The Joseph E. Zins Awards for Early Career Contributions by twa17837


									SEL Research Award Finalists                                                                            Special Thanks
     Marina Bers, Tufts University: Marina             Duckworth’s research is the psychology of                               Research Award Selection Committee
     Bers’s research centers on the impact learn-      success. She has defined and researched a
     ing technologies have in fostering children’s     personality trait she calls “grit,” an unre-      Roger P. Weissberg, CASEL (chair)
     healthy social and emotional development.         lenting and passionate pursuit of a single
                                                                                                         Maurice J. Elias, Rutgers University
     One program that she developed allows             goal over time, in spite of obstacles. She has
                                                                                                         Mark T. Greenberg, Pennsylvania State University
     children to design and inhabit a 3-D virtual      found that this trait, more than any other
     city where they create their own charac-          measured variable, can be used to predict
                                                                                                         Norris M. Haynes, Southern Connecticut State University
     ters, stories, and the society’s rules, laws,     retention at West Point and victory in the        Herbert J. Walberg, University of Illinois at Chicago
     and social organization.                          National Spelling Bee.

     Marc Brackett, Yale University: Marc
     Brackett focuses on the measurement of emo-
                                                       Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade, San Francisco
                                                       State University: Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade’s
                                                                                                                             Research Award Nominations Committee

                                                                                                         J. Lawrence Aber, New York University
                                                                                                                                                                                         The Joseph E. Zins
     tion-related skills and ways in which emotion-
     based skills training can improve the lives of
     students and educators. He co-developed the
                                                       research interests and publications cover
                                                       urban schooling and curriculum change,
                                                       urban teacher development and retention,
                                                                                                         Richard F. Catalano, University of Washington
                                                                                                         Sandra Christenson, University of Minnesota
                                                                                                         James Comer, Yale University
                                                                                                                                                                                         Awards for Early
     RULER model of emotional literacy—                and cultural and ethnic studies. His work
     Recognition, Understanding, Labeling,
     Expression, and Regulation of emotion.
                                                       has focused on helping students acquire the
                                                       sociocultural knowledge and self-awareness
                                                       they will need to meet everyday challenges
                                                                                                         Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University
                                                                                                         Susanne Denham, George Mason University
                                                                                                         Joseph A. Durlak, Loyola University Chicago
                                                                                                                                                                                         Career Contributions
     Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas:
     Robert Crosnoe uses a multidisciplinary
     approach to study the connection between
                                                       that arise across different cultural contexts.

                                                       Stephanie Jones, Fordham University:
                                                                                                         Jacqueline Eccles, University of Michigan
                                                                                                         Denise Gottfredson, University of Maryland
                                                                                                         Robert C. Granger, William T. Grant Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                         to SEL Research
                                                                                                                                                                                         and Practice
     students’ social and emotional development        The nature and structure of social and emo-       J. David Hawkins, University of Washington
     and academic progress, and the degree to          tional problems and competencies in both          Leonard Jason, DePaul University
     which this contributes to patterns of inequali-   early childhood and adolescence has been          Pedro Noguera, New York University
     ty. One example is his large-scale project        Stephanie Jones’s primary research focus.
                                                                                                         David Osher, American Institutes for Research
     examining long-term effects of social margin-     Her work concentrates on the impact of
     alization on females and males in high school.    broad ecological risks, such as poverty and
                                                                                                         Cheryl L. Perry, University of Texas
                                                       exposure to community violence, and on            Robert Pianta, University of Virginia
     Celene Domitrovich, Penn State                    social-emotional problems and competen-           Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, University of California, Los Angeles
     Prevention Research Center: Celene                cies in early childhood, including parenting      Peter Salovey, Yale University
     Domitrovich’s primary interest is preventive      and children’s emotion regulation and skills.     Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania
     interventions that promote social and emo-                                                          Robert Selman, Harvard University
     tional competence and reduce mental               Melissa Stigler, University of Texas:             Robert J. Sternberg, Tufts University
     health problems in preschool- and school-         Melissa Stigler’s research focuses on pre-        Edward F. Zigler, Yale University
     aged children. She created the preschool          venting high-risk behaviors and promoting
     version of the Promoting Alternative              positive behaviors through innovative
     Thinking Strategies (PATHS) curriculum,           strategies designed to teach social skills
     which provides teachers with lessons and
     activities to improve children’s social and
                                                       needed in coping with unhealthy social and
                                                       environmental influences. For more than a
                                                                                                                                Practice Award Selection Committee
                                                                                                                                                                                       Presented at the CASEL Forum
     emotional skills.                                 decade, she and her research team have
                                                       been working on several projects in India
                                                                                                         Mary Utne O’Brien, CASEL (chair)
                                                                                                         Sheldon Berman, Louisville, Kentucky                                            on Educating All Children
     Angela Duckworth, University of                   that are designed to deter tobacco use,           Janice Jackson, Harvard University
     Pennsylvania: The focus of Angela                 unhealthy eating, and physical inactivity.        Linda Lantieri, Inner Resilience Program                                          for Social, Emotional,
                                                                                                         Janet Patti, Hunter College

SEL Practice Award Finalists
                                                                                                         Terry Pickeral, Education Commission of the States                              and Academic Excellence:
     Julea Douglass, Associate Director,               included teaching a “bullying proofing and
                                                                                                                              Practice Award Nominations Committee                       From Knowledge to Action
     School-Connect, Los Angeles: Recognizing          assets building” curriculum, implementing a
                                                                                                         Elizabeth Burmaster, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
     the need for systematic approaches to SEL         schoolwide Caring Community framework
                                                                                                         Gene Carter, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
     at the high school level, Julea Douglass and      that included student recognition programs
     her colleague Kathy Beland spent the past         for caring deeds, and training classroom
                                                                                                         Michael Casserly, The Council of the Great City Schools
     four years researching, writing, piloting,        teachers and staff in “pre-referral” interven-    Gail Connelly, National Association of Elementary School Principals
     publishing, and marketing a 40-lesson cur-        tion strategies, classroom management, and        Amalia Cuervo, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, U.S. Dept. of Education
     riculum, School-Connect: Optimizing the
     High School Experience. It is now being
                                                       communication skills.                             Libia Gil, American Institutes for Research
                                                                                                         Susan Gorin, National Association of School Psychologists
                                                                                                                                                                                                December 10, 2007
     used in more than 100 high schools.               Jennifer Vargo, Columbus, Ohio: Jennifer
                                                       Vargo worked closely with the late Joseph
                                                                                                         Betty Hale, Institute for Educational Leadership                                         New York City
                                                                                                         Paul Houston, American Association of School Administrators
     Jennifer Miller, Educational Consultant,          E. Zins to develop and implement the              Stephanie Pace Marshall, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
     Toledo, Ohio: In 2006, Jennifer Miller was        Access to Better Care (ABC) School-
                                                                                                         Monte Moses, Cherry Creek School District, Greenwood Village, Colorado
     hired by the United Way of Greater Toledo         Community Partnership program. The proj-
                                                                                                         Nel Noddings, Stanford University
     Women’s Initiative to create and implement        ect helps Ohio schools and districts imple-
     a schoolwide change model for integrating         ment a comprehensive and coordinated              Mary Lou Rush, Ohio Department of Education
     SEL into the curriculum and creating a car-       model of prevention and early intervention        Merle Schwartz, Character Education Partnership                                 The Collaborative for Academic, Social,
     ing learning community. Over the next two         programming.                                      Dennis Sparks, Independent Consultant
     years she will work with a district-level                                                           Gerald N. Tirozzi, National Association of Secondary School Principals                 and Emotional Learning
     team to implement the program in schools                                                            Kwok-Sze Richard Wong, American School Counselor Association
     throughout Toledo.                                                                                  Marilyn Watson, Writer and Educator
                                                       For more information about the Joseph E.
     Melissa Reeves, Psychologist, Cherry              Zins Awards for Early Career
     Creek School District, Greenwood                  Contributions to SEL Research and
     Village, Colorado: Melissa Reeves’s accom-        Practice, visit our website at
     plishments in her school district have  
Joseph E. Zins                                                                 Awards Program                                                               SEL Research Award Winner:
                                                                                                                                                            Sara Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia
     In 2007, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional
     Learning (CASEL) established the Joseph E. Zins Awards for Early                                                                                     Sara Rimm-Kaufman is an associate professor of Educational
     Career Contributions to SEL Research and Practice to honor the                                                                                       Psychology at the University of Virginia and director of the universi-
     memory and promote the work and lifelong professional passions of                                                                                    ty’s Social Development Laboratory. Her research focuses on the con-
     our beloved colleague Joe Zins, who died in 2006 at the age of 56. Joe                                                                               tribution of teachers and classroom social processes to children’s
     cared about growing the field of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
                                                                                Opening Comments                                                          social, emotional, and academic learning, especially for children at
     He cared about nurturing young scholars and practitioners who would        Timothy P. Shriver, Chair, CASEL Board                                    risk of school failure. In addition, her research examines the contri-
                              lead the next generation of SEL profession-       of Directors                                                              butions of SEL interventions to improving teachers’ capacity to work
                              als. His own work exemplified the blending of                                                                                with children as well as enhancing children’s academic and social per-
                              rigorous scientific research and effective                                                                                   formance.
                              practice that CASEL has upheld as an abid-        Special Guest
                              ing standard.                                                                                                               Since 2001, she has been conducting research on the Responsive
                                                                                Charlene R. Ponti, Psychologist, Hamilton County
                                                                                                                                                          Classroom approach focused on children’s growth and development.
                               Early in the life of CASEL, Joe Zins drew a      (Ohio) Educational Services Center                                        Responsive Classroom is designed to create classroom climates con-
                               card with the word “purpose” on it during a                                                                                ducive to social and academic learning. Her work has resulted in
                               CASEL team-building activity. Many years                                                                                   seven papers documenting the ways in which the approach con-
                               later, at another CASEL gathering, he told       Presentation of Awards                                                    tributes to teachers’ priorities and beliefs, improves classroom quality,
                               the group that although back then he did not     Maurice J. Elias, Professor, Department                                   contributes to greater bonding toward school, and produces small to
                               know the card’s precise significance for him,     of Psychology, Rutgers University                                         moderate gains in children’s social skills and academic achievement.
          Joseph E. Zins
                               he knew it was important and had held on to                                                                                Recently she received a grant to conduct a larger and more rigorous
     it all that time. He had come to realize that CASEL was his profes-                                                                                  study of the Responsive Classroom approach. This study will also
     sional purpose, he said. CASEL’s work was deeply and personally            Norris M. Haynes, Professor of Counseling and                             examine the interactions between teacher capacity building, student
     important to him. He wanted to support our efforts in whatever way                                                                                   SEL skills, and an inquiry-based math curriculum.
     best served the organization and children. Two weeks after this meet-
                                                                                School Psychology, Southern Connecticut State
     ing, Joe died suddenly, following a heart attack. CASEL and many           University                                                                She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from
     generous donors knew we needed to honor Joe’s commitment.                                                                                            Harvard University.

     At the time of his death, Joseph E. Zins was a professor in the College    Remarks of Award Winners
     of Education of the University of Cincinnati and director of the uni-      SEL Research Award Winner: Sara Rimm-
     versity’s doctoral program in special education. He was nationally and
     internationally respected for his expertise in the areas of Social and
                                                                                Kaufman, University of Virginia
     Emotional Learning, prevention, and individual and organizational                                                                                      SEL Practice Award Winner:
     consultation. Among his 12 books are Building Academic Success on          SEL Practice Award Winner: Victoria Blakeney,
     Social and Emotional Learning (2004); Bullying, Peer Harassment,
                                                                                                                                                            Victoria Blakeney, Anchorage School District,
     and Victimization in the Schools (2003); and Promoting Social and          Anchorage School District, Anchorage, Alaska                                Anchorage, Alaska
     Emotional Learning: Guidelines for Educators (1997).
                                                                                                                                                          Since 2004, Victoria Blakeney has been the Social and Emotional
                                                                                                                                                          Learning Curriculum Coordinator for the Anchorage School District.
                                                                                                                                                          Working with a district committee and consulting with national
The Awards                                                                                                                                                experts on SEL, she led the effort to develop SEL standards and
                                                                                                                                                          benchmarks in her district and is currently working with teachers to
     One of CASEL’s strategic goals is to support and encourage the devel-                                                                                develop the district’s SEL standards-based report card. She and her
     opment of a new generation of leaders in SEL practice and research.                                                                                  team have aligned the SEL standards with more than 14 school pro-
     Thus, CASEL plans to present the Joseph E. Zins awards annually to                                                                                   grams and curricula and are training teachers to make SEL standards
     two outstanding SEL professionals under the age of 40. This year, a                                                                                  a key part of their lesson plans.
     panel of experts from across the country selected 14 finalists from a
     group of distinguished nominees.                                                                                                                     She also serves on the district’s Culturally Responsive Education
                                                                                                                                                          Action Committee, a role that enabled her to design a Culturally
     Research Award: This award is presented to a young researcher who                                                                                    Responsive Teaching Continuum that helps teachers assess the cul-
     has made substantial contributions to the field of Social and                                                                                         tural responsiveness of their teaching practices. She has trained
     Emotional Learning in schools. These contributions could include                                                                                     teachers throughout the district to use both the continuum and the
     basic research, theoretical contributions, or research on curriculum,                                                                                SEL standards at conferences and in staff meetings, credit classes at
     policies, or practices.                                                                                                                              the local university, and pre-service trainings. As the coach for a dis-
                                                                                                                                                          trict high school that is piloting the SEL standards, she has helped
     Practice Award: This award is presented to a young practitioner who
                                                                                                                                                          teachers write and implement the SEL standards-based curriculum
     has contributed substantially to promoting system-level changes for        We wish to thank the nearly 100 individuals who made special contribu-    they use in their high school advisory.
     SEL in schools. These contributions could include creating models of       tions to the CASEL fund established to commemorate the life and work of
     systemic change, implementing innovative programming, or influenc-          Joseph E. Zins, which helped to create this award to promising young      She holds degrees in education and educational leadership from
     ing local, state, or federal policy.                                       leaders in the field of SEL.                                               Western Washington University and the University of Alaska.

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