Our Story &
          Our Location
                                                                                               A learning center
                                            The Career Development Academy                       for adults at
                                            (CDA) was originally established in 2005
                                            to meet the educational and career needs
                                            of immigrant language learners. The CDA
                                            now serves all adults in the area with a
                                            pathway to a high school diploma, a transi-
                                            tion to work or college, and a tool to im-
                                            prove economic and career prospects. Es-
                                            pecially with the External Diploma Pro-
                                            gram addition, CDA is now poised to offer
                                            all adult members of the Harrisonburg City
Memorial Hall is located at 395             - Rockingham County area a pathway to
South High Street (Route 42), at the        transition from adult education to higher
intersection with Grace Street. Parking     education to career success.
with a permit is available in lots desig-
nated with a “C” on the sign (C6, C7,
C8, C13, C 14, C15, etc.).

                                                Showing the world how to lead in          Showing the world how to lead in the
                                                                                                field of adult education:
                                                 the field of adult education:

                                                                                          THE CAREER
                                                  A learning center for adults at         DEVELOPMENT
                                                    James Madison University
             Community                                    High School                                         Enrollment &
              Services                                      Diploma                                              Tuition

English as a second language non-            The National External Diploma Pro-                  Enrollment Dates:
credit classes are offered at various lev-   gram (EDP) serves as an alternative                 Please call for information about our
els at various locations to adult immi-      pathway to high school completion.                  next enrollment dates: 540.568.8774.
grant language learners. Listening,          Motivated and mature adults 21-years                Or, find us on the web:
speaking, reading, writing, grammar,         old and above with life and work ex-                coe/ltle/careerdevelopment.shtml
and American accent acquisition are all      perience are assessed through calcu-                Tuition:
addressed with help from a staff of lan-     lating, reading, writing,                           Classroom Services:
guage acquisition professionals with ex-     listening, and speaking                             Registration for classes typically costs
tensive certifications, degrees and lin-     in simulations, demon-                              $60.00 and course fees usually are
guistic backgrounds.                         strations, research pro-                            $30.00 per course. Textbook extra.
Math, Science, Social Studies and            jects, and portfolio in-                            Diploma Services:
Language Arts non-credit classes are         stead of a single, high-                            The EDP averages about $970.00 for a
offered to all adults in the community in    stakes, time-limited, mul- It’s never too late to   typical client to receive 9 months of
order to develop career skills, facilitate   tiple-choice test. Adults                           service leading to a diploma.
English language acquisition, and reme-      that were left behind for
diate academic skills for GED and EDP        many reasons can now show what
adult high school credential programs.       they know in a way that validly trans-
Opportunities for service, study, and        lates their acquired skills and talents
research in a laboratory for learning are    into a local adult high school diploma
offered to JMU students and professors       in order to achieve greater academic
from various disciplines such as educa-      and economic success. This achieve-
tion, foreign languages, speech pathol-      ment also positively impacts self-
                                                                                                         Career Development Academy
ogy, etc. Study abroad, clinical applica-    worth, community involvement, and
tion and student teaching are now on         family education.                                              Memorial Hall room 7345
campus!                                                                                                395 South High Street, MSC6913

                                                                                                             Harrisonburg, VA 22807

                                                                                                              Phone: 540.568.8774


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