Employee Specification Form M23 Specification for the post of by lxb51761


									                                             Employee Specification Form                                                                                               M23
                                             Specification for the post of:         KS3 STRATEGY SCIENCE ADVISER
                                             Department:                            EDUCATION & CULTURAL SERVICES

                                                                           Personal Attributes

                 Essential                                                                       Desirable

Identified       Attribute                                                    Stage Identified   Attribute                                                   Stage
                 (i)     Degree or equivalent                                 App Form           (i)     Evidence of further relevant study                  App Form
                 (ii)    Recognised teaching qualification                    App Form

                 (i)     Management experience                                App Form           (i)   Middle management experience                          App Form
                 (ii)    Experience of leading Inset                          App/Int            (ii)  Experience of KS2 Science                             App/Int
                 (iii)   Successful experience of teaching Science in KS3     App/Int            (iii) Experience of data analysis (eg: for target setting   App/Int
                 (iv)    Experience of developing curricular projects and     App/Int            (iv)  Experience of observing and evaluating teacher        App/Int
                         schemes                                                                       quality, and providing feedback
                                                                                                 (v) Experience of teaching Science in KS4/6 Form.           App/Int
                 (i)     Thorough understanding of Science in the             App/Int            (i) Knowledge of recent publications on Science             App/Int
Knowledge &
                         National Curriculum across Key Stages 2 and 3                                 eg. HMI Reports
                 (ii)    Ability to communicate clearly in spoken and                            (ii) Good ICT skills                                        App/Int
                         written word                                         App/Int            (iii) Ability to work with senior managers in secondary     Interview
                 (iii)   Good interpersonal skills                            Interview                schools
                 (iv)    Good adult teaching skills including ability to                         (iv) Thorough knowledge of Science in primary               App/Int
                         analyse need                                         Interview                schools
                                                                                                 (v) Excellent understanding of curricular and               Interview
                                                                                                       pedagogic issues in Science derived from
                                                                                                       published findings (eg: Ofsted Reports)
                                                                                                 (vi) Self motivating and resilient, able to develop         App/Int
                                                                                                       effective partnerships and handle deadlines of
                                                                                                       accountability (local/national)

                 (i)     Ability to attend day, evening and residential       Interview


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