New Employee Set-Up

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New Employee Set-Up

Company Name: _______________________________ Date: _________________________

Surname: ____________________________________ First Name: ________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________             City: ______________________Postal Code: _____________

S.I.N.: _______-________-________            Start Date: _____/_____/_______          Birth Date:_____/_____/______
                                                            (MM/DD/YYYY)                           (MM/DD/YYYY)

Salary per Pay or Hourly Rate: $_______________           Hours per Pay for Salaried Employees: _____________

Method of Payment: Cheque             Direct Deposit (attach VOID cheque)

Personal exemption (from Federal TD1): $__________ (from Provincial TD1 form): $__________

Additional Tax per pay: $___________

Statutory Deduction Information (Indicate an X if exempt): Tax          CPP      EI

Vacation Pay: Pay out with each pay         Accrue

I, _______________________________________ agree that the above information is correct and give the employer
                    (Employee name)
consent to the treatment of taxes and vacation pay as outlined above.

Employee Signature: _______________________________