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					Career Moves for Today’s Economy:
    Stimulus Jobs in a Digital Age

            March 19, 2009


                Our lawyers made us do this.

Please consult your accountant, lawyer and professional human
 resource expert for matters regarding employment decisions.



  • Welcome & Introductions
  • How to Cope with Being Laid Off. Carmin Wharton & Frank

  • How to Find Economic Stimulus Jobs. Carmin Wharton

  • Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World. Frank Shines
  • Real-Life Case Studies

  • Question & Answer Session


Why Skill of Success?

• Bring over 40 years of combined experience in career
 counseling, recruiting and hiring…

• …In government, academic, military, corporate, small biz
 & start-up

• Have personally worked with and for the largest
 corporations, public sector institutions and small biz’s:
 • IBM                         • McKesson Corporation
 • Johnson & Johnson           • Pfizer
 • State of Florida            • UC Berkeley
 • Abbot Labs                  • 24 Hour Fitness
 • US Air Force                • Florida A&M University
 • Exxon-Mobil                 • Engineering Manufacturing Services
 • Chrysler                    • Hillsborough Community College
 • Ernst & Young               • Sears & Roebuck
 • Newport News Shipbuilding   • University of Michigan


Why Skill of Success?

    • Carmin Wharton.       Author, Career Counselor, Internet
     Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur with 25 years of proven,
     hands-on experience in both the public and private sectors
     with a focus on higher education. Holds an BA in Sociology
     from University of South Florida; and MS in Management and
     Administration of Education Programs.

    • Frank Shines.     Over 20 years experience as Author and
     award-winning business and technology Consultant with IBM
     & Ernst & Young. Has flown Air Force jets, competed and
     trained with Olympic athletes and traveled the world
     consulting top military brass and Fortune 500 executives.
     Holds a BS in Management, US Air Force Academy; and MBA
     in Marketing Statistics.


Why Should I Listen?

    • Emotions. If you fall apart, your job search falls apart;
      relationship could fall apart; and your entire family suffers.

    • Stimulus Jobs. Many of the old economy jobs are never
      coming back. Position yourself for next-generation & high-pay
      stimulus jobs.

    • New Job Market. Digital Era / Web 2.0. Use proven
      fundamentals but in a new way – with a “digital twist.”

    • Failure to Understand your emotions, stimulus job
      opportunities and the new job market could cost you millions
      in potential earnings.


Why You Should Care

          • About $6 to $9 billion earmarked for broadband

          • Large expansion of high-speed Internet to rural and
            underserved areas

          • A $10B investment represents roughly 500,000 broad-band
            related jobs 1

          • There will be blue-collar (installation) and white-collar (tech)
            jobs as well as management / supervisory and administrative

  1   Source: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a non-partisan think tank)


Coping with (Possible) Job Loss

    It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most
    intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

                                           Charles Darwin


Anticipate the Emotional Rollercoaster

                                            Concern About   Initial Response to    Recovery   Successful
                                              Job Loss            Job Loss          Period    Transition
  Emotional State & Personal Productivity

                                                             High Stress & Low

                                                            change –

                                                                   Refuse change
                                                                    – experience
                                                                    MORE PAIN



Coping with Job Loss
How to cope with being laid off

   There are probably two types of people attending this webinar

   • Those who have been laid off
   • Those who are afraid they will be laid off

   We are going to look at how

   • You can prepare for a potential lay off
   • What you can do to help yourself if you’ve been laid off


Coping with Job Loss
How to prepare for a layoff before it happens

    Realize that a layoff is a one-two punch
    • Financial toll
    • Emotional stress

    Stabilize your finances as much as possible
    • Build an emergency fund of 3-6 months living expenses.
    • Find a way to make extra money.

    Be emotionally ready
    • “If I am laid off, I know the first thing I should do immediately after
      receiving the news to leave the premises.”
    • Go home and collect yourself.
    • Take advice from the next section.

    Consult HR advisor / expert outside of the company


Coping with Job Loss
Things to remember re: layoffs

     • Losing a job is one of the most stressful experiences
       one can encounter.

     • Do not take this personal – it is a job position, not

     • Remember that … “This too shall pass.”

     • You will get through this and we’re going to do all we
       can to help.


Coping with Job Loss
What to do immediately after a layoff

   • Feel free to cry on the shoulder of your family and friends.
   • Calmly discuss changes that will have to be made with
     spouse/partner and other affected family members
   • Will your spouse or partner have to take on a part-time job or work
   • Will your discretionary income have to go toward bills?
   • If you have a child in college, discuss the feasibility of that child
     getting a part-time job.

    Additional resources for part-time jobs:


Coping with Job Loss
What to do immediately after a layoff

    Critically review your financial situation
    • Are you a single or a couple?
    • Have emergency funds set aside or not?
    • Should you seek a part-time job while you are job seeking?

    Make appointment with HR
    • Severance package
    • COBRA health
    • Unused vacation / sick time
    • Roll over 401K to an IRA, etc.
    • Employer’s outplacement services

    Other must dos:
    • File for unemployment compensation – immediately
    • Find support groups for laid off people (e.g.,
    • Continue to network: online (LinkedIn, Plaxo, Spoke); offline
      (professional organizations, Job Fairs, Chambers of Commerce, etc.)


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs

      “Repairing our infrastructure, modernizing
       our schools and our hospitals, promoting
       the clean, alternative energy sources that
     will help us finally declare our independence
                    from foreign oil.”

                                - President Obama


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
Sectors in Which Jobs Will Be Available

                            •   Construction
                            •   Science
                            •   Technology
                            •   Energy
                            •   Engineering
                            •   Education
                            •   Health Care
                            •   Law Enforcement


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
What Types of Jobs Will Be Available

  • Construction jobs will include: road construction, installation of solar panels,
  wind turbines, etc.

  • Manufacturing jobs will also sprout from the construction jobs.

  • Biggest thrust is a national two-fer: creating jobs while shoring up the
  nation's infrastructure, including roads, bridges, rail lines, and wastewater
  and drinking water facilities.

  • Broader than traditional hard-hat jobs
       • transit coordinators
       • waste disposal engineers
       • accountants and managers with experience in large construction


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
What Types of Jobs Will Be Available

  White Collar Jobs

  • Engineers for construction projects
  • Schools wired for broadband internet access
  • Supervisory experience will be needed to oversee projects
  • Medical research opportunities
  • Leisure and hospitality as business travel / vacation increases
  • Stimulus bill includes $19 billion for updating health information technology
  • Hardware and software companies
  • Computer assemblers to systems analysts & project managers


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
What types of jobs will be available

 Green Collar Jobs

 Jobs aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, reducing dependence on
 oil, or reducing consumption of other non-renewable sources.

 Examples include:

 • Architects
 • Manufacturers
 • Installers of solar panels
 • Energy rating auditors


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
How will this work?
                                                   Stimulus $’s
  • Federal and state agencies create
                                                  Federal & State
  • Companies are selected w/ preference to       Create Projects

  those that create jobs quickly
                                                Companies Selected
                                                 for Work & Funding
  • Creates a trickle-down of work

   Example: Engineering firm wins contract;      Staffing Positions
  must increase staff and also hire materials         Available

  suppliers; must handle new invoicing that
  comes through.


Finding Economic Stimulus Jobs
How to find these newly created jobs

   • For jobs in your area see White House blog posting “Jobs in all 50
    States” (

   • Search for federal government jobs at:

   • Become a MyUSAJobs member

   • No substitute for tapping into your personal and professional
    relationships and networking


Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World
The new world of work can be a rude awakening!

        “You’re a nobody unless your name Googles well.” – WSJ
         “You’re a nobody unless your name Googles well.” – WSJ

    • This is NOT a typical recession

    • Many of the jobs of the past will NEVER return

    • More than 80% of recruiters use search engines to learn
         more about candidates 1

    • Must combine proven, traditional search techniques with online

    1   Source:


Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World
The global, economic landscape is changing -- forever

•   1970s: 1 in 5 US jobs was in manufacturing
•   By 2003, proportion fell to about 1 in 10
•   US lost 4.1 million mfg. jobs (1998 and 2008)
•   Toyota passed GM as largest auto maker
•   Banking and investment never be the same
•   The days of “flipping” houses, over-leveraging
    and access to cheap credit are gone
• Between 1985 and 2000, 3 billion new
                                                                                                    1999 - 2009
    competitors enter the labor market
• GM stock has plummeted from high of $88.75 to
    $1.86 today (5 Mar 2009)

     Sources:; Google Finance


Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World
Double-wammy: loss in value of home and stock investments

                              Home Price Index

           250.00                                                        • High: 58.12; Low: 8.51
                                                                         • Lowest since 1995


                                                            Home Index


                1985   1990   1995   2000     2005   2010
                          Years (1987-2008)


Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World
Current recession is faster and deeper than others





Managing Your Career in a Web 2.0 World
Unemployment rises to 8.1%, wages flattening for most
                                                                   “You can date an
                                                                    “You can date an
                                US Unemployment Rate Climbing    earthquake. But you
                                                                  earthquake. But you
                                                                 can’t date aadecline.”
                                                                  can’t date decline.”
                                                                 - -Dr. W. Edwards Deming
                                                                     Dr. W. Edwards Deming
                                                                 (The American Statistician
                                                                  (The American Statistician
                                                                 Who Taught the Japanese
                                                                  Who Taught the Japanese

                     Income Growth Flat for Lower Wage-Earners


      Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
The New Way to Conduct Your Job Search

     Job Search               Old School                         New School
       Tools                 Fundamentals
   Resume             Paper-based                       • Digital: MS Word Doc. or PDF
                                                        • Online via
   Alumni Networks,   Face to face attendance at        Online networking via
   Professional,      annual conventions and monthly    Professional Affinity Groups
   Volunteer          chapter meetings                  Examples: LinkedIn Groups,
   Associations                                         Alumni Groups like ZoomieNation
   Publications       Get published in trade journals   Submit professional articles via
                                                        eZineArticles and self-publishing
   Rolodex and        Type resume, cover letter and     Maintain and updated LinkedIn
   References         get references after job loss     Profile for online resume, rolodex
                                                        and references / endorsements

   Showcasing your    “Brag book” or portfolio folder   Personal branding and online
   work                                                 portfolio via blog, professional
                                                        website, etc.


Get (and Stay) Connected Online!
Tap into your college, trade and professional associations online

                                          Ernst & Young Alumni

 WestPoint, Annapolis, AF Academy   USAF Academy Grads


Case Studies
Real Life Examples

  • Frank Shines. Military transition; corporate and Hi-Tech Start-up. Has a family,
   mortgage, etc.        Results:   Used the tools and information outlined in this
   presentation to land top paying jobs with US Air Force, Westinghouse, IBM, Ernst &
   Young and hi-tech firms.

  • Alex J. Two years out of high school with some college but blemished personal
   record. Has to land a job within 30 days. Results: Used the tools and information
   outlined in this presentation to land an entry level job that provided health care and
   tuition assistance.

  • Betty N. Five years of work experience & college grad. Stuck in rut at current job
   with low pay and no opportunity for advancement. Must have job in hand before
   resigning. Results: Used the tools and information outlined in this presentation to
   land a job at Fortune 70 firm for 50% more pay, visa sponsorship, better benefits
   and tuition assistance to complete a Master’s Degree.



    Thank you




Additional Resources


Resources / References

  1.   Knock’em Dead by Martin Yate. If you read and re-read no other book on career success and
       advancement, read this one!
  2.   What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles. The Job Hunter’s Bible – simply put, a must read.
  3.   150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs by Laurence Shatkin.
  4.   Find career-related events and conferences in your area.
  5.   Write and publish your own online articles to increase your online image and expertise in chosen
       field. ,,
  6.   Manage your online image and personal branding for career success in a Web 2.0 World.,,,,,
  7.   Find latest info on Obama administration stimulus jobs.
  8.   Tracking Broadband Jobs & Grant Opportunities.


Resources / References
Work from Home Jobs. About 80% of the work at home jobs found online are scams! So be careful. Stick only
with reputable sites that have been reviewed and recommended by leading consumer advocacy groups. Here are
a few LEGITIMATE job opportunities from out list of dozens. We hope this gives you a good start.

1. Jet Blue. Reservations specialists for this $3.4 billion dollar airline company. (
2. Amphion Medical. Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing home-based professions in the country. Medical
transcriptionists translate doctor dictated audio files into an electronic typed format. Because of the nature of the work,
most medical transcriptionists are able to work from home. A recent survey of MTs in the United States indicated that
approximately 83% of all transcriptionists work at home (
3. Become an online tutor. Must complete a thorough application and pass an extensive screening process.
You'll also receive access to videos and other resources to become a Certified Online Tutor. The company is also
considering applicants for full time work with full benefits and fitness club membership. (
4. Grindstone. Currently seeking talented "Outbound" Telemarketers for Business Appointment Setting or Direct Sales
5. Fusion Cash. Looking for personnel to fill out free offer forms of various products and services online
6.Limu. When you teach at Limu, you decide on the amount to charge your Learner(s) for attending your Knowledge
Asset(s). We will collect the fees from your Learner(s) and pay you your teaching income balance at the end of each
month. We keep a percentage of the Knowledge Asset fee, or a minimum of US$1 per Knowledge Asset in return for
providing you with our services (
7. Live Ops. Work from home as a customer service agent using your own computer and telephone. There is an online
training program and a $30 fee to conduct your background check. Starters make about $6-10 per hour and seasoned
workers can earn about $20/hour. (