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C.C.Y.C. “Jobs to do List” June 14-19, 2009 by vaj19048


									               C.C.Y.C. “Jobs to do List”
                   June 14-19, 2009
Get to Know You Time:               Recreation:
Seniors- Jerry Gates*               Seniors- Jim Snabl*
Josh Burton                         Tony Snelling
Juniors- Mike Roberts*              Juniors- Dave Atchley*
Jason Stoner                        Ben Himebaugh

A.M. Bible Reading:                 Team Activities- P.M.:
Monday- Jason Stoner                George Schaffer*
Tuesday- Ben Himebaugh              Jeff Strite
Wednesday- Dale Fry
Thursday- Gary Mangold              Bible Trivia/Drills:
Friday- Tony Snelling               Seniors- Jim Snabl*
                                    Juniors- Mike Roberts*
Cabin Bosses/Devotions/Boys:
Tom Reedy*    Josh Burton           Pre-School:
Matt Haynie Josh Kinsey             Tammy Atchley*
Mark Cosby    Ben Himebaugh         Becca Holley
Jerry Gates   Philip Barrett        Melissa Johnson
Rick Green    Ben Johnson
                                    Special Night: (Talent Night)
Cabin Bosses/Devotions/Girls:       Tom Reedy*
Tina Roberts*      Susan Roberts
Esther Mullet       Christina Fry   Nurse:
Cheryl Hansman Alicia Himebaugh     Vicki Mangold*
Becca Holley
                                    Bed Checks:
Song Leaders:                       Ann Snelling*
Seniors- Tom Reedy*                 Cheryl Smith
                                    Christina Fry
Juniors- Jason Stoner*
                                    Fruit Break:
                                    Ronda Schaffer*
Chief Judge:                       Kitchen Assistants:
Jerry Gates*                       Josh Kinsey

Night Guard:                       Canteen:
Jeff watch’em like a “Hawk”ins     Ellen Reedy*

Memory Check:                      Banquet Decorations:
Susan Roberts*                     Tammy Atchley*
Heidi Duckro                       Tina Roberts

News Paper:                        Pit Crew: (After Each Meal)
Cheryl Hansman *                   Ronda Schaffer      Philip Barrett
                                   Dale Fry            Christina Fry
Crafts Helpers:                    Jason Stoner          Mark Cosby
All Unoccupied Staff               Ben Himebaugh Alicia Himebaugh
                                   Susan Roberts       Rachel Cosby
Bell Ringer:                       Tanya Welch        Shirley Krontz
Sue Hawkins                        Becca Holley           Rick Green
                                   Ben Johnson       Melissa Johnson
Pots & Pans:
Les Bhe*                           Cook Assistant:
Art Krontz                         Susan Roberts     Ronda Schaffer
Senior Tribes                      Esther Mullet        Cheryl Smith
                                   Shawn Westfall    Cheryl Hansman
                                   Tanya Welch          Heidi Duckro
Brent Wright*
All Staff

Connie Wright* Collisha Davidson
Kathy Fry      Christina Gibbons
Shirley Wright      Brenda York

                                   * = Denotes person in Charge

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