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									                            The Whistle - December 2006
                                                   The Voice of the
                 Northeast Florida Live Steamers and Railroaders, Inc.
                       P. O. Box 1097, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-1097
                    Pres.:    Jim White                               Trustees:          Larry Dyess 3 yr
                    V. Pres.: Ralph Reese                                              Albert Brauer 1yr
                    Secy.:     Frank Woodard                                             Buddy Lane 2 yr
                    Treas.: Reginald Weller                       The Whistle Publisher: Frank Woodard
                                  The Whistle Publisher Emeritus - Donald B. Miller

WORK DAYS every Thursday and Saturday - 7 AM till run off by dusk, rain, or just too tired
January 12 -14, 2007 – HO Group takes their Show Modules to the Coastal Rail Buffs Train
Show in Savannah. Also a static display of 7.5 rolling stock.
January 20, 2007 - Board and General Meeting at the site at noon.
February 10-11, 2007 – WT&B Section of the Florida Live Steam Winter Meet. Plan now to
February 22 – 25, 2007 – FLS Winter Meet at Ridge Live Steamers Dundee, Fl. Plan on a field
trip with equipment.
2007 Dues are now due and payable.
View from the Caboose looking back where we have been
Activity at the site for 7.5 gauge: An additional track, using a #6 R/H turnout and three and a bit track
panels was built next to the Yard Lead Track for charging battery powered locomotives. The process
was to pull a 15 foot track panel and insert the turnout. It came close as the turnout was 1/8 inch short
of a perfect fit. Helping out our friends at Ridge Live Steamers, three cages were picked up for them for
use in treating ties. Ridge came north with enough ties to fill one and a half of their cages. They clean
out our reject ties to fill the remaining half and three cages were sent to the wood treaters. Our tie
storage area had out grown itself and a new area was cleared closer to the track jig tables and all ties
were relocated. The early part of the month brought 24 members and guests together for an evening of
fellowship and dinner as they celebrated a holiday gathering. Don Miller made the long trip south and
added to the evening. The next track project of rebuilding the Desert Cutoff Track began with survey
work and determining what would be needed. Change out the #8 turnout for a #10 and six 20-foot track
panels of which three were built and work began on the #10 turnout. With major track projects
completed, work turned to completing some of the item that have been set aside. The canopies were
finally put up over the people doors to the car barn. Some landscaping occurred with replanting of some
crepe myrtles from the station to the pine clearing alongside the access road to the parking lot. As a new
load of lumber is delivered just about every week, the tie cutting continued and by the end of the month
another cage was filled, lacking two levels for its trip to the wood treaters. By carefully packing the
cage we can get about 1,300 ties.

 Two-foot happenings: The building of two additional stalls to the roundhouse was started. Work
 continued on the Prarie side rods. A test run on air was conducted to check the running gear. All went
 well. A Johnson Bar was next installed and the oiler was cleaned inside and out. Also some minor
 adjustments were made to the timing of the cylinders. Regg just may have it
 up and running for the Winter Meet.

Two Foot Long range plans: Have the Prairie running in time for the 2007 FLS Winter Meet.
Engineer’s view of what is ahead - 7.5 HAPPENINGS AND CURRENT PROJECTS in
work or on the design table.

1. Work in the 7.5 car barn area.
       a. Complete the transfer table lift. (Motor and shaft is next.)
       b. Kool seal the roof.
       c. Build a roof over the track jig table
2. Other items to be completed
    a. Safety Item. Build new 7.5 spring loaded crossing for the wye track at the 2-foot.
    b. Replace bad ties and straighten ones that have walked around. (Continuing maintenance)
   c. Build Miller's Junction Station Shelter
           a. Anchor bolts for vertical columns have been set
           b. Manufacture of main supports in the shop.
   d. Build a steaming bay waist high by the ballast washing station

7.5 Long Range Plans under development: Discussion has started on some long range plans to include:
a. Some passing sidings or a few places to hide when running bi-directional
b. A long eastern loop that will go by the gun range through a 100 ft tunnel and possibly return to the
Palmetto Loop Wye.

FOR SALE: WT&B Company Store has in stock:
    1. WT&B Hat/Lapel Pins, 1 inch round. 8 left @ $5.00. This one will not be reordered.
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WT&B Shirts and Hats Larry Dyess reported the second order should arrive very soon. If you missed
the second order, you will be placed on the third order. Be prepared to show your pride in the WT&B
at the 2007 Winter Meet, other Events and Field Trips to other tracks.
Boiler for Allen Mogul. All 1/4 inch copper, 8 inch OD diameter tube silver soldered to the outside
firebox. Total length 32 inches. No front or back flue sheet & no tubes. Also no inside firebox but has
steam dome mounted. Pictures available. Asking $200.00 (that is the price for scrap copper)
   Steel pipe. schedule 40 seamless 5/16 wall or better.
   10 inch ID 49, 30 inch length.
   12 inch OD 26 1/2 length
   Also have a large air compressor tank that is vertical with feet, 18 inch OD X 8 foot 5 inches high.
Probably about 300 gallon. Prices negotiable. Contact Earl Mueller or call at 727-525-

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