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 ETS will cost jobs and hit families
Families will be hard hit by the Rudd government’s
emissions trading scheme. It will be felt in higher
prices for food, electricity, gas, transport, and result
in serious job losses and a fall in the standard of
living. The promised compensation will not cover
the costs of the scheme to families.
The government’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)
is effectively a tax. Starting in 2012-13 it will cost
the taxpayer the equivalent of having the GST
raised from 10 per cent to 12.5 per cent, as outlined
by financial commentator, Terry McCrann, in The
Australian, August 8.
The system will work by the government selling
permits (emission units) to corporations, businesses
                                                                               Big ETS losers: Families will not escape a huge
and farmers that emit carbon dioxide (CO2). Then                               increased tax burden — equivalent to a 12.5% GST.
as in a game of musical chairs, each successive
year the government removes some of the permits,                               The United States Senate has currently delayed its
making those remaining more expensive.                                         vote on the Waxman-Markey Bill, the counterpart
                                                                               to Australia’s ETS. The US proposals are also going
Key industries affected will include power generators,                         to heavily tax Americans and cost jobs, although
oil, coal, farming, transport, major electricity users                         they will be less damaging than the government’s
like aluminium smelting, minerals processing,                                  ETS.
cement, heavy industry and many more.
                                                                               Nationals’ Senate Leader, Barnaby Joyce, has
The ETS will act like a tax, adding to the cost of                             pointed out that “Americans are not very keen
everything bought and sold by about $12.5 billion                              about bills that put Americans out of work,” adding
in its first year.                                                             that Australia’s ETS proposal “is a direct attack on
                                                                               working families.”
Further, as there will be no referral back to
parliament, the amount raised could double or                                  Key blue-collar unions are strongly opposed to the
triple that rate, as the government progressively                              ETS, arguing that it will see the end of jobs for many
takes back permits.                                                            of their members.
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                                                                                 	   ETS will cost jobs and hit families         1
                                                                                s	   National Marriage Day                       2
 MAJOR GENERAL MICHAEL JEFFERY, A.C., A.O. (Mil), C.V.O., M.C.(Retd).           s	
                                                                                 	   Kids First Parent Association               4
 DR. T.B. LYNCH, A.O., M.B., B.S., F.R.A.C.P.                                   s	
                                                                                 	   Defending religious freedom                 5
 MAJOR GENERAL PETER R. PHILLIPS, A.O., M.C., B.A. (Qld), F.A.I.C.D.            s	
                                                                                 	   Cotton On cottons on                        7
 JUDGE FRANK WALSH.                                                             s	
                                                                                 	   Getting Real - Sexualisation of Girls       8

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A U S T R A L I A N                              F A M I LY                   A S S O C I A T I O N

While the government has claimed that new “green
jobs” will be created, it is doubtful that there will be               ACTION
enough new jobs to replace the jobs lost.
At enormous government expense, the Spanish                        Write to your Federal Labor MPs and Senators
government introduced an ambitious scheme to                       telling them that the bill is going to cost
reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but for every 4                   Australians jobs and MPs votes. The more
new “green jobs” it created 9 jobs were lost as a                  Australians find out how costly this scheme will
result of the scheme.                                              be, the more horrified they become.
There are many issues associated with the issue of                 Write to your Coalition MPs and Senators
carbon dioxide emissions. However, several points                  reminding them that the electorate is becoming
are relevant to Australia.                                         more and more opposed to the government’s
First, as Terry McCrann points out, the government’s               emissions trading plan, and encouraging them
ETS plan “is to absolutely no purpose. Even cutting                in their efforts to inform the public of the threat
our CO2 emissions to zero would make zero                          the ETS poses to their livelihood and family
difference to global emissions.”                                   living standards. Warn them that siding with the
                                                                   government is likely to result in protest votes
Second, the science surrounding the claims that                    flowing to independents.
CO2 causes a rise in the earth’s temperature is very
Third, unlike some other gases produced by industry,
CO2 is not a pollutant gas. It is vital for all plant life.
Hence it is vital for all life on earth.
The ETS will cost industry and jobs, and lead to                    Note: AFA members can now email their
higher prices of all necessities for families. It’s the             Federal MPs and Senators from the AFA
last thing Australians families need in the middle of               website:
the worst global economic crisis since 1929.

                   National Marriage Day
                                      Major General Michael Jeffery

A speech by Major General Michael Jeffery on the                  separated through military necessity, including
occassion of the inaugural National Marriage Day                  overseas postings, operational service and lengthy
in Canberra, August 13, 2009                                      training courses.
Marlena and I thank you most warmly and sincerely                 We also lived primarily on a single wage because
for the honour you have bestowed upon us as                       Marlena elected to look after our children and the
National Marriage Ambassadors.                                    service families in the various units I commanded
We look forward to this responsibility and doing                  for much of our early married life.
our best to promote the importance of marriage                    We had three children under two (including twins)
over the coming year.                                             when I went off to Vietnam, and four under five at
Marlena and I were married over forty-two years                   one stage. It was a very busy time of life and I often
ago in the ‘Haus Lotu’ or bush church at Taurama                  wonder how we did it.
Barracks in Papua New Guinea, and have since
                                                                  So much of the credit is due to Marlena, but we
been blessed with four children and eight and 5/9
                                                                  always worked as a very close team, discussed
                                                                  every issue, shared the load where possible,
My life with the Army, and subsequently, meant                    budgeted carefully and, very importantly, always
we moved house 21 times with most of this                         sat down with the family at the table for our meals,
burden falling on Marlena, and we were frequently                 particularly dinner.

A U S T R A L I A N                         F A M I LY                    A S S O C I A T I O N

Just as importantly we regularly told our kids how           And we know the home environment is the
much we loved them.                                          most important influence on a child’s social and
It seems to have worked.                                     intellectual development.

And I have noticed the same situation with our               We also know that it has a most significant effect
                                                             on the child’s early learning, school attainment
grandchildren who all come from caring, but
                                                             and overall well being, and in particular a child’s
sensibly disciplined home environments, where
                                                             feelings of self worth and sense of identity.
good manners are taught, where daily routines are
established, where discussion is encouraged, where           Children are too inexperienced and impulsive to
humour abounds, and from an early age, where                 direct their own lives, so they need the guidance
each child has their own daily chores to perform.            and loving support of their parents.
And both parents in each family share the child
rearing responsibilities; more so than when I was            Ideally, this support will be provided by Mum and
a Dad.                                                       Dad living happily together and offering those
                                                             essential masculine and feminine perspectives
                                                             which balance and complement each other.
                                                             In a happy relationship, each parent can bring their
                                                             full emotional, financial and other resources to bear
                                                             on the critical task of parenting.
                                                             These days there are various forms of family
                                                             relationships and some of these outside marriage
                                                             no doubt are successful.
                                                             Nevertheless, I think the majority of our society still
                                                             holds to the view that, in the main, the best form of
                                                             relationship in respect to the long-term well-being
                                                             of parents and their future children comes through
                                                             a life long commitment of a man and a woman to
Michael and Marlena Jeffery, Marriage Day                    each other, typically through the solemn personal
Ambassadors 2009.                                            and spiritual commitment made in the marriage
And as a grandparent, isn’t it one of the special
                                                             It is also a simple provable fact, however unpalatable
joys of life when the grandchildren when going to
                                                             to its detractors.
bed on an overnight stay give you a cuddle and say
spontaneously “Love you Nana, love you Poppa?’               While every individual has the ultimate choice in
                                                             how they live their lives, including the relationships
The last time I spoke in this Hall was at the farewell
                                                             they wish to enter into, it is by us supporting marriage
dinner Prime Minister Rudd hosted on my stepping
                                                             and initiating public discussion on the importance
down as Governor-General of Australia.
                                                             and benefits of marriage that we can encourage
I said then that our families and how we care for            more people into this personal commitment.
them are the basis of social cohesion and in the
                                                             Sadly, there is a real need for these efforts in Australia
concept and fulfilment of ‘caring’ lies the secret to        today.
a happy, sustainable and cohesive nation.
                                                             In 1986, 62% of the coupled population were
I hold to this view.
                                                             married, dropping to 52% by 2006.
A caring family – which provides love, guidance,
care and discipline, and inculcates ethical and              And of the births in Australia in 2007, just 67%
spiritual values – is still the most nourishing of           were to parents in a registered marriage, compared
social “units”; the core building block of a cohesive        to 82% in 1987.
society.                                                     There are however encouraging signs in the
It is often because the family structure has broken          reducing number and rate of divorces. These have
down in a community that violence and social                 been decreasing each year since a peak in 2001,
disorder can occur.                                          but still 48,000 divorces were granted in 2007.

A U S T R A L I A N                         F A M I LY                   A S S O C I A T I O N

Still far too high in my view and in particular when         John Ambulance, the Surf Life Saving Club, well
it is estimated that 17 % of children in Australia are       managed sporting teams and so on.
living with only one parent.
                                                             There is no doubt that kids participating in these
Of the children living in a single-parent household,         sorts of sporting, cultural, volunteer or adventure
87 % of these were living with their mother.                 activities do improve their own sense of well-being
                                                             and self esteem, whilst learning vital relationship
Sadly, around one in five children in a single parent        skills and contributing to social cohesion in
household saw their other parent less than once a            general.
year or never.
                                                             As well, I have been a strong supporter of the School
And we know that many single parents struggle,               Chaplaincy Program. Indeed, I take pride in the
particularly economically.                                   fact that I had something to do with its successful
                                                             introduction into Western Australian schools in the
And the absence of a partner with whom to share              1990s and very strongly encouraged the successful
problems can also be a demanding burden – no                 national chaplaincy program introduced by the
one to share the joys or talk through the normal             previous government.
challenges within any family group – schooling,
health issues, sport; whilst the primary carer is also       Some 2,630 schools, or 27 per cent of schools
very likely working, running a household and with            around Australia, have received funding approval
never enough time to properly deal with all these            for chaplaincy support.
                                                             In Western Australia 94% of school principals
This state of affairs I believe is undesirable and for       when answering a survey said that not only were
the sake of the children in our community—who are            school chaplains important, they were in fact
after all tomorrow’s teachers, politicians, business         indispensable.
people and above all parents—we need to more
                                                             Personally, I would like to see relationship
publicly and frequently encourage the institution of
                                                             preparation more specifically applied to the
marriage as the best way in providing the safe, loving
                                                             educational curriculum, with the churches also
and balanced environment all children need.                  taking a more pro-active role in this critical area.
So how do we do this? One solution might be to               Finally, as a society, we have a responsibility to
prepare people more fully for relationships of all           ensure that to the best of our ability, every child is
types, including marriage.                                   born into a caring, loving and sensibly disciplined
Isn’t it interesting? We train people to drive cars,         environment.
to build bridges and to operate computers, yet do            One of the best ways we can achieve this is by
little to formally train or prepare young people for         encouraging and preparing people to enter loving,
ultimately the most important role of all; forming a         stable and long term relationships based preferably
stable and loving – preferably marital relationship,         on the time-honoured institution of marriage.
in which to nurture their children.
                                                             It is for this reason that Marlena and I are delighted
To help young people better develop their                    to accept the title of Honorary National Marriage
relationship skills, I have actively supported young         Ambassadors and we look forward to doing all
Australians belonging to some type of well-led,              we can in promoting the wonderful institution of
well-organised youth group or program: cadets, St.           marriage in Australia.

                          You’re invited to attend the Brisbane launch of
                Kids First Parent Association of Australia
          Learn how Government plans for Paid Parental Leave will create inequalities
                          between one and two income families.
                             7.15pm on Thursday 8 October
                   Kenmore Baptist Church, 57A Kenmore Road, Kenmore
RSVP essential — email: or ph: (07) 3878 7929.

A U S T R A L I A N                          F A M I LY                   A S S O C I A T I O N

      Defending Religious Freedom
            Victoria battles ‘equal opportunity’ threat
Clubs and the insurance industry have joined                  However, clubs and the insurance industry appear
representatives of the churches to object strongly to         to be “collateral damage,” as the changes to the
proposed changes to the exemptions and exclusions             EOA appear mainly aimed at independent religious
clauses of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act                schools and other religious institutions.
                                                              The proposed changes would require religious
The EOA makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis         based schools – Catholic, Protestant, Anglican,
of certain attributes – race, sex, sexual preference,         independent Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu
age, disability etc. However, it also allows a raft           and others – to employ teachers who openly and
of exemptions and exclusions, particularly for                publicly advocate a different faith or actively oppose
churches and church based institutions. Several               the doctrinal beliefs of that religious institution.
exemptions are now under review, ostensibly to
                                                              It would be up to the Victorian Civil and
bring the EOA into line with the Charter of Human
                                                              Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to adjudicate any
Rights and Responsibilities (2006).
                                                              breaches of the amended EOA.
Representatives of Victorian single sex clubs – the
                                                              VCAT members would have to become highly
Lyceum and Savage Clubs – told the Victorian
                                                              trained theologians of many faiths. They would
Parliament’s Scrutiny and Acts Committee that the
                                                              have to become experts on what are the core beliefs
changes would violate their freedom of association            of the Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, independent
in circumstances where peaceful association                   Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu and other faiths.
inflicted no harm on others.                                  This is unrealistic.
They pointed out that the right to associate peacefully       That religious schools are a prime target of the
is an inalienable right of all human beings. It is not        proposed EOA changes was made clear by
a right bestowed by the state, and the state must not         Australian National University Professor of Law,
inhibit this right.                                           Margaret Thornton. She wrote in The Age (August
Insurance companies argued that these changes                 5) that schools should not be permitted “to exclude
would bring chaos to the industry as they                     students on the basis of race, sex, sexuality or
discriminate in many areas of insurance. For                  religion” because they are “recipients of substantial
example, insurance premiums for drivers of motor              public funds.”
vehicles vary according to the driver’s age and sex.          This same argument has been put forward by other
This may be difficult for people who find it hard to          groups supporting the changes to the EOA.
obtain insurance, but this is far better than making
the system so costly for most that the insurance              Since the proposed changes are designed to bring
system could not function.                                    EOA into line with the Charter of Human Rights
                                                              and Responsibilities (2006), its background is
                                                              The Charter was said to be based on two United
                                                              Nations foundation documents – the International
                                                              Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), which
                                                              in turn was based on the Universal Declaration of
                                                              Human Rights (1948).
                                                              However, key clauses from these two UN
                                                              declarations were left out when the Victorian
                                                              Charter was drafted.
                                                              Most importantly, the Victorian Charter left out
Insurance companies discriminate based on sex, so             Article 18 (4) of the International Covenant on
that young women drivers can expect to pay lower              Civil and Political Rights, which declares that states
premiums than their male counterparts.                        signing the Covenant “undertake to have respect

A U S T R A L I A N                          F A M I LY                   A S S O C I A T I O N

for the liberty of parents and, when applicable,              deny the right of families to choose the education of
legal guardians to ensure the religious and moral             their choice for their children;
education of their children in conformity with their
own convictions.”                                             diminish religious and cultural diversity by making
                                                              schools and religions conform to the prevailing
This declaration is in turn based on the Universal            ideology of the state; and
Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 (3), which
states: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind        violate the right to associate peacefully in a way
of education that shall be given to their children.”          that does no harm to others.

These declarations are not bestowed on parents and            If there is to be any legal reform, it should be the
guardians by the United Nations or by any state.              Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities that
They are inherent, intrinsic and inalienable human            should be amended to respect parents’ right to select
rights of children, parents or guardians, and the             the education of their choice for their children, in
state has no right to interfere with these rights.            accordance with fundamental UN declarations.

Under the principle of subsidiarity – which in part           Totalitarian tendencies of the state must always be
means the larger body (here the state) in service to          challenged. Even in today’s modern world, the price
the smaller (here the child, parents and guardians) –         of freedom is eternal vigilance.
state aid is an extension of the family, not the brute
arm of the state. It’s parents’ taxes at work.
The state is the creation of the society of individuals            ACTION
and families, and the state should never usurp what
are their intrinsic and inalienable rights.
                                                               The website, has already
                                                               received over 7,000 hits with many people
                                                               educating themselves by watching the two short
                                                               videos. These videos are an excellent way to
                                                               brief your local pastors or religious leaders,
                                                               hospital staff and school teachers.
                                                               The main petition against the proposed changes
                                                               has received thousands of supporters, and upper
                                                               house MP, Inga Peulich, has been tabling the
                                                               signatures progressively for months now. Please
                                                               keep them coming.
                                                               1. Go online to where
                                                               campaign actions can be initiated – a petition,
                                                               an open letter to politicians, and organise a
Despite the fact that religious parents pay their fair         delegation to your local member.
share of taxes, secularists want religious schools to
be pushed to accept students of other religions or             2. Speak to your local religious ministers, make
be denied public funds.                                        them aware of the issue and ask them if you
                                                               could organise the signing of open letters to their
                                                               MPs and the petition to the government.
Indeed, when Article 26 (3) of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights was drafted after                  3. Organise a delegation to your local member.
WWII, it was to counter the claim by the totalitarian          Try to include people like a school principal,
Soviet and Nazi Germany states that they had the               pastor, nurse, church welfare organiser, etc.
sole right to the education of children.
                                                               4. Ring talk back radio to increase community
Viewed in this light, the proposed changes to the              awareness of the issue.
EOA are themselves discriminatory, denying what
two key United Nations statements declare are                  5. Get ready for the campaign once a draft bill
intrinsic human rights.                                        is tabled. There may be a rally/march, a visit
                                                               to parliament, more delegations to MPs, and
If implemented, the changes would:                             combined prayer events.

A U S T R A L I A N                          F A M I LY                  A S S O C I A T I O N

                  Cotton On ‘cottons on’
      Company to withdraw offensive children’s wear
The Australian Family Association and other
family friendly groups have won a victory with
clothing retailer Cotton On vowing to withdraw
it’s offensive range of children’s wear.
“Clothing company Cotton On has admitted it
“crossed the line” and vowed to withdraw a range
of offensive children’s t-shirts, including one making
light of child abuse, after a consumers threatened
a boycott”, writes Stephen Lunn, of The Australian
newspaper. A t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan
“They Shake Me’’ was the last straw for many angry
parents, who sent emails and Twitter messages to the
company expressing their disgust and an intention
to vote with their feet.                                     Degrading and abusive slogans on Cotton On
Last month Cotton On had stuck by its range of               clothing enaged parents
shirts, which included slogans such as “I’m a tits
                                                             “I don’t really have words to express my utter disgust
man’’ and “I’’m living proof my mum is easy’’,
                                                             at Cotton On Kids and their attempts to be “cool”
saying there was a place in the market for their
                                                             and “hip” and “modern” with these appalling
“edgy’’ humour that pushed the boundaries.
                                                             slogans,’’ wrote Angie.
But after angry parents expressed their contempt for
                                                             Julie Gale from children’s rights lobby group Kids
the degrading clothing via social networking sites,
                                                             Free 2B Kids said Cotton On should be ashamed.
Cotton On finally cottoned on to their customers’
feelings, offering a contrite apology and a promise          “Issues like the sexualisation and abuse of children
to withdraw the offending items from sale.                   aren’t humorous. They are serious. This retailer isn’t
                                                             reading the mood of parents out there,’’ Ms Gale
“Cotton On Kids were unaware until recently that
the slogans were being viewed as offensive and that
they could progressively cause this extent of angst
amongst consumers and social groups alike,’’ the                  ACTION
company’s statement said.
Cotton On has promised to withdraw the offensive               1.Make sure Cotton On Kids is true to their
products from sale and stop their production                   promise! If you continue to see this offensive
and “review the ongoing slogans range to ensure                range of children’s wear in their stores ask them
no reference is made to categories pertaining to               why they haven’t been withdrawn.
sexually explicit behaviour, child abuse, drugs and
profanity.’’                                                   2. When in stores like Cotton On Kids if you see
                                                               inappropriate clothing and logos on display, ask
“Although Cotton On Kids will continue to service              to see the manager to voice your disapproval,
a market that demands confident and edgy clothing              explaining the harmful effects of the premature
that pushes boundaries, it has been recognised that            sexualisation of children.
certain references are not appropriate, and will
sincerely endeavour to not cross these lines again,’’          3.Discuss the issue with your family and friends,
                                                               pointing out the insidious ways in which the
the statement said.
                                                               marketing works, and its harmful effects.
Before the backdown, parents were livid at the t-shirt
                                                               4.Use letters to the press and talk-back radio to
that made a joke of shaking babies. Commenting on
                                                               take part in the debate, when the opportunity
the family blog site MamaMia, many parents today               arises.
said they planned to boycott the store.

A U S T R A L I A N                                F A M I LY                         A S S O C I A T I O N

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