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Jobs, Internship and Graduate School Information for Geography by edc15331


									   Jobs, Internship and Graduate School Information for Geography Students

Things to Consider
   ‐ When to start search
          o ASAP
          o E-mails/postings from dept.
   ‐ Location
          o Always consider where you want to be
          o May have to live in unfamiliar place or some place that you do not enjoy
             for a few years, but can reap benefits later
   ‐ Campus resources/Career Services
          o Group seminars
          o Individual counseling, including resume and cover letter critiques
          o Job fairs
          o Mock interviews
          o Internship, grad school, and job listings
          o On-campus recruiting lists
   ‐ Departmental resources
          o Dept. coordinator
          o Your adviser
          o Other faculty
   ‐ Other resources
          o The Academic Job Search Handbook by Vick and Furlong
   ‐ Meet with adviser and have a plan
   ‐ Student groups, community service, and other volunteer opportunities
          o Local groups – food kitchens, animal shelters, YMCA/YWCA, tutoring
             services, environmental groups
          o Habitat for Humanity –
          o Public Interest Research Groups -
   ‐ Study abroad
   ‐ Research/directed study
          o Work with faculty
          o Campus research day or other opportunities to present research
   ‐ Join professional organizations
          o American Geographical Society -
          o American Meteorological Society –
          o American Planning Association –
          o American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing -
          o American Water Resources Association -
          o Association of American Geographers (AAG) -
          o Canadian Association of Geographers -
          o Canadian Cartographic Association -
          o Conference on Latin Americanist Geographers -
          o Geological Society of America -
           o International Geophysical Union -
           o International Union for the Scientific Study of Population -
           o Metropolitan Area Planning Council (Boston) -
           o National Council for Geographic Education -
           o National Geographic Society -
           o National Parks Conservation Association -
           o National Weather Association –
           o NESTVAL -
           o Regional Science Association International -
           o Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society -
   ‐   Read job announcements to see what skills are required for various positions
   ‐   Prepare and update resume and cover letter frequently
           o Use as template
           o Customize to specific positions
   ‐   Online networks
           o Facebook
           o (this is a more professional option)
   ‐   What Can I Do With This Major? (from Salem State College Career Services) -
   ‐   Some rules
           o Always follow up, unless specifies “no phone calls”
           o Have a “30 second commercial” that describes skills and how you would
               like to use them

    ‐ Why?
          o Helps you learn more about where you might want to work or about what
             applied work is done in your field
          o Helps get foot in door for job
                     Lead to full-time job
                     Professional Contacts
                     Job referrals
          o Enhance marketability through experience
    ‐ From National Association of Colleges and Employers
          o Firms with internship programs obtain ~40% (average) of full-time hires
             from intern pool
          o Percentage of interns converted to full-time employees at same company
             is on the rise (~37% in 2001 to ~51% in 2008)
          o In 2008 ~70% of interns received full-time job offers due to internship
    ‐ Paid or unpaid, credit or non-credit
    ‐ Location – decide on geographic limitations (travel costs)
    ‐ Most departments have an internship adviser/coordinator
  ‐   Timing – during semester or over summer
  ‐   Helpful websites
         o Harvard Internship Resources –
         o Intern Abroad –
         o International Internships and Volunteer Network -
         o -
         o Internship Programs –
         o -
         o Internships 4 You -
         o Intern Web -
         o Public Interest Research Groups -
         o Smithsonian Internships -
         o University Connect -
         o The Washington Center -

Graduate School
   ‐ Reasons
         o To go
                    Clearly identified target area
                    Must have advanced degree for career goal (professor, research)
         o Not to go
                    Do not want to enter “real world”
                    Comfortable where you are
                    Not sure what else to do
  ‐   Straight to next level of school?
         o Some people like to go through
         o Others need a break
                    Pay off loans other bills
                    Some schools prefer students with “real-world experience”
  ‐   Does your school offer a graduate program? Should you stay?
         o Comfort does not always equal best choice
         o Quality
         o Employers sometimes look for experience at multiple locations
  ‐   Changing departments
         o Not necessarily a bad thing
         o Interdisciplinary research important and becoming more of a priority on
             campuses if not already
  ‐   Evaluating programs
         o Admission requirements: GPA, prior course work, GREs or other exams,
             work experience
         o Curriculum: graduation requirements (thesis vs. non-thesis/comprehensive
             exam), course offerings vs. career goals
         o Reputation: accredited, ranking, how perceived by professional
             organizations and employers
       o Faculty: quality (background and current activities), who do you want to
           work with?
       o Facilities: computer labs, equipment, interaction with other depts
       o Outcomes: completion percentage, % employed or on to additional
       o Location: Consider schools far from home
‐   Paying for grad school – seems expensive but many options
       o Loans
       o Assistantships – teaching, research, coaching
       o Grants and fellowships
       o Part-time jobs – teaching at smaller local school, e.g., community college
           or 4-year school
       o Tuition reimbursement through current employer
‐   Timeline
       o Junior year
                   Ask your profs
                   Research schools and programs
                   Request catalog and/or review online material
                   Determine and study for required exams
       o Senior year
                      • Complete required exam if not done over summer
                      • Identify references and request recommendation letters
                         (faculty and employers)
                      • Draft statement of purpose
                      • Request official transcripts (directly to school or with packet)
                      • Finalize and customize statement of purpose and resume
                      • Mail completed application (sometimes deadline not until
                         early in spring semester, but sooner is better)
                      • Set up campus visit/interviews (meet faculty and students)
                      • Complete financial aid forms
                      • Begin comparing acceptance letters
                      • Finish comparing acceptance letters and accept offer if not
                         done yet
                      • Follow up on rejections to improve in future
‐   Helpful websites
       o AAG - (offers “The Guide to Geography Programs in
           the Americas” – ask your department to order it [hardcopy or digital/online)
       o “Is Graduate School for You?” (from SSC Career Services) -
       o GradProfiles -
       o –
       o Kaplan Test Prep -
o Peterson’s -
o Princeton Review -
o Public Interest Research Groups -
o Rankings: National Research Council - (last published
  in 1995, but a new list supposed to be out soon)
  1995 list
  1. Pennsylvania State University
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. University of Minnesota
  4. University of California-Santa Barbara
  5. Ohio State University
  6. University of California-Berkeley
      Syracuse University
  8. University of California-Los Angeles
  9. Clark University
  10. University of Washington
  11. State University of New York-Buffalo
  12. University of Colorado
  13. Rutgers
  14. University of Texas-Austin
  15. Arizona State University
  16. University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  17. University of Iowa
  18. Louisiana State University
  19. University of Arizona
  20. University of Kentucky
  21. University of Georgia
  22. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  23. Johns Hopkins University
  24. University of Florida
  25. Indiana University
  26. University of Kansas
  27. Boston University
  28. University of Oregon
  29. University of Maryland-College Park
  30. University of Hawaii-Manoa
  31. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  32. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  33. Oregon State University
  34. University of Utah
  35. Kent State University
  36. University of Cincinnati
o Rankings: US News and World Report - http://grad- (not
  specifically for geography, but related disciplines)
   ‐ Contacts
        o Faculty
        o Alumni
        o Internships
   ‐ Federal government (see link below) – descriptions of courses and qualifications
     needed for jobs
   ‐ Location – beneficial to be willing to travel/live far from home
   ‐ Partial lists of types of titles to enter in search engines (use quotes around title to
     look for job with that specific title)
        o Geography, Geographer
        o Cartography, Cartographer
        o GIS, Geographic Information Systems, Geo-Information, etc.
        o Human geography
        o Physical geography
        o Tourism, ecotourism
        o Meteorology, meteorologist
        o Climate, climatologist, climate change
        o Geomorphology, geomorphologist
        o Soil scientist
        o Physical science, physical scientist
        o Environmental science, environmental scientist
        o Environmental justice
        o Sustainability
        o Conservation
        o Biogeography, biogeographer
        o Planning, urban planning, environmental planning
        o Water resources
        o Demography, demographer
   ‐ Helpful websites
        o AAG Jobs in Geography page – (go to Jobs/Careers
        o Chronicle of Higher Education -
        o Earthworks Jobs –
        o Eco Jobs -
        o Ejobs (Environmental Jobs and Careers) -
                     Federal gov’t
                     State gov’t
                     Law firms
                     Public and private companies
        o Federal Jobs -
        o Higher Ed Jobs -
        o General search engines
                     Career Builder –
                     Career Jet -
                   Flipdog - (same listings as
                   Juju -
                   Stopdodo -
                   CollegeGrad -
                   University Connect -
                   Indeed –
                   Simply Hired –
       o Habitat for Humanity -
       o Public Interest Research Groups -
       o Science Jobs -
       o University Jobs -
‐   Other job information pages
       o AAG Careers in Geography page – (go to
           Jobs/Careers tab)
       o -
           (compare cities for cost-of-living and more)
       o Transferable Skills Survey –

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