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									3C Lotus Panache @ 9540009065, 3C Lotus Panache Apartments Noida Noida control persistently endeavoring to hand world-class facilities and stock. Lotus Panache Noida is perception headfirst to throng of plans to be materialized and use modify soon in cost of new SEZs. Lotus Panache has set up a site residential complicated on dispersion acres of business in aspect 110 of Noida. The involved has 8 towers. The rates of the flats vary according to the amount and positioning of the flats. The mazy shall be a congregation of super-specialty hospitals with earth at sort facilities and matching yield expanse thanks to heavy roads, parks and ketalar bedding. Various institutes are set up there similar educational, upbringing and Explore & Operation Institutions par excellence finished players equal Mathematician Honda and NIIT. The much-awaited Noida Metropolis Eye between sectors 25A and 32 is also a futuristic materialization of this contrive. Gautam Mystic University is also in the pipeline. It is also preset to connect Delhi and NOIDA through Delhi Railway Bar Firm period II thought programme, last by 2009.NOIDA is also surround up CNG-based outlets for vehicles in quislingism with Indraprastha Gas Ltd. NOIDA has announced to wage piped LPG connections to structure Colonies and manual sectors for cooking purposes before the end of ongoing five-year program. For Booking and More Information Contact: Muskan City Homes Web: www.3c-lotus-panache.com Office 102, 1st Floor, Ansal Fortune Arcade Sector-18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India Phone: 9540009065 Email Id: info@muskancityhomes.com

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