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					USS Enterprise (CVN 65)                             “The First...The Finest...The Big E”                 Thursday, September 20, 2007

   World News
   The Colombian police
said they had dismantled
the private army of Carlos
Mario Jiménez, a para-
military warlord who is
awaiting extradition to the
United States, by arrest-
ing 147 people believed
to be protecting a cocaine
smuggling ring.]

   The Sept. 6 attack by
Israeli warplanes inside
Syria struck what Israeli
intelligence believed was
a nuclear related facil-
ity that North Korea was
                                                                                                                                   Photo by MC3 N.C. Kaylor
helping to equip, accord-             Newly pinned Chief Petty Officers (CPOs), pose for a group photo following a CPO pinning ceremony in the
ing to current and former             hangar bay.
U.S. and Israeli officials. ]

   Sen. Hillary Rodham
Clinton unveiled a plan on
Monday to give health in-
                                            Hail to the Chiefs
surance to all Americans,             By MCSN Devonte Jones           and Carrier Air Wing One.               the process of becoming a
but in a way designed to              USS Enterprise Public Affairs      CPOs are recognized                  CPO.

avoid the political flaws                                             throughout the armed forces                “We have the privilege
in her failed proposal of                       or career-            by their khaki uniform and              of pinning a new group of
1993-94.]                                       minded                golden anchors. The uniform             chief petty officer selectees,”
                                                enlisted              represents the honor, respect           said Capt. Mark Wralstad
   For more news, check               Sailors, making the             and tradition of the Navy. To           Commander, Carrier Air
out the Media Department              rank of Chief Petty                                                     Wing One., “The great honor
                                                                      wear the uniform means to
homepage on the Intranet.             Officer (CPO) after             uphold the responsibilities             to ceremonially recognize
                                      years of hard work              of a chief and to join an elite         our future leaders of fine
      Weather                         is like a dream come
                                      true. On Sept. 19,
                                                                      community navy-wide.                    men and women in our Navy
Big E        97m                                                         The chief-selectees                  and they will be the first to
                                      USS Enterprise (CVN-            underwent a five and a half             tell you that their success is
Seawater                              65) held a pinning              week training cycle, that               due in a large part to their
             98     Clear to Partly
                                      ceremony in the hangar
                       Cloudy                                         included physical training and          hard work and dedication
                                      bay for 44 of the               classes that laid the foundation        and equally due in part to
                                      Navy’s newest leaders
Norfolk     87m                                                       of what it would take to be             hard work in leadership of
                   Mostly Sunny       from Carrier Strike             a Navy Chief. The pinning               those who have served with
Big E weather provided by METOC
                                      Group 12, Enterprise            ceremony was the final step in                  See ‘CPOs’ on page 3
Page 2                                               THE BIG E SHUTTLE                     Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ramadan Awareness                       drink for part of the day.
                                                                                          Big E Movies
Excerpts from Enterprise                                                                                 Channel 5
Intranet homepage                          Ramadan is a blessed time for                   0600      Walking Tall
                                        Muslims. To those outside the                      0830      Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

                                        community, it may appear to be a                   1000      House of Sand and Fog
        t’s important to know and                                                          1200      Omen, The
        understand the culture in       time of hardship and deprivation,                  1400      Mr. Bones
        which we operate. In most       but that is not the experience of                  1600      Mission: Impossible 2
                                                                                           1800      The Fog
cultures, and in Arab cultures          Muslims. Fasting is aimed to                       2000      Lethal Weapon 4
particularly, it’s important to know    increase their awareness of the                    2200      Alien Vs. Predator
something about religion.               presence of God, to remind them                    0000      Die Hard With a Vengeance
                                                                                           0200      World Trade Center
   Ramadan is the most sacred of        to be grateful for his blessings and               0400      XXX: State of the Union
all Islamic religious observances.      to create empathy for the poor and
The season is highly significant        hungry.                                                          Channel 6
                                                                                           0600     The Honeymooners
and brings with it a sensitivity and                                                       0830     Red Sonja
cultural pride that transcends the        REMEMBER THE 5 R’s                               1000     We Are Marshall
ordinary.                                                                                  1200     Lady in the Water

                                                    Rest                                   1400     Half Light
   Ramadan is celebrated and                                                               1600     Tristan & Isolde
observed by a month of fasting.                                                            1800     Grind
Muslim believers understand fasting
as a process of purification, a means
                                                   Relax                                   2000
                                                                                                    Wall Street
                                                                                                    The Perfect Man
                                                                                           0000     Syriana
to attain the consciousness of Allah
and to guard against the schemes of
                                                Responsibility                             0200
                                                                                                    Monster in Law
                                                                                                    Catch a Fire

Shaitan (Satan). It’s also noted that
fasting makes one aware of the poor
                                              Respect Ramadan                                            Channel 7
                                                                                           0600       How To Eat Fried Worms
and their plight.                                                                          0830       Reno 911: Miami
                                                                                           1000       Something’s Gotta Give
   During Ramadan, Muslims are
                                                                                           1200       The Longest Yard
encouraged to put more effort              The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr                     1400       Back to the Future 2
into building bridges, making           celebrates the end of the fast and the             1600       Batman and Robin
                                                                                           1800       Bewitched
amends, treating others well and        end of Ramadan. This festival lasts                2000       House of Flying Daggers
acknowledging basic family values       for three days and is exemplified                  2200       Analyze This
such as respecting one’s parents and    by joyful celebration of enhanced                  0000       Star Trek: Generations
                                                                                           0200       Cheaper By The Dozen 2
siblings.                               piety (duty to God), moral victory,                0400       Down and Out in Beverly Hills
   The dates for observance of          peace, fellowship, brotherhood and                                Channel 8
Ramadan are determined by               unity. This celebration is the time           0830      All Hands RADCON
the Lunar Calendar. The Lunar           for expressions to Allah for his help
Calendar is based upon 255 days         and strength.
rather than the 365 days associated        When interacting with Muslims
with Western Calendars.                 during this period, it’s important to
                                                                                     The Big E Shuttle is published and printed daily underway and
   This year the dates are on or        be sensitive to this time of fasting         weekly inport by the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Media Depart-
                                                                                     ment, FPO AE 09543-2810. This newspaper is an authorized
about Sept. 13 through Oct. 12.         and refrain from eating, drinking            publication for members of the Department of Defense.
   All Muslims must fast from the       or smoking in their presence. This           Contents are not necessarily the official views of the U.S.
                                                                                     Government. The Big E Shuttle reserves the right to edit sub-
first light of dawn, about one and      would include avoiding chewing               missions. Direct inputs and comments to MC1(SW) Hendrick
                                                                                     L. Dickson at
half hours before sunrise, until        gum.                                                          Commanding Officer
sunset each day during Ramadan.            Because this is a time of                                     Capt. Ron Horton
                                                                                                         Executive Officer
Fasting means a total abstention        heightened religious sensitivity                                Cmdr. John Dixon

from food, drink (including water)      Respect for these sensitivities are                          Command Master Chief
                                                                                                   CMDCM(AW/SS) Paul DeClercq
and sexual relations.                   essential. ]                                                   Public Affairs Officer
                                                                                                          Lt. Mark Jones
   Fasting is a religious obligation                                                                       Shuttle Editor
                                                                                                    MC1(SW) Hendrick L. Dickson
for all Muslims who have reached        - For more on Ramadan Awareness, visit the                         Photo Editor
puberty but pre-pubescent children      Enterprise Intranet homepage.                                    MC2 Joseph Wax
                                                                                                         Layout & Design
                                        Click on Ramadan Brief
aren’t required to fast however, they                                                                 MC3 Jamica Johnson
                                                                                                       MC3 James H. Green
are encouraged to try to not eat or
Thursday, September 20, 2007                                  THE BIG E SHUTTLE                                                          Page 3

                                                                                                                                 Photo by MC3 N.C. Kaylor
Newly pinned Chief Petty Officers (CPOs), line up in front of their peers during a CPO pinning ceremony in the hangar bay .

                                   ‘CPOs’ from page 1
          Big E                                                           will set you apart from all
                                  them and those who came                                                      continuing with a long
         Outlook                  before them.”                           the others.”                         family tradition.
    Due to problems with Chan-       Being promoted to CPO                   “More will be expected               “It feels great, I’ll be the
nel 22 on the SITE system,        is a milestone in every                 of you, more will be                 third generation chief in my
AFN Sports will be relocated to   enlisted sailor’s career                demanded of you, not                 family,” added Spellman.
Channel 24 starting today. If
                                  and it shows that the Navy              because you are an E-7,              “My grandfather was a
you have any questions, please
call the SITE Maintenance         has faith in a person’s                 but because you are now              chief and I’m wearing one
Shop at J-7878. ]                 capabilities to lead a fleet            a Chief Petty Officer,”              his anchors right here from
                                  that’s constantly growing               said Carrier Airwing One             World War II and my father
    Love to draw? Do you like     and changing.                           Command Master Chief
seeing your artwork posted
                                                                                                               was in Vietnam and made
around the ship? We are look-        “This promotion here                 Robert Gudge, while                  chief after that, I’m also
ing for a new logo for Tiger      today not only reflects your            reading the Chief’s Creed.           wearing one of his anchors
Cruise ‘07. Artwork can be        proof of performance,” said             “You have joined an                  from 1980.”
dropped off at the MWR win-       Enterprise Commanding                   exclusive fellowship and as             As the warship
dow. There will be prizes given
                                  Officer Capt. Ron Horton,               in all fellowships you have          Enterprise continues to
for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
The categories are t-shirt design “but more importantly it is             special responsibilities to          make waves and the Carrier
and logo design. Entries must     an indication of trust and              your comrades even as they           Airwing One continues
be received by Oct. 1. Please     confidence in your abilities            have a special responsibility        to conduct prompt and
contact Lt. Kreier (J-7139) with to lead the Navy in the years            to you.”
any questions. ]
                                                                                                               sustained operations, the
                                  to come. Because, you                      To newly pinned CPO,              new chiefs will be there to
For more command informa- wear the title of chief you’re                  Chief Machinist’s Mate               help guide and lead Sailors
tion check out the Plan of        not graded on your technical            (SW) James Spellman,                 in the right direction,
the Day.                          skill, you’re not expected to           the promotion was the                permitting the Enterprise
                                  be a great technician, but it           honor to wear the gold               Strike Group to continue its
                                  is your leadership skills that          fouled anchors as well as            mission. ]
Page 4                                                                      THE BIG E SHUTTLE                                 Thursday, September 20, 2007

                                         Around Big E

                                                                                                                                                       Photo by MC3 Michael Starkey
                                                                        Newly pinned Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) from Enterprise Strike Group stand at atten-
                                                                        tion during the reading of the CPO creed during a pinning ceremony in the hangar

                                             Photo by MC3 N.C. Kaylor
HT3 Jon Conner uses a plasma cutter to repair a shock
mount, used to hold a CO2 tank in place, in the shipfitter

                                                                                       Photo by MC3 N.C. Kaylor
Carrier Strike Group (CCSG) 12 Chief of Staff, Capt. Matthew Beaver, CCSG-12 Command                                                                  Photo by MCSN Brandon Morris
Master Chief Jeffrey Jackson and Commander CCSG-12, Rear Adm. Dan Holloway lead                                   AT1 Jesse Wheeler grabs a beer on the flight deck
members of CCSG-12 and Enterprise in a foreign object damage (FOD) walkdown on                                    during a morale day.
the flight deck.