e r o f t h e j o h n s h o p k i n s u n i v e r s i t y a l u m n i a s s o c i at i o n

                      Dear Alumni,                                     Celebrating Leon Fleisher at                                                                                            may 9, 2009
                        I am pleased to present the fall
                        edition of the newsetter to you                Homecoming, Reunions                                                                                                    reunions
                                                                                                                                                                                              1959 1984 1999
                        and to serve as the Alumni
                        Association president. I hope                  50 Years of Teaching at Peabody
                        you enjoy this edition of the
                                                                                                               The best laid plans sometimes get altered. This year our alumni
                        newsletter and look forward
                                                                                                               celebration will be a lunch at the Tremont Grand. The program will
                        to hearing your feedback.
                                                                                                               include a celebration of our honored classes—1959 (50th Reunion),
     My relationship with the Peabody family
                                                                                                               1984 (25th reunion), and 1999 (10th Reunion). It will also include a
began as a Preparatory student in 1983. In the 25
                                                                                                               special presentation from the Alumni Association to Leon Fleisher in
years since that first clarinet lesson, I have been
                                                                                                               honor of his 50 years of teaching at Peabody.
on campus for three major renovations, earned
                                                                                                                    As part of the presentation to Fleisher, we will be compiling a
two degrees, and met numerous amazing people.
                                                                                                               book of memories and tributes from alumni, so please submit your
Relationships with friends, teachers, current stu-
                                                                                                               contributions to the Alumni Office as soon as possible.
dents, and staff keep me connected with the larger
                                                                                                                    Our tribute will be light, upbeat, and fun, and our event will have
                                                           will kirk

Peabody family worldwide.
                                                                                                               time built in for individuals to catch up with each other and with
     We have 5,782 living alumni spanning the
                                                                                                               Fleisher. More information will be sent after the New Year.
globe with just over 50% (2,945) of alumni gradu-
                                                                       please note:
ating between 1991 and 2008. This came as a shock
                                                                       •	 A	limited	number	of	tickets	for	Gary	Graffman’s	concert	at	the	University	of	Baltimore	that
to me as a 1990 graduate now in the other 50%!!
                                                                           evening have been obtained. Fleisher will be attending this concert as well.
We continue to develop relationships with cur-
rent students, our future alumni. In September,                        •		 A	limited	number	of	rooms	will	be	available	at	the	Peabody	Inn	on	May	8	and	9.	
175-180 students attended the annual Pizza Party
and 78 graduate students attended the third an-
nual Graduate Student Reception at Red Maple.
                                                                       Career Day is a Success
October 10 marked the return of a well attended                        Students Network at “Sold-Out” Lunch
Career Day. We look forward to the Holiday party                       By Malori Fuchs, Class of 2009, BM violin performance, Co-Chair of OASIS

in December and the Student Alumni luncheon in
                                                                                      onservatory life is a comfortable life, relatively speaking. You have scheduled classes every
the spring.
                                                                                      day, you take weekly lessons, you have regular orchestra performances, and you have a
     We also look forward to Homecoming week-
                                                                                      safe area to sit and study. But what happens after you leave this safe haven called college?
end May 8-10, 2009. We will have a luncheon May
                                                                                      Many Peabody students, even young underclassmen, ask themselves this question. How,
9 honoring the 10, 25, and 50 year reunion classes,
                                                                       when, and where do we get a job? A good paying job? How do you even begin searching for a job?
and we plan to present Leon Fleisher with a special
                                                                             This is why Peabody Career Day was brought back this past October. Current students heard
award from the Alumni Association in honor of
                                                                       about the previous events more than four years ago and thought that Peabody should reinstate
his 50 years of teaching at Peabody. This is a change
                                                                       Career Day. At open forums hosted by the student group OASIS (Organization Advocating Student
from our original plan because we found that there
                                                                       InterestS), this plea was voiced. In the past, Career Day had been held in the spring semester, and the
were several conflicts during the evening, including
                                                                       biggest change students wanted was for it to be held in the fall, in order to give them more time to
a Gary Graffman concert, which Fleisher wanted
                                                                       make decisions before the end of the school year.
to attend. As a result we have expanded our lunch
                                                                             In collaboration with individuals such as Linda Goodwin, Debbie Kennison, and Virginia
program and obtained tickets to the Graffman
                                                                       Probasco, I helped in planning the early stages of Career Day 2008 as a representative of OASIS.
concert. I hope to see you May 9, and if you can’t
                                                                       It all started around a picnic table in the plaza on freshmen move-in day (one of the busiest days of
attend, I hope that you will participate in some
                                                                       orientation week!). After some emailing back and forth about ideas, in September we eventually
way, either by sending in your own news or a
                                                                       met with Dean Mellasenah Morris and other influential faculty members such as Gary Louie and Bill
memory to be contributed to the Fleisher book.
                                                                       Nerenberg.	In	just	a	few	months	planning,	we	were	able	to	pull	off	this	event!
     Personal connections are important both on
                                                                             The first part of Career Day began at 10:00 am on October 10 with information tables located in
and off stage. We are fortunate to have technologies
                                                                       the Grand Arcade of the Conservatory building. Representatives from Peabody such as the Placement
that connect us when separated by great distances.
                                                                       Office, Financial Aid Office, Peabody Presents, and Creative Access were present, alumni were
Please keep sending your articles, photographs,
                                                                       available to talk about finances and websites, and there was a sign-up for professional headshots.
news, and upcoming concert events to us via email,
                                                                             At noon, we began the main event of Career Day. In order to entice students to participate, we
US mail, or through the Peabody website.
                                                                       offered	a	free,	catered	lunch	in	the	Bank	of	America	lounge.	During	the	first	45	minutes,	there	was	
Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!
                                                                       networking with faculty and alumni. Each student was assigned to a table that would fit their needs
       Sincerely,                                                      and career goals. Following the networking, our keynote speaker, John Gingrich, gave a talk entitled,
       Hilary Vrooman                                                  “Filling the Shoes of the 21st Century Musician.” He gave us motivating and empowering tips and
       BM ’90, Music Education; PC ’90, Clarinet                       advice, as he had a positive and upbeat personality.                                    continued on page 3

                                                                                                                              Wine and Cheese Receptions
                         The Peabody Alumni Association is hosting                                                            December 6                             peabody wind ensemble
                         wine and cheese receptions in the Rymland                                                            January 31                             peabody symphony
                         Room one hour prior to the performances                                                                                                     orchestra concert
                         listed at right. The receptions are free and                                                                                                with peabody faculty member amit peled
                         open to alumni and faculty and their guests.                                                         March 14                               peabody opera theatre
                         Alumni tickets can be purchased at half price                                                                                               Guiseppe verdi La traviata
                         through the Peabody Box Office by calling                                                            April 25                               renaissance ensemble
                         410-659-8100, ext. 2.                                                                                                                       post-concert reception in the denison lounge
Arno Drucker Receives Heritage Award
On October 3, 2008, Arno Drucker received the Johns Hopkins                           He remains connected to the Steering Committee as a past president
University	Alumni	Association	Heritage	Award.	The	Award	was	pre-                 and advisor. In 2000, Arno was asked to join the Johns Hopkins Alumni
sented	by	JHU	President	William	Brody	and	Peabody	Director	                      Council. He serves on the Executive Committee and is the outgoing
Jeffrey	Sharkey	at	the	20th	Anniversary	Dinner	of	The	Johns	Hopkins	             secretary of the Alumni Council. He is a Lifetime Contributing member
Alumni Council.                                                                  of the Alumni Association. In addition to his service as a faculty member,
     The Heritage Award honors alumni and friends of Johns Hopkins               and as an alumnus, he has also been a generous donor to Peabody.
who have contributed outstanding service over an extended period to the          He and his wife, Ruth have established an endowed scholarship fund,
progress	of	the	University	or	the	activities	of	the	Alumni	Association.	         the Arno and Ruth Drucker Scholarship, to support a voice or piano
Arno Drucker received Peabody’s highest degree, the Doctor of Musical            student each year.
Arts, in 1970, studying piano with Leon Fleisher—he was the first of
Fleisher’s students to receive the DMA. Drucker served as a faculty
member of the Peabody Conservatory for eight years, teaching graduate
courses and serving as a doctoral advisor. He was on the faculty of Essex
Community College for 27 years, where he served as the chair of the
Music Department for 14 years. He is now retired from this position but
remains an active performer, primarily accompanying master classes with
his wife, soprano and former Peabody faculty member Ruth Drucker.
As an alumnus of Peabody, Arno has been involved in alumni leader-
ship positions since the mid-1970s. He was instrumental in leading the
Peabody alumni through the affiliation with Johns Hopkins and reviv-
ing the Peabody alumni chapter. He served as president of the Peabody
Chapter	of	The	Johns	Hopkins	University	Alumni	Association	from	                 Left to right: Johns Hopkins University President William R. Brody, Peabody Director
1980 to 1982. During his tenure the first constitution was written and the       Jeffrey Sharkey, JHU Alumni Association President James Miller, and award winner
Peabody Steering Committee was formed.                                           Arno Drucker

Moshe Cotel, 1943-2008                                                           Mihaly Virizlay, 1932-2008
By Michael Hersch, BM ’95, MM ’97, Composition                                   By Sam Matthews, BM ’02, MM ’05, Cello

                                W                                                                                  W
                                              hen told of the sudden passing                                                    hen I think about my teacher
                                              of Moshe Cotel, my heart                                                          and surrogate father, Mr.
                                              froze in disbelief. Moshe was                                                     Virizlay, I remember his fast
                               my first and most important teacher. He                                            fingers flying up and down the fingerboard.
                               taught me many things, most significantly                                          I remember walking down the aisles of the
                               to always follow a path forged by what one                                         Rotunda Giant together, buying ingredi-
                               believes is right and necessary. It is a diffi-                                    ents for his famous Hungarian goulash.
                               cult path, but for an artist an essential one,                                     I remember his caring and encouraging
                               and Moshe led by example. Moshe Cotel                                              talks	when	I	was	suffering	with	painful	
                               was kind, uncompromising, deeply gifted                                            bouts of tendinitis. I remember the exuber-
                               and a relative mystery to most people.                                             ance with which he talked about which
                               Upon	reflection,	he	is	the	only	teacher	I	                                         composers he would want to be stuck on a
                               can imagine guiding those delicate early                                           deserted island with. I remember his
                               stages of a musical life. The work of a com-                                       pride and joy of being an American and
position teacher can provoke puzzlement—sometimes, even, to those of             religiously watching and falling asleep during Orioles’ games.
us designated as such. The best teachers are able to understand a student’s           Mr. Virizlay was one of the most gifted people I have ever met or
hopes and fears, aptitudes, limitations and, most importantly, to read and       known, and without a doubt one of the most generous teachers I have ever
hear the student mind’s ear (oftentimes hearing what the student does            had. He always had time for extra questions about Bach or Mozart over a
before he or she is even aware of it). I believe Moshe was able to do these      cup	of	coffee.	He	was	encouraging	to	a	fault	and	took	pride	in	remember-
things. He made me feel that any musical undertaking not executed on             ing phone numbers of students from 20 years past. It is without a doubt
the	highest	level	was	unacceptable.	Under	his	quiet	guidance	I	grew	a	           that Peabody and Baltimore has lost a giant in the world of music and life.
great deal—not only as an artist, but as a son, brother, friend, and later,      Though, if legends have any morsels of truth in them, Mr. Virizlay was
as a husband, father and teacher myself. Much has been made of Moshe’s           certainly a chocolate-chip cookie. Though he may not be walking the
decision to leave Peabody to become a rabbi, a remarkable act to be sure.        hallways of Leakin anymore, good-naturedly pestering the cafeteria
But it is Moshe Cotel the composer, pianist and teacher that lives on            workers, meeting students backstage to pass out symphony tickets, or just
in my memory, a formidable musical force who left a substantial legacy           warming the hearts of everyone he met with his distinctive Hungarian
which deserves—demands—to be reckoned with on its own terms.                     accent, he is far from leaving the fans and followers of music and art.
submit your tributes online at peabody.jhu.edu/alumni/tributes/cotel             In fact, it is much too late; myself and many others have already begun
or send them to the peabody alumni office.                                       spreading his stories, ideas, and joy for music to students and audiences
                                                                                 around the world. And, it is my distinct feeling that whenever a cellist
Pay your 2009 Alumni Dues today!                                                 gets on stage to play the “impossible” Sarabande from the 6th Suite, they
                                                                                 grin the grin that only cellists know, and Mr. Virizlay is mischievously
Dues money enables Peabody to give awards, have alumni reunions, host            looking down and chuckling.
events for students, and send out newsletters.                                   submit your tributes online at peabody.jhu.edu/alumni/tributes/
                                                                                 virizlay or send them to the peabody alumni office.
Paying your dues also gives you:
•	 access	to	Hopkins	KnowledgeNet,	the	online	library	service	including	
   Grove Music Online                                                               Have you visited www.peabody.jhu.edu lately?
•		discounts	on	a	variety	of	products	and	services	including	a	10%	                                 Did you know that there are interviews and
   discount	at	the	JHU	Barnes	&	Noble	bookstore	on	33rd	Street                        AUDIO
                                                                                                    audio clips available with the concert listings?
•		a	50%	discount	on	tickets	to	concerts	at	Peabody.	                                PROGRAM
                                                                                                    Just go to the full concert calendar, and then

All	Peabody	alumni	are	also	alumni	of	the	Johns	Hopkins	University.	Be	                             click on the concerts in the coming week!
sure to take advantage of this affiliation by visiting www.alumni.jhu.edu.          Want to keep up with what’s happening at Peabody?
                                                                                    Sign up for the weekly events email at
                                                                                    And don’t forget to visit the alumni section of the website,
                                                                                    we’re adding new features all the time.

2 • Peabody Alumni
                                                                                                                     Websites and Blogs

                                                                                                                     Arno Drucker (DMA ’70, Piano)
                                                                                                                     sibelius.com; sheetmusicplus.com; Burtnco.com;
                                                                                                     John Gingrich

                      Career Day continued from front page                                                           Sheetmusicdirect.us and Doverpublishing.com are
                                                                                                                     great sites for purchasing music
                                                                                                                     Naxos.com for recordings
                      He seemed to have faith in us students, that we
                      would find our way to being successful profes-                                                 www.musicunited.org has an extensive list of where
                                                                                                                     to get music legally online
                      sional musicians in whatever concentration we
                                                                                                                     library.music.indiana.edu/music_resources/ is a
                                                                                                                     great place to start research
                           Overall, Career Day was a success! It was
                      amazingly put together in just a few short
                                                                                                                     Kendall Kennison (DMA ’96,
                      months and the luncheon was a sell-out crowd.
                                                                                                                     Composition) recommends:
                      (I might add that it was great to get a free,
                                                                                                                     www.pianoworld.com: the piano forum is very
                      delicious lunch that didn’t consist of pizza!)
                                                                                                                     opinioned and fun to read
                      One suggestion for the future is to hold mock
                                                                                                                     www.terminaldegree.net is a music professor blog
                      auditions, with faculty members as the jurors.
                                                                                                                     imslp.org/wiki/Main_Page has free sheet music
                      Career	Day	was	an	effort	to	bring	a	taste	of	
                      the “real world” to students and hopefully made
                                                                                                                     artofthestates.org/index.html is where you can
                      the endeavor of leaving Peabody a little less                                                  listen to music by American composers
                                                                                                                     kennethwoods.net/blog1/ is an interesting blog by
                                                                                                 Mellasenah Morris   a conductor, part of several sites he has

                                                                                                                     Jason Love (BM ‘92, Cello;
                                                                                                                     MM ‘94, Conducting) recommends:
                                                                                                                     One of the best music blogs is one by Alex ross
                                                                                                                     who writes for the New Yorker: therestisnoise.com
PhOtOS BY will kirk

                         Peabody Alumna launches ClassicalMusicCity.com
                         Phyllis Freeman (MM ‘89 Viola, Preparatory Violin/Viola) has recently launched a
                         new web portal for the classical music industry. ClassicalMusicCity.com provides a
                         social network and information resource that includes video, audio, marketplace,
                         jobs, auditions, and announcements about the people and events in the classical             Paul Johnson (MM ’86, Double Bass)
                         music world. Users can post notices about concerts, sell/buy instruments, blog,             recommends: www.ted.com
                         promote their careers and connect to musicians, students, teachers, and classical
                         music organizations from around the world. The site has been described as “Google,
                         YouTube, Craig’s List and Facebook all rolled into one.” There is no charge for any
                         of the services provided on the site. Freeman is the CEO of Molto Legato, LLC which
                                                                                                                     Please submit your favorite blogs/websites to the
                         is the parent company of www.ClassicalMusicCity.com. She is also the founder and
                                                                                                                     Alumni Office. we will be posting a list on the website.
                         director of the Maryland Talent Education Center and principal viola in the Maryland
                                                                                                                     Don’t forget! As a dues payer of the Alumni
                         Symphony and a section viola in the National Philharmonic as well as being on the
                                                                                                                     Association, you can access the online version of
                         violin/viola faculty of the Peabody Preparatory.
                                                                                                                     Grove’s Dictionary for free! log on to knowledgeNet
                                                                                                                     and go from there—www.alumni.jhu.edu.

                                                                                                                                                       3 • Peabody Alumni
                                                                                                                                                                         U.S. POStAGE
THE   PEABODY CONS E RVATORY                                                                                                                                                  PA i D
OF THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY                                                                                                                                         PErMit NO.1181
                                                                                                                                                                        BAltiMOrE, MD
Please send your news, comments,
ideas, suggestions and questions to:
Peabody Institute
Alumni Office
1 East Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
410-659-8100, ext.1191
fax: 410-659-8170

                                                                                                                                              Facts and Figures
MD – 1489         wV – 19               Mexico 5      Brazil 1            Switzerland 21   Poland 6              finland 3                russia 4         Bulgaria 1
NY – 373          kY – 18               Argentina 3   Colombia 1          Germany 19       Austria 5             Norway 3                 turkey 3         Cyprus 1
PA – 307          NV – 16               Chile 2       honduras 1          United           Netherlands 5         Sweden 2                 Czech            hungary 1
CA – 293          kS – 14               Barbados 1    Paraguay 1          kingdom 19       Belgium 3             Denmark 1                republic 2       Slovakia 1
VA – 252          Nh – 14               Bolivia 1                         france 11        ireland 2             Estonia 1                Greece 2
NJ – 153          lA – 13                                                 Spain 10         italy 1                                        Serbia 2
fl – 139          NM – 12
tX – 102          Ok – 12
il – 96           Ut – 12                                                                                                                                               Jordan 1
Oh – 95           iA – 11                                                                                                                                               israel 7
MA – 85           ME – 11                                                                                                                                               South Africa 2
                                          Canada 62
NC – 84           Ar – 10
GA – 71           Puerto
Ct – 64           rico – 10
DC – 62           MS – 8
                  ri – 8                                                                                                                                                korea 154
wA – 60
                  NE – 7                                                                                                                                                taiwan 125
Mi – 57
CO –51            hi – 6                                                                                                                                                Japan 37
tN – 46           Ak – 5                                                                                                                                                China 11
SC – 45           iD – 4                                                                                                                                                Singapore 12
MN – 38           wY – 3                                                                                                                                                SAr (hong kong) 7
iN – 33           Mt – 2                                                                                                                                                Malaysia 1
MO – 32           ND – 2
DE – 31           SD – 2
Or – 30           Armed forces
                  Europe – 2
wi – 30                                                                                                                                                                 Australia 6
                  Armed forces
Al - 28           Pacific – 2                                                                                                                                           New Zealand 3
AZ – 25           Virgin                                                                                                                                                thailand 3
Vt – 19           islands – 1
                                                                                                                                                                        indonesia 2
                                       Where do Peabody Alumni Reside?                                                                                                  Philippines 2

Number of living Peabody                                     STRINGS                                   WOODWINDS                                       BRASS                    bass trombone: 2
Alumni: 5,783                                                                                                                                                                      euphonium: 2
                                                                          double                                      saxophone: 46                                tuba: 22
Number of alumni for whom                                                 bass: 88
Peabody has a valid mailing                                                                                  bassoon:
                                                               viola: 179                                    67                  flute: 186
address: 4,993                                                                                                                                                                trumpet: 133
                                                                                                                                                       trombone: 83
Approximately 14% are “lost.”                                                         violin: 501
                                                                                                           oboe: 84
Visit the website for a list of these
“lost alumni” and help us find them!                               violincello:
                                                                   245                                                clarinet: 172                              horn: 106
Over 50% of alumni graduated
1991 or later! Visit InCircle to find
the alumni in your area and/or in
your major! www.alumni.jhu.edu                               Living Peabody Alumni Graduated with a Degree in:
                                                             Piano: 1493                 theory: 25                            recording & Acoustics: 10         lute: 3
                                                             Voice: 812                  School Music: 24                      Computer Music                    Violin Pedagogy: 3
                                                             Music Education: 541        Church Music: 23                      Composition: 9                    harp Pedagogy: 2
                                                             Composition: 272            Electronic/Computer                   Orchestra instruments: 9          Jazz Saxophone: 2
newsletter editor                                            Guitar: 228                 Music: 23                             recording & Production: 9         Music history and
Debbie kennison, Assistant Director,                         Organ: 155                  Music history: 23                     Early Music: 7                    literature: 2
Peabody Alumni relations                                     Conducting: 105             Music (general): 20                   Ensemble Arts: 7                  Music literature: 2
                                                             Percussion: 91              harpsichord: 19                       wind Conducting: 7                Baroque flute: 1
editorial committee
                                                             recording Arts &            Chamber Ensemble: 16                  harmony and                       Baroque Viola: 1
Serap Gray, BM ’96, MM ’99, Guitar                                                                                             Composition: 5
                                                             Sciences: 70                Music theory Pedagogy: 15                                               Computer Music: 1
Michael lawrence, BM ’70, Guitar                                                                                               Jazz Double Bass: 5
                                                             harp: 59                    Musicology: 11                                                          Double Bass Pedagogy: 1
Jason love, BM ’92, Cello; MM ’94, Conducting                                                                                  Jazz Percussion: 5
                                                             instrumental                Music theory: 11                                                        Jazz flute: 1
Paul Matlin, BM ’70, MM ’72, Viola                           Conducting: 35                                                    Audio Design: 4
                                                                                         Piano Pedagogy: 11                                                      Jazz trumpet: 1
Elizabeth Berman, BM ‘05, Oboe                               Acoustics and                                                     Guitar Pedagogy: 4
                                                                                         Choral Conducting: 10                                                   recorder: 1
hilary Vrooman, BM ’90, Music Education;                     Audio: 27                                                         Jazz Piano: 4
                                                                                         Music Criticism: 10                                                     religious Music: 1
PC ’90, Clarinet                                             Opera: 26                                                         Jazz: 3

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