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					Recent Employment Details (Christopher Thayer Crooker, Page 2 – 02/21/2008)

Web Developer 3 (12/2007 – 03/2008)
   •  Documented and formulated solutions to the web application deployment processes to improve them and provide training
   •  Architected and contributed code to a workflow web application framework based on XML, XSLT, AJAX, REST & ASP.NET
   •  Reviewed and made recommendations on code to increase production level quality (performance, security, reusability)
   •  Developed components for providing access to IP-to-Geo mapping data through a high-priority middle tier service
   •  Worked as primary technical architect amongst 4 developers under several managers and directing tens of vendors
   •  Implemented a cross-browser AJAX object-oriented interface from scratch using JavaScript features (closures, etc.)

Web Developer 3 (07/2007 – 09/2007)
   •  Emphasis on writing high performance and modular client-side script components, including usage of AJAX
   •  Analyzed specifications to provide scheduling estimates and derive designs for new and modified web portal features
   •  Followed an agile SCRUM-derived development process characterized by short cycles and detailed accounting
   •  Participated in periodic process analysis meetings to identify and implement improvements
   •  Worked as a developer amongst 4 others under a lead on a team with 9 to 13 members

Developer / Analyst (06/2007 – 07/2007)
   •   Developed a custom ASP.NET component wrapping functionality of the Google Maps API, including overlays (KML)
   •   Analyzed several distinct Access applications to determine the best way to create a unified desktop solution for 300 users
   •   Provided a system architecture based on SQL Server 2005 and the .NET 2.0 framework, including the Smart Client guidance
   •   Created auditing algorithms for existing data to detect inconsistencies created by user error and legacy migration issues
   •   Worked for the lead developer who reported to the director of IT

Developer (08/2006 – 05/2007)
   •   Collected requirements from management for broker and manager level reporting needs of real estate accounting data
   •   Evaluated competing business reporting applications for requirements and dashboard design layouts and concepts
   •   Responsible for all architecture, technology and design decisions including diagrams of data flows and deployment
   •   Created an ETL process centered on SQL Server 2005 technology with a Windows Service to initiate extraction from a
       complex and extensive Access database system
   •   Created custom MSI installers in Visual Studio 2005 and using P/Invoke to automatically setup and configure users and
       permissions for SQL Server, network shares, IIS and web application access (least-privileged account model)
   •   Used ASP.NET 2.0 including membership, login and profiles to create a customizable web reporting application responsible
       for creating user-specified report parameters and filters, displaying custom management dashboards, etc.
   •   Developed simple, sleek image-based graphing components
   •   Established a custom suite of development tools including revision control, issue tracking and team collaboration
   •   Integrated Subversion with the Issue Tracker starter-kit for automatic cross-referencing of revisions and issue status
   •   Worked primarily independently under the President

Lead Developer (03/2006 – 07/2006)
   •   Researched business productivity applications based on ASP.NET, SQL Server and other Microsoft technologies
   •   Prototyped a Java/J2ME application targeted at cell phones for the publication and purchase of mobile content using an
       ASP.NET back-end accessed through HTTP requests, later to be ported as a client application for Windows Mobile

Lead Developer (02/2005 – 02/2006) []
   •   Negotiated and completed 5 small projects and two larger products for Spacelabs Medical data analysis services
   •   Worked on mission and life critical data under strict FDA regulations requiring excellent security and reliability
   •   Directly engaged developers, business managers, directors, support staff and data experts to gather requirements
   •   Constantly reevaluated time and budget concerns in order to address organizational needs and business dynamics
   •   Responsible for all architecture, technology and design decisions including full diagramming of application flows
   •   Orchestrated requirement evaluation and prioritization sessions with all key stakeholders and identified milestones
   •   Managed a team of up to 3 developers and 4 quality assurance staff, varying in size based on current need
   •   Collaborated with Spacelabs Medical staff including one development manager, one database developer and 3 testers
   •   Supported and responded to issues during final deployment and application certification testing by end-to-end scenarios
   •   5 small projects: Created and perfected ambulatory blood pressure monitoring data evaluation routines from drug study
       protocol specifications for study specific criteria
   •   Created an Access to SQL Server 2000 ETL process with a simple, filterable reporting front-end written in ASP.NET, C#,
       XHTML and CSS for remotely collected ECG data
   •   Created a multi-tier remote PDA application architecture including proprietary encryption, serial port communication and
       protocol implementation for the ABPM 90207 24-hour blood pressure monitoring device, modem communication for data
       transfer from global locations, a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant user authentication and authorized administrative access system,
       C++ powered WinCE setup CAB (operating system customization and deployment), SQL Mobile based local database and
       compressed XML data transfer output in a workflow-based Windows Mobile 5 Forms application using almost exclusively
       custom user interface controls

Software Developer in Test Level 4 (11/2004 - 01/2005)
    •  Gathered requirements from developers for a unified revision control, build, archival and deployment process
    •  Assessed several technology options and provided documentation evaluating options and justifying choices
    •  Designed diagrams in Visio representing process data flows including sources and targets of C# code and project data
    •  Created a wizard interface in C# using WinForms to collect process parameters and script actions for deployments
    •  Developed .NET code for interacting with network file systems, Visual Studio project files, logging and XML output
       (generated for the Wix system for MSI builds)
    •  Worked primarily independently under one developer