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					Sefton Skills & Employment Sub-Group

Minutes of a meeting on 29th October 2007

Present:       Colin Billingsley    Jobcentre Plus
               Darren Coleridge     LSC
               James Glendenning    LSC
               Elizabeth McInnes    SCVS
               Nicky Speakman       Sefton PCT
               Claire Maguire       Sefton MBC Planning & Economic Regeneration
               Paula Coppell        Merseytravel
               Paul White           Connexions
               Neil Watson          Supporting People
               Mark Long            Sefton MBC Planning & Economic Regeneration

1.     Apologies

       Jackie James, Peter Johnson, Stacey Davis, Andy Woods.

2.     Minutes of meeting on 10th October 2007


3.     Matters arising


4.     Proposal for the Co-ordination and Delivery of the Local Action Plan for the Deprived
       Area Fund

       CM introduced the application. She said it provided a reality check on what was
       deliverable. The core focus was on moving from worklessness to viable employment,
       in accordance with the City Employment Strategy. It also addressed the needs of
       people in work, those with multiple disadvantages, and supply/demand linkages.
       There were four work packages:
        Outreach and engagement
        Pre-employment support
        Transition to work (financial inclusion)
        Retention and advancement (including low income groups)
       Delivery will be through Sefton MBC in 07/08, with some delivery through external
       providers in 08/09. As most workless are in social housing, support will also be
       offered to Onevision and the RSLs in Housing Market Renewal to extend the
       employment offer to their tenants and residents. All target groups are drawn from the
       CES and the Local Action Plan. The application includes both innovation and best

       Issues raised in discussion:
       PW – how much would be delivered by the applicant and how much sub-contracted?
       CM – about one-quarter is sub-contracted (see method box in application).
       Sefton@work is itself a partnership between several organisations.
       PC – how will the proposal support LEGI?
       CM – it will make the most of the connections, linking Sefton@work’s employer
       liaison with the LEGI Enterprise Gateway. Sefton@work is applying (with Liverpool
       JETs) to LEGI to deliver a self-employment option for its service users.
       NW – how have amounts of money and output targets been set?
CM – the funding available for each CES Pathfinder was negotiated nationally
between DWP and each city region consortium…
ML – …and Sefton received a pro rata share of the Liverpool City Region allocation.
CB – What is Sefton@work’s capacity to deliver the allocation?
CM – We will build modest capacity in 07/08, and much more in 08/09. The risk
assessment has identified key issues to manage. Future resources, which are
essential to the fuller delivery of the CES vision, cannot be foreseen yet, which is the
main risk.
CB – can other capacity be drawn on?
EM – especially as other providers’ funding streams will be coming to an end?
CM – yes, the use of a variety of providers has already been agreed in the Local
Action Plan.
JG – does the application overlap with the LSC’s proposed routeway to employment?
CM – this is an area of work already agreed in the Local Action Plan. The application
extends the existing routeway provision.

(CM then left the room.)

PL presented the technical appraisal. She went through the scoring, and
recommended the application for approval subject to confirmation of the

   Policy appraisal by the Employment & Skills Sub-Group for final approval
   DWP confirmation required regarding the committed or defrayed status of
    the 2007-08 DAF allocation prior to the issuing of an Offer Letter
   A full work plan to be forwarded to the Sub-Group covering all aspects of
    the delivery of the full programme (2007-10) by 31st March 2008
   Contracts to be awarded to successful tendering organisations no later
    than 31st March 2008
   Regular updates provided to the Sub-Group regarding the progress of
    match funding applications.

It was noted that issuing the Offer Letter will require annual profiling of outputs.

JG asked if the work placement support should be redirected into LSC funding as it
appeared to overlap with Routeways. ML suggested this was taken up directly with
the applicant to explore the scope for additionality through DAF.

(CB then left and ML assumed the chair.)

The result of the policy appraisal was to recommend the application for approval,
subject to confirmation of the following:

   LSC and applicant to agree which provision within the application was
    complementary to LSC-funded provision and so avoid any overlap
   Sefton@work’s performance to be overseen through a Contract Monitoring

Nominations were sought for the Contract Monitoring Group and the following
accepted: Nicky Speakman, Colin Billingsley, an LSC rep (tba), and a Sefton MBC
rep (tba). Further nominations are invited.

It was also agreed that at the next meeting of the Skills & Employment Sub-Group
there should be further discussion of the principles for sub-contracting, and progress
     with complementary funding streams. Because of the funding timetables the Sub-
     Group should meet again in 6 weeks and before Christmas.

5.   Any other business


6.   Date and time of next meeting

     10th December at 2 p.m. in Pinnacle House

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