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					            UIC Student Centers

             “Fall into Life
            Student Centers”

          Kick-off Program Schedule

8:00am    Breakfast

9:00am    Welcome by Dan Lubin & Booker T. Suggs, Director

9:15am    Short introduction of departments and major staff

9:45am    Discussion on financial aid work study

10:15am   Career Services’ upcoming seminars and events

10:35am   Motivational Speaker

11:30am   Lunch

12:30am   Break off into our respective groups
    Table of Contents
Message from the Director………………………………………...2

Student Centers Mission………………………………………….3

Student Centers History………...………………………………..4

General Building Policies….……………………………………..5

Programs & Services Designed for You……………………….6

Personal Skills for Student Employees……………………...7

Career Opportunities………………………………………………...8

Building Hours……………………………………………………….9

Org Charts, Operations…………………………………………….10

Org Charts, Campus Programs………………………………….11

Org Charts, Campus Recreation………………………………...12

Org Charts, Meetings and Conferences……………….……...13

                           Message from the Director

As the Interim Director of Student Centers, I thank you for joining and becoming a
staff member of Student Centers. Student employees are a very important part of
the student centers’ mission and your contribution as an employee enhances our
ability to run an effective organization. With students being the primary users of
our student centers, you as a student employee can bring your viewpoint and per-
spective to your job and to the full time staff.

You are part of the student centers’ team. Your work, ideas, comments and input
are important. Please feel free to discuss your experience in the student centers with
your supervisor and/or with me whenever you feel the need.

We have some of the best facilities of any campus in the region. Over the last four
years we have opened new and improved recreation facilities. In February of 2008,
we opened the new 3000 seat UIC Forum. Our two student centers on the east and
west campuses have been renovated and improved as well during this period. Stu-
dents like your self have been making great use of these facilities. Also these facili-
ties have supplied great employment opportunities for students.

In addition to being a student employee, one should take the opportunity to partici-
pate in leadership positions by getting involved with student organizations, the Stu-
dent Centers Board or other student activities. Focused involvement in organized
activities adds to a student’s overall collegiate experience. This involvement and
experience while in college is looked upon favorably by employers once you began
your post-collegiate career.

Our Student Centers organization is one of the largest in the world and it is our goal
to continually make it better. It is my hope that as a student employee, you are ex-
cited to be part of this organization and are prepared to assist in making our Student
Centers a great place to work and enjoy .


Booker T. Suggs
Interim Director of Student Centers

     UIC Student Centers Mission
The Student Centers serve as a home for the UIC community by enhancing the quality of campus
life through learning, service, and fun.

The Role of the Student Centers

The UIC Student Centers is a member of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI),
one of the oldest higher-education associations. The ACUI role statement printed below highlights
the key elements of the union mission:

The Student Centers are the community center of the college, serving students, faculty, staff,
alumni and guests. By whatever form or name, a student center is an organization offering a
variety of programs, activities, services and facilities that, when taken together, represent a well
considered plan for the community life of the college.

The Student Centers are an integral part of the educational mission of the college.

As the center of the college community life, the Student Centers complement the academic ex-
perience through an extensive variety of cultural, educational, social and recreational programs.
These programs provide the opportunity to balance course work and free time as cooperative
factors, in education.

The Student Centers are a student-centered organization that values participatory decision-
making. Through volunteerism, its boards, committees, and its student employment, the Student
Centers offer first-hand experience in citizenship and educates students in leadership, social
responsibility, and values.

In all its processes, the Student Centers encourage self-directed activity, giving maximum oppor-
tunity for self-realization and for growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness.

The Student Centers’ goal is the development of persons as well as intellects.

Traditionally considered the “hearthstone” or “living room” of the campus, today’s Student Centers
is the gathering place of the college. The Student Centers provide services and conveniences
that members of the college community need in their daily lives and creates an environment for
getting to know and understand others through formal and informal associations.

The Student Centers serve as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity.
The Student Centers foster a sense of community that cultivates enduring loyalty to the college.

              Student Centers History
The first union or student facility of the University of Illinois at Chicago opened in 1941 in the for-
mer College of Pharmacy building a 715 South Wood Street. The Illini Union at the Medical Cen-
ter, as it was then called, had two lounges, food services, and a large gymnasium. This facility is
now called “Student Center West”.

In 1946, the University of Illinois, Undergraduate Division, began at the Navy Pier. There was no
actual union facility at the pier. The cafeteria and lounges on the second and third floors served
as the sites for interaction and fellowship among students.

In February of 1965, the Temporary Illini Union was opened in the old Central National Bank at
728 West Roosevelt, to serve the brand new University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Campus. This
facility featured a large vending area, offices, meeting rooms, and a bookstore.

Chicago Circle Center (renamed Student Center East) opened September 1, 1965 at its present
location, 750 South Halsted. This 370,000 square foot facility includes an eight-story tower, a
three-story main building, and a two story link between the two structures.

The Chicago Illini Union (renamed Student Center West) opened March 10, 1967 at 828 South
Wolcott Street. This two-story structure was expanded in 1981 to include a configuration of rec-
reation, meeting, food service, and retail operations. During the Spring Semester 2005, our new-
est West Campus Sport and Fitness Center replaced the aging recreation space. This two story
Sport and Fitness building is conjoined to the Student Center West building providing a conven-
ient connection to the adjacent dorms as well.

In 1986, four years after the merger of the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of
Illinois Medical Center, the two union operations were merged into one administrative unit known
as the Campus Unions (Student Centers). Both union buildings have undergone a score of inter-
nal and external renovations. With the new images also came the new names. What was for-
merly known as Campus Unions is now called Student Centers.

Over the past several years, both Student Center East and West have undergone extensive reno-
vations costing over $14 million. Additional renovations and construction will further improve the
facilities. For example, the Illinois room was freshly renovated and reopened February 2006. The
East Campus Student Recreation Facility opened successfully in 2006 to rave reviews around
campus. In addition, the new Forum, a campus conference center with a 3,000 seat auditorium
was successfully added. It is truly rewarding to be spectators and participants in the midst of all
these great changes on campus.

            General Building Policies
To help us provide the best service possible it is important for you to be familiar with the following
building policies. It is everyone’s responsibility to help our customers understand these policies.
In the event of emergencies or potential threat to personal safety, contact a Building Manager
immediately and call the University Police at 5-5555.

Posting of materials may only be done at designated areas in Student Centers. Specific rules
regarding posting are available through Student Center East Building Management Office and
Student Center West Information Desk.

Distribution of materials may only be done at designated areas in the Student Centers facilities.
Specific rules regarding distribution are available through Student Centers Administrations.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Student Centers facilities ex-
cept for scheduled event with written consent obtained through the Office of Meetings and Con-

Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are prohibited in Student Centers facilities.

Animals are not allowed in the buildings, with the exception of guide dogs.

Gambling is not permitted.

To use Student Centers meeting rooms or grounds, groups or individuals must reserve them
through the Office of Meetings and Conferences located in the Student Center East Building.
Facilities can be reserved by registered student groups, University departments or organizations,
and non-University professional groups.

Personal radios must not be played at a volume that disturbs others.

Smoking is prohibited in all UIC Facilities.

The serving and preparation of food and beverages in Student Centers space other than by Ca-
tering and UIC Dining Services are prohibited. All food or refreshments must be catered through
the catering manager. No other food may be brought into any building or room without proper

Programs and Services Designed for You
The following programs and services are brought to you by Student Centers Student Employment
and Development Team (SEDT), a group of full time staff and student employee representatives
who meet regularly to discuss and plan the components of the students employee program.

Orientation/New Academic Year Kick-off

Each year we hold an event for new and returning student employees. This program is to provide
an orientation to those students who were hired since the last orientation introducing our opera-
tions, programs, services, and facilities. This program is mandatory for all student employees.
You should plan to attend this program at the start of every Fall Semester. Breakfast and Lunch
are provided and you will meet many people from all Student Centers departments.

Student Employee Development Sessions

Sponsored by Campus Auxiliary Services Employment, student employees have the opportunity
to develop their professional work skills through training sessions taught by full-time staff. You will
have the chance to hone your skills to better equip you while achieving future goals. These ses-
sions may range from customer service to resumé writing workshops. We hope you take full ad-
vantage of these valuable resources.

End of the year Party (Recognition/Awards Banquet)

At the end of the Spring Semester, we hold an annual get-together to show our appreciation for
all Student Centers student employees. This party usually includes a meal, recreation, and enter-
tainment. Of course, all of this is free to you. You deserve it!

Join the SEDT committee! To become a part of the team and add your input to Student-
Staff Development, see an SEDT member or talk to your supervisor.

   Personal Skills for Student Employees
Attitude:          At times you may be presented with a question that you may not know how to
answer. No mater what the circumstances, try to be patient and cooperative. Let people know by
you actions and remarks that you are willing to help.

Respect:            Treat others the way that you would want them to treat you –basic rule, but it
really works.

Help:               As a student staff member , it is your responsibility to know the polices, pro-
cedures, day-to–day operations of Student Centers. Sometimes a student or visitor may not know
how to ask for assistance; a simple “May I help you?” is a friendly way to start.

Participate:       There is a saying, “If you are not part of the solution you may be part of the
problem.” We encourage you to get involved. Share your ideas, problems, and concerns with
the Student Centers staff. Be willing to communicate your ideas and suggestions for improve-

Encourage:           Often you will be presented with ideas and suggestions that may be new or
different. You may be in touch with a new student who needs a little motivation. Extend yourself;
offer a spark of inspiration. Sometimes a kind word may just be all it takes.

Professional:          The way you dress for work, your language, your attention to detail and punc-
tuality all contribute to your sense of professionalism. Your Student Centers employee position is
a good stepping stone for future career opportunities. You can start building professional work
habits now.

Smile:                As a representative of the Student Centers at UIC, you will often be one of
the first people a student or visitor will meet on campus. Your attention will reflect either a sense
of warmth or rejection and indifference. As a student-staff member, your actions should be
geared towards making the patron feel welcomed here.

                     Career Opportunities

Did you know you could get paid for doing something you actually enjoy? If you like what
you see in Student Centers, you might consider talking with your supervisor about college
opportunities in the University Student Centers field. If you enjoy the atmosphere of a
college campus and like working with students, it can be a very rewarding career. Many of
the Student Centers full-time professional staff start out as Student Center student em-
ployees during their college days.

Student Centers belongs to the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) and
the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). Students interested in a career in
recreation. Should consider getting involved in the National Intramural/Recreational
Sports Association (NIRSA). Associations can provide you with information about gradu-
ate assistantships and entry-level full-time jobs at schools around the country.

Users of our services and facilities expect them to be clean, attractive, comfortable and
functional. An inviting ambiance is an inherent part of our philosophy. Student Centers
should be a place that the University community can feel comfortable using on a daily
basis. As staff members, we can enhance the atmosphere by being courteous and atten-
tive in out interactions with the public.

23,000 students, faculty, staff and guests visit our facilities daily. Student Centers is their
“home away from home.” We expect that you will take an active role in establishing the
proper environment. We appreciate the attention it takes to pick up a piece of paper or
straighten up a newspaper bin. You can also help by reporting spills or housekeeping
problems to a Building Manager. The aesthetic appeal of the buildings, how well we keep
them clean and in order, and to what extent they are serviceable and operate is every-
one’s responsibility.

             Building Hours
              Student Center East

Monday-Thursday                 6:30am-10:30pm

Friday                          6:30am-12:00am

Saturday                        8:00am-12:00am

Sunday                          10:00am-10:30pm
              Student Center West

Monday-Thursday                 6:00am-11:00pm

Friday                          6:00am-10:00pm

Saturday                        8:00am-10:30pm

Sunday                          9:30am-10:30pm