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					                                            Raider Jobs
                                     What to know before you go job hunting
                                         A free service at Texas Tech        interview, but here in Lubbock
                                     allows you to post your resume,         students have to seek employers
                                     look through jobs, and let              out.”
                                     employers find you.                        Job Agents allow students to
                                         When it comes time for              receive notifications by e-mail
                                     graduation,        many     students    about job openings that match
                                     wonder what will happen next.           their interests and experience,
                                     To help make the process a              Killough said.
                                     little easier, the career center,          “Job agents are a good way
                                     located in the Wiggins complex,         to get notified when something
                                     has several resources available         new is posted,” Killough said,
                                     to make students feel more              “and it helps if the student gets
                                     confident,        prepared,      and    busy or forgets to check.”
                                     competitive in the job market.             While Raider Jobs can be a
                                         Raider Jobs is a Web site that is   useful tool, the career center
                                     updated daily and lists thousands       works with students on overall
                                     of job opportunities in the             career development, not just
                                     Lubbock area, and worldwide.            finding the right job, said
                                     Students can create an account          Stephanie Wehmeier, internship
                                     and access this service even after      coordinator for the career center.
                                     graduation.                                “It is important for students
                                         “Raider Jobs is an online           to come in early to develop their
                                     resource       for    students    to    resume, discuss internships,
                                     locate      full-time,    part-time,    and work on their interviewing
                                     and internship opportunities            skills,” Wehmeier said.
                                     that employers post,” said Jay             Technology is quick and fast,
                                     Killough, associate director for        but students need to learn how
                                     the career center at Tech.              to sell themselves to an employer,
                                         Students should log onto the        Kraus said. Students should take
                                     career center Web site, create an       advantage of the advisors to ask
                                     account with Raider Jobs, and           questions about interviewing,
                                     post their resume for employers         resume tips, and how to develop
                                     to look at.                             things such as a cover letter.
                                         It is important for students to        “While Raider Jobs is the focal
                                     register with Raider Jobs because       point of what we do,” Kraus said,
                                     it allows the career center to          “it doesn’t substitute personal
                                     directly connect with students          contact.”
                                     to announce things such as job             Kraus said one of their
                                     fairs, presentations on campus,         challenges is getting students
                                     and recruiting events, said Dave        engaged with the whole range
                                     Kraus, director of the career           of services. He said students
                                     center.                                 shouldn’t put everything off
                                         “Particularly with students         until graduation because they
                                     today,” Kraus said, “they live in       will miss opportunities.
                                     a 24/7 time frame, so they can             “In the last five years, we have
                                     apply for jobs at any time of day.      been trying to develop a total
                                     The tools are there, but they           career package for everyone,”
                                     have to use it, and they have to        Kraus said, “from pre-freshman
                                     use it effectively.”                    all the way through graduation
                                         Killough said the career center     and beyond.”
                                     confirms all company listings              Raider Jobs can be a useful
                                     before they are posted on the           tool, but it is important to use all
                                     Web. He said the company is             of the resources available in order
                                     then allowed to post jobs, set up       to stand out and be competitive
                                     interviews, and browse through          in the job market.
                                     resume listings.                           “The Internet is great,”
                                         “It’s convenient while they         Wehmeier said, “but if you can
                                     are a student,” Killough said.          get face time with somebody and
                                     “When students graduate, it             speak with them personally, that
                                     won’t be as easy to pop in for an       will help student’s efforts.”
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