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									    Information Technology
        Career Ladder                                      Who is Tech Collective?
    Average Salary               Years Exp.        Tech Collective is the technology industry asso-            Opportunities in the
                                                   ciation of Rhode Island. A non-profit organiza-
     $30,000—$65,000             l-4 years         tion, we derive our funding from membership,              Information Technology
  Software programmer, Web master, Network         fundraising and grant awards.* With a dedicated                 Industry
                                                   focus on Community Building and Workforce
 technician, Network installer, Desktop support
                                                   Development, our mission is to foster a burgeon-
              specialist, Help desk.
                                                   ing knowledge economy in Rhode Island
    $65,000—$90,000              5-10 years        through:

    Project manager, Applications support              Uniting industry, government and education
 specialist, Database designer, programmer/            Raising technology awareness and participation
                                                       Creating a highly-skilled workforce pipeline
  analyst, Network administrator, Software
                                                       Growing the economy through high-wage careers
        engineer and Technical writer.
                                                       Creating strong, proactive, collaborative and lead-
                                                       ership-driven technology industries
     $90,000—$130,000            10+ years

    Systems architect and business systems         More than 150 companies, individuals and or-
  analyst, Data communications architect and       ganizations are actively involved in our mission.                Tech Collective
  Network analysts. Systems security analyst,                                                                  3 Davol Square, Box 183
   operating system developer/programmer.                                                                       Providence, RI 02903
                  $130,000 +                                                                                      401-521-7805 x 105
  Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology        
         Officer, Chief Executive Officer
                                                       Kathie Shields               3 Davol Square
        ————————————————                                                          Box 183 Suite 330A
                                                      Executive Director
*Funded through the Industry Partnership               Email address:            Providence, RI 02903
Initiative                                  401-521-7805 x 105
   Information Technology                                           IT GROWTH                                 IT Degree and Certification
      Industry Overview                                                                                               Programs

                                                                                                            A significant portion of IT education is
                                                                                                            attained through industry recognized
       What is Information
                                                                                                            degrees and certifications. The following
                                                                                                            post secondary institutions and training
Information Technology, “IT”, is the                                                                        providers offer several technician and
                                                            Nationally, the US Bureau of Labor
field of work dealing with computers                                                                        specialist programs. They are also exam-
                                                            Statistics reports the Information
and technology. The primary goal of                                                                         ples of where one may begin to look for
                                                            Technology industry is currently one of
IT companies and divisions is to                                                                            IT training:
                                                            the fastest growing and highest paying
provide fast, easy and efficient means
of internal and external communica-                         in the country.
tion, via numerous technology prod-                                                                            Brown University:
ucts.                                                       In Rhode Island, the state’s Economic              Bryant University:
                                                            Development Corporation reports the
Because it is so dynamic, the Infor-                        IT and Digital Media sectors today              Community College of RI:
mation Technology industry offers a                         provide almost 16,000 jobs and over $1
variety of flexibility and high-wage                                                                          Johnson & Wales Univ.
                                                            billion in wages.
career opportunities. IT                                                                                      Learning Gate Computer Learning
professionals have the option to
                                                            According to, the salary of              Centers:
choose what technologies they will
specialize in and what industries they                      an IT professional ranges from $30,000
                                                                                                            MotoRing Technical Training Institute:
will work in.                                               up to over $130,000 annually depending
                                                            on the position, certification and
Just look around and you can see                            experience.                                         New England Tech:
how much we rely on technology
                                                                                                              New Horizons Computer Learning
every day. Then imagine being part                          Almost every company and industry
of this exciting, growing and fast                          now use some form of IT—from tradi-
paced industry!                                             tional networking companies to                     Rhode Island College:
                                                            Homeland Security, from graphic arts
                                                            and multimedia designers to                          RI Dept. of Labor & Training:
                                                            construction companies and hospitals.
                                                                                                            University of Rhode Island:
    It is a myth that Information Technology is a “dying” or outsourced industry. In fact, it’s quite the
    opposite! IT careers are flourishing in Rhode Island and the IT industry is expected to grown 68%
                                nationally. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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