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									 Employees–Career development for advancement and satisfaction
 Personnel and Organization
 One of our objectives is to promote carrier development of our employees.
 We attempt to realize by (1) “inspirational” work and office, (2) challenge spirit, and (3) combination of the corporate
 strategy, carrier promotion, and development. They not only help boost individual performance but serve to continuously
 strengthen our company structures.

   Personnel by “Role”                      Supporting Competency                           Subscription and Rotation
 Our personnel system focuses on the                                                   It is our routine to offer a new
 individual role and competency to         Overall performance and achievement         assignment identifying necessary
 improve each performance.                 of the company are to progress through      competencies by means of the
                                           and by summation of carrier                 “Personnel News”, an internal
                                           development of every employee. Fuji         newspaper, and Intranet. Willing
 Dedicating “Role”                         Xerox supports the employees’ career        employees can subscribe if the
 Under our personnel system, our top       development.                                requirement is close to that of their
 managements create the corporate                                                      carrier goal. In case there is little
 strategies and the organization           Competency Assessment                       discrepancy between those, employees
 managers dedicate the necessary roles.    Carrier development commences with          will assume a new assignment without
 Required abilities and standard wage of   accessing individual current                approval of their present organization.
 a role are specified, and employees are   competencies and identifying a carrier      75 persons were rotated this way in
 rewarded with respective                  goal in a mid to long term. Employees       FY 2002.
 achievements. Information of each role    and their superiors have an annual
 is shown on the intranet.                 meeting for performance appraisal and
                                           specifying competencies to develop
                                                                                                 Offers           Subscriptions
                                           present improvements and a carrier
                                                                                                   Rotated employees
                                           goal. In addition, from a company-wide
                                           point of view, coherence of strategy
                                           implementation and competency stock
                                           can be reviewed and the findings are      400
                 Roles                     reflected to future recruitment and
                                           training.                                 300
Assignment by
                             Pay by role                                             200
                                            Employee Satisfaction

    Competency               Wages         Employee satisfaction is annually
                                           surveyed company-wide, which we call         0
                                                                                               1999        2000              2001        2002
                                           “Moral Survey”. The survey is
                                                                                            Internal Recruitment System Performance
                                           composed with total 59 questionnaires
                                           including 5 clusters of assignment,
                                           office, superior, promotion,
                                           organization, and free description.                                    Job
                                           Summary of the result is published
                                           throughout the company and individual
 Even Footing between                      organization, from assembly shop to                                         3.0
 Company and Employees                     senior management, which consider        Organization                                          Workplace
 Employees can challenge a new role        possible solution and improvement. The                                      2.5
 referring to their carrier development    results of the 2002 survey indicated a
 plan including timeframe, location, and   trend towards greater satisfaction.
 competency. Basis of our personnel
 lies in the balance of reward and
                                                                                              Personnel                             Superiors
 capability which can be upgraded by
 professional skills.                                                                                                  2002

                                                                                                    Employee Work Satisfaction
                                                                                                   (Based on 5-level evaluation)

                                                                                    Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Sustainability Report 2003 ● 13
        Respect of Diversity
        “Respect of diversity” is featured in our “Shared Values” statement.
        Our senior management and union members work together to create a workplace where employees feel free from such
        discrimination as in religion, race, gender, and such.

                                                            Employee Ratings (As a result of morale survey)
          Equal Opportunity for Male
          and Female                                        Question: Do you think job opportunities are equal?

        The number of female employees in                   ● Male rating                             20                      49                          24             6 1
        managerial positions at Fuji Xerox is                                        2001
        relatively low in proportion to that of             Number of male employees
        male.                                               (In managerial positions)                  22                      51                              21        5 1
        Yet, the Moral Survey of 2002 showed                13,201 (1,260)            2002
        27% of male and 35% of female
        employees had felt inconvenience and                                                 0                  20       40            60                 80              100
        disadvantage because of gender,
        which indicated improvement if                                         Completely true         Mostly true   Don’t know       Mostly false         Completely false
        compared to the previous year.
                                                            ●Ratings by female employees
                                                                                                     15                 44                      24                  15    2
                                                            Number of female employees
                                                            (In managerial positions)                 19                  46                         23              10 2
                                                            4,746 (41)

                                                                                             0                  20       40            60                 80              100

          Employment of Disabled                              As a Family Member

        Our employment ratio for disabled                   Our personnel scheme also regards a                       Childcare Suspension
        persons slightly fell below the statutory           private life of the employees essential to                Employees who wish to continue
        requirement ratio of 1.8%. This is an               vocational performance.                                   working after delivery are eligible to
        issue that claims our continued                                                                               suspend till the baby is 1 year old. In FY
        attention.                                          Caring Leave                                              2002, 50 employees including male
                                                            Our employees are eligible to take up to                  made use of this option. Working hours
            2.0                                             two years leave for nursing their family                  are also flexible for employees who
                                 1.72   1.77   1.76         who suffers age-related dementia, other                   need to take care of their children of no
                   1.60   1.63
            1.5                                             serious sickness, or injury. In FY 2002                   older than 4 years.
                                                            total 5 employees took this option,                       In FY 2002, we were awarded the
            1.0                                             including some in managerial positions.                   Health, Labour and Welfare Minister’s
                                                            Employees who need to take care of                        Prize for Excellence in recognition of our
            0.5                                             sick or injured family are also eligible to               employee welfare practices.
                                                            apply daily working hours of up to 2
            0.0                                             hours less.
                   1998 1999 2000 2001 2002

                  Employment Ratio of Disabled
                  (As of March 31 each year)
                                                                     Number of Caring Leave

        Employment of Retired                                              Nursing               Child caring
        We are in the process of facilitating                  60
        alternative options to support individual              50
        career plans. In 2001 we introduced a                  40
        re-entry program of retired employees
        who wish to continue working. In FY
        2002 total 21 retired persons were
                                                               10                                                       Mr. Arima, President, Received Award from
        reemployed under this system.
                                                                 0                                                      Mr. Sakaguchi, Minister of Health, Labour
                                                                      1998 1999 2000 2001 2002                          and Welfare

     14 ● Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Sustainability Report 2003
 Health and Safety
 It is our priority to ensure safety in the workplace and assist in health care of the employees. Health care of employees is
 promoted by our Health and Safety Committee, physical and mental consultations, and such.

     Reduction in Labour Accidents                    Health Control

 In FY 2002 we experienced 43 labour                Our assistance for health control of the          Mental Health Education
 accidents, 68% of the previous year.               employees is of primary protection in             In 2001 we began a mental health
 Most remarkable reduction was in the               the preventive medicine.                          program for our managerial staff. The
 motorcycle accidents of our service                                                                  program is designed to help managers
 engineers in the metropolitan area. It                                                               find telltale signs in routine operation of
 was achieved in Tokyo area by efforts of           Types of Preventative Medicine                    the subordinates and enable to consult
 the Labour Accident Prevention                                                                       and advise at early stage. By the end of
                                                                             Health improvement
 Committee, and road safety seminars                  Primary protection                              FY 2002, we had held cumulative 101
                                                                             Specific prevention
 performed in cooperation with the local                                                              sessions, which were attended by 3,645
 police, and our Safety Newsletter.                   Early detection and treatment                   managerial staff.

 Labour Accidents                                     Treatment and rehabilitation

                     Number of accidents
                     Number of suspension
80                                                  Annual Physical Checkups
70                                                  As a primary protection measures, all
                                                    employees are to annually receive
                                                    consultation by an industrial physician                Managerial Staff Receive Mental Health
                                                    or hygienist after physical examination.               Seminar
40                                                  This is intended to encourage
30                                                  employees to look after their own health            Information Sharing for
                                                    and prevent lifestyle-related diseases or           Awareness
                                                    mental illness before they occur,
10                                                  whether they appear healthy or not. 10            A company-wide Safety Forum is held
 0                                                  industrial physicians, 10 hygienists and          for related information sharing for
      1998    1999       2000     2001      2002
                                                    13 health supervisors are in charge of            common understanding. At the
                                                    such promotion. In FY 2002, 97.5% of              manufacturing facilities, it includes the
                                                    the employees received physical                   Safety Promotion Conference, which are
 Both 0.56 of our overall accident                  checkups and 90% had health                       tailored to suit each characteristic.
 frequency rate and 0.01 of accident                consultation.
 severity rate in FY 2002 were well below
 the domestic average.

 Ebina Plant Keeps Safety
                                                                Medical checkup
 Our Ebina plant renewed, at the end of
 2002, the safety record of cumulative
 41.71 million hours, the first place in the
 general machinery manufacture
                                                        Interview and advice by industrial
 industry.                                                    physician or hygienist
                                                                                                       Safety Promotional Conference at the Ebina

                                                                           Psycholog-                 Our industrial physicians relay health-
                                                   Physical                              Health
                                                               Nutrition    ical con-                 related information through Labour
                                                   exercise                              control
                                                                            sultation                 Accident Newsletters and such through
                                                                                                      the intranet.

                                                                                                   Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Sustainability Report 2003 ● 15

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