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									                                                                   The American Bar Association
                                                                     Section of Business Law, Section of Health Law,
                                                                     Section of Labor and Employment Law,
                                                                     Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law,
                                                                     Section of Taxation, and the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section,
                                                                   Under the Auspices of the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits,
                                                                   The ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education.
                                                                   The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel
                                                                   The Web Network of Benefits Professionals,
                                                                   The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
                                                                   and The Society of Actuaries

                               12 Noon to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

                                                                   Update for
                                                                   110 Minutes Core EA Credit
                                                                   105 Minutes Noncore EA Credit
                                                                   3.5 credits SOA Professional Development

                                                                   3.66 hours MCLE credit in 60-minute states
                                                                   and 4.40 hours MCLE credit in 50-minute states
                                                                   have been requested.

                                                                   A Four-Hour Satellite
                                                                   Seminar Broacast Live
                                                                   to Over 80 Locations!
Program Description

This live four-hour ABA Satellite Seminar, co-sponsored by the Society of Actuaries, the
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and WEB, will cover the new
Medicare legislation and other legislation enacted or almost enacted in 2003 as well as
new regulations and other guidance on employee benefit plans that employers, plan
administrators and practitioners will need to know in 2004, including:
  ■   Health Plan Issues
      ■   Medicare changes that impact employer-sponsored plans
      ■   Health savings account (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs)
          and flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
      ■   FSA debit cards
      ■   Update on Erie County age discrimination issues
      ■   HIPAA privacy deadline for smaller plans
  ■   Qualified Plan Issues
      ■   Enron and other fiduciary decisions
      ■   Expiration of the temporary 30-year Treasury fix for funding
      ■   Mutual fund scandals
      ■   Cash balance update
      ■   DOL and IRS voluntary compliance programs
      ■   Pending class exemptions
  ■   Executive Compensation Issues
      ■   Golden parachute regulations
      ■   Expensing options
      ■   IRS Executive Compensation Audit Program
  ■   Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for 2004
 Top officials from the Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department, the Labor
Department, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, together with
experienced practitioners, will discuss what these new developments mean to employers,
plan administrators and participants.
This telecast is designed to update tax and ERISA attorneys, actuaries and
accountants on these important new rules affecting qualified plans and other
employee benefit plans. Changes in topics or panels may occur in response to
late-breaking regulatory and legislative developments.
Participants in viewing locations will have the opportunity to question the
panelists through toll-free telephone lines. Registrants are encouraged to submit written
questions in advance. Tuition includes extensive study materials.

 Enrolled Actuary Credit
 This satellite seminar is recommended to meet Enrolled Actuary continuing
 education requirements. While the sponsors of this program recommend this
 topic to satisfy 110 minutes of core and 105 minutes of noncore continuing
 credit for Enrolled Actuaries, the final decision as to meeting those requirements
 rests with the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries.
 Professional Development Credit
 This satellite seminar has been approved for 3.5 units of Professional
 Development (PD) credit. Please visit the www.soa.org for further information.
Program Schedule

Wednesday, February 11, 2004
                                    Eastern        Central         Mountain         Pacific
Registration                        11:30 a.m.     10:30 a.m.      9:30 a.m.        8:30 a.m.
National Telecast Begins            12 noon        11:00 a.m.      10:00 a.m.       9:00 a.m.
National Telecast Ends              4:00 p.m.      3:00 p.m.       2:00 p.m.        1:00 p.m.
                   Program includes a 20-minute break.
 (Lunch is not included – registrants may wish to bring lunch or a snack.)

 Program Faculty

Program Chairs                     Carol D. Gold (invited)             Daniel Hogans
Nell Hennessy                      Director, Employee Plans            Attorney-Adviser
President                          Internal Revenue Service            Benefits Tax Counsel
Fiduciary Counselors Inc.          Washington, DC                      U.S. Department of the
Washington DC                      Timothy Hauser                      Treasury
                                   Associate Solicitor                 Washington, DC
Phyllis Borzi
Of Counsel                         Division of Plan Benefits           Bill Sweetnam
O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue            Security                            Benefits Tax Counsel
Washington, DC                     U.S. Department of Labor            U.S. Department of the
                                   Washington, DC                      Treasury
Program Faculty                    James Keightly                      Washington, DC

Christopher Bone, FSA              General Counsel                     Deborah Walker
Chief Actuary                      Pension Benefit Guaranty            Partner
Aon Consulting                     Corporation                         Deloite & Touche LLP
Somerset, NJ                       Washington, DC                      Washington, DC

Jamie Delaplane                    Kevin Knopf
Partner                            Attorney-Adviser
Davis & Harmon                     Benefits Tax Counsel
Washington, DC                     U.S. Department of the
                                   Washington, DC

  Participants at all viewing locations will have the opportunity to question the panelists
  through toll-free telephone lines. Registrants are encouraged to submit written questions in
  advance to the site coordinator. Tuition includes extensive study materials.
Program Information

Registration Fees
 Standard                                          $179.00
 Government Employee/Professor                     $125.00
 Student                                            $50.00
A limited number of scholarships to defray tuition expense for this Satellite
Seminar are available upon application. To apply, request a scholarship application
form by writing to Brandon Wilhelm, ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education,
541 North Fairbanks Court, 16th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611-3314. The application can
also be accessed from our fax-on-demand service, ABA-CLE FaxInfo, by calling
(800) 995-1253. The document number to enter to receive the application form is
1003. The form can be faxed back to Mr. Wilhelm at (312) 988-5368, or you can mail
it to him at the above address. To be considered, all scholarship applications must be
received in the ABA offices no later than Wednesday, February 4, 2004. A minimum
of $50 will be charged to defray expenses, if the scholarship is approved. If you have
any questions, please contact Mr. Wilhelm by phone at (312) 988-6218 or via e-mail
at wilhelmb@staff.abanet.org.

Viewing ABA Satellite Seminars in Your Office:
You may view this program in your office, home or other convenient
facility, if you have a C-band satellite dish. Programs are also available through
small dish satellite technology offered by American Law Network. For more infor-
mation, call Ruth Johnson at the American Law Network at (215) 243-1601 fax num-
ber is (312) 243-1608 or contact her by e-mail at rjohnson@ali-aba.org.

Services for the Disabled:
If special arrangements are required for a disabled individual to attend this Satellite
Seminar, please contact the Satellite Marketing Manager at (312) 988-6208.

Mail Registration:
All mail registrations must be received in the ABA office by Wednesday, February 4,

Telephone Registration:
Telephone registrations will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. CT on Tuesday, February
10, by calling (800) 285-2221 or (312) 988-5522 (VISA, MASTERCARD, or
AMERICAN EXPRESS will be accepted).

Credit Card Registration:
When registering by telephone, mail, Internet, or fax, you are welcome to charge the
ABA Satellite Seminar tuition to your VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN
EXPRESS account.

                                                                      Continued on back
Program Information

In-Person Registration:
You may also register in person at the local viewing site one half-hour prior to the
beginning of the program with a check, credit card or purchase order. If you plan to
register in person, please call the ABA, (800) 285-2221 or (312) 988-5522,
24 hours in advance to confirm that the program is being held as scheduled and that
space is available at your selected location.
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Cancellations and requests for a refund will be honored on the following basis:
*Day of Cancellation                                           Amount of Refund
2 business days or more.....................................100% Refund
1 business day or less ........................................100% Refund
                                                               minus $25 admin. fee
*"Day of Cancellation" is the day the cancellation is received, by telephone or in writ-
ing, by the ABA. It is calculated based on the number of ABA business days remain-
ing before the program presentation for which you are registered.

Written confirmation of refund requests must be received within 14 days following the
program presentation. Substitute registrants for distance learning programs are welcome
and encouraged.
Additional Information:
To obtain further information about these programs, contact: Enna Rios, ABA Center
for Continuing Legal Education, 541 North Fairbanks Court, Chicago, Illinois 60611,
(312) 988-6208. To register for this program, telephone the ABA Service Center at
(800) 285-2221 and select option 2.

                     UNABLE TO ATTEND?
           Purchase the videotape or audiotape package!
Videotapes and audiotapes will be available two to three weeks after the live telecast.
These products can be readily incorporated into your firm’s in-house training pro-
gram. Save $100.00 off of the regular price if you order the videotape package before
February 11, 2004. Complete ordering and pricing information is contained within the
Registration and Order Form, on the back panel of this brochure.

     Accreditation for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education
   All participants must register for the program. Required sponsor documen-
   tation has been forwarded to and credit requested from MCLE states with
   general requirements for all lawyers. 3.66 hours have been requested from
   those states that recognize the 60-minute credit hour, and 4.40 hours from
   those states granting credit hours on a 50-minute basis. Lawyers seeking
   credit in Pennsylvania must pay a fee of $6.00 directly to the Pennsylvania
   CLE Board ($1.50 per credit hour x 4). Please be aware that each state has
   its own rules and regulations, including what qualifies for “CLE” and
   “Ethics” credit. Lawyers seeking credit in Louisiana must submit a Certificate
   and pay fees directly to that state.
   For NY licensed attorneys: This non-transitional program has been
   approved for experienced NY attorneys only, in accordance with the require-
   ments of the New York State CLE Board (8.5 total general non-transitional
   NY MCLE credits).
  Viewing Sites

Arizona                              District of Columbia               Indiana (cont)
The Wrigley Mansion Club             Powell, Goldstein,                 Fairbanks Center for
2501 East Telawa Trail               Frazer & Murphy LLP                Communication and
Phoenix Site #2144                   1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW       Technology Conference Room
                                     6th Floor                          Butler University
California                           Washington Site #2207              770 W. Hampton Dr.
                                                                        parking at Clowes Memorial Hall
Whittier Law School                                                     Indianapolis Site #2154
3333 Harbour Boulevard, Room 7       Florida
Costa Mesa Site #2191                Broward County Bar Association     Kansas
Moseley-Salvatori                    1051 Southeast Third Avenue
Conference Center                    Fort Lauderdale Site #2204         Johnson County
637 S. Lucas Avenue, west of                                            Community College
                                     St. Thomas University              12345 College Blvd. at Quivira
the Harbor Freeway downtown,         School of Law
secured parking across the street                                       Carlsen Center
                                     16400 NW 32nd Avenue               Overland Park (Kansas City)
Call (213) 977-2556 for directions   Law Library Seminar Room
Los Angeles Site #2104                                                  Site #2177
                                     (The Florida Bar)
McGeorge School of Law,              Miami Site #2109                   Wichita Bar Association
University of the Pacific                                               225 N. Market St., Suite 200
                                     Escambia Santa Rosa Bar            Wichita Site #2148
Center for Advanced Study,           (Pensacola Junior College)
Seminar Room 7                       418 West Garden Street
Sacramento Site #2140                Pensacola Site #2167               Kentucky
San Diego County Bar                                                    Western Kentucky University
                                     Hillsborough Community College
Association                                                             Department of Continuing
                                     Dale Mabry Campus
1333 Seventh Avenue                                                     Education
                                     Section I, Library
San Diego Site #2196                                                    2355 Nashville Rd
                                     Ground Floor, 106 Auditorium
                                                                        Bowling Green Site #2102
The Practising Law Institute         (The Florida Bar)
California Center                    Tampa Site #2110                   Stoll, Keenon & Park
685 Market St., Suite 100                                               300 West Vine Street, Suite 2100
San Francisco Site #2103             Georgia                            Lexington Site #2179

Santa Clara University               Powell, Goldstein,                 Louisville Bar Association
Media Services                       Frazer & Murphy                    600 West Main Street
500 El Camino Real                   191 Peachtree St., N.E.            Louisville Site #2114
Ricard Observatory                   16th Floor
Building 104                         Atlanta Site #2111                 Louisiana
Santa Clara Site #2185
                                                                        Kean, Miller et al.
                                     Idaho                              One American Place, 22nd Floor
Colorado                             Idaho Public Television            Baton Rouge Site #2164
Rocky Mountain PBS                   KAID-TV                            New Orleans Educational
KRMA-TV (Channel 6)                  1455 North Orchard                 Telecommunications
1089 Bannock Street                  Boise Site #2183                   Consortium, Inc.
Denver Site #2105                                                       World Trade Center
                                     Illinois                           2 Canal Street
Connecticut                                                             Vieux Carre Room, 18th Floor
                                     Chicago-Kent College of Law
                                                                        New Orleans Site #2141
University of Hartford               Illinois Institute of Technology
Continuing and Professional          565 W. Adams St.                   Cook, Yancy, King, & Galloway
Education                            Chicago Site #2146                 1700 Commercial National Tower
Career Counseling Center                                                333 Texas Street
30 Elizabeth Street                  Indiana                            Shreveport Site #2180
Science Center Auditorium
Hartford Site #2159                  Indiana/Purdue University
                                     Kettler Hall, Room G-22            Maine
                                     2101 Coliseum Boulevard            Maine State Bar Association
Delaware                             Fort Wayne Site #2161              124 State Street
WHYY-TV 12                                                              Augusta Site #2115
625 Orange Street
Wilmington Site #2171
  Viewing Sites

Maryland                          Nebraska                           North Carolina
The Library Co. of the            University of Nebraska-Lincoln     North Carolina Bar Foundation
Baltimore Bar                     College of Law                     8000 Weston Parkway
Clarence M. Mitchell              East Campus, 42nd & Fair           Cary (Raleigh) Site #2127
Courthouse                        Streets, Room 122
110 N. Calvert Street, Room 506   Lincoln Site #2152                 WTVI-TV
Baltimore Site #2157                                                 3242 Commonwealth Avenue
                                                                     Charlotte Site #2126
Montgomery County                 Nevada
Maryland Bar Foundation           University of Nevada-Reno
27 W. Jefferson Street, CLE
                                  The National Judicial
Classroom (Lower Level)           College Bldg.                      Buckingham, Doolittle &
Rockville Site #2172              Reno Site #2156                    Burroughs
                                                                     50 S. Main Street
Massachusetts                     New Hampshire                      Akron Site #2131

Massachusetts CLE                 New Hampshire Bar Association      WCET-TV (Channel 48)
10 Winter Place                   112 Pleasant Street                1223 Central Parkway
Boston Site #2116                 Concord Site #2125                 Cincinnati Site #2128

Minnesota                         New Jersey                         Cleveland-Marshall
                                                                     College of Law
William Mitchell College of Law   New Jersey Institute of CLE        Cleveland State University
875 Summit Avenue, Room 219       New Jersey Law Center              1801 Euclid Ave
St. Paul Site #2119               One Constitution Square            Cleveland Site #2129
                                  (off Ryder’s Lane Exit of
                                  Route 1)                           Columbus Bar Association
Mississippi                                                          175 S. Third St., 11th Floor
                                  New Brunswick Site #2151
Mississippi College                                                  Columbus Site #2165
School of Law                                                        Thompson Hine LLP
151 E. Griffith Street
                                  New Mexico
                                                                     2000 Courthouse Plaza NE
(601) 925-7107                    CLE of the State Bar of            Dayton Site #2132
Jackson Site #2120                New Mexico
                                  5121 Masthead, NE                  University of Toledo
Missouri                          Albuquerque Site #2153             College of Law
                                                                     Hanna Lawyers Room
The Missouri Bar                                                     3rd Floor
326 Monroe Street
                                  New York
                                                                     Toledo Site #2176
Jefferson City Site #2123         Bar Association of Erie County
                                  438 Main Street, 6th Floor         Oklahoma
Kansas City Metropolitan
                                  Buffalo Site #2170
Bar Association                                                      Oklahoma County Bar
1125 Grand Avenue                 Suffolk Academy of Law             Association
Kansas City Site #2122            (Suffolk County Bar Association)   119 North Robinson Avenue
The Bar Association of            560 Wheeler Road                   Suite 240
Metropolitan St. Louis            Hauppauge (Long Island)            BY TAPE DELAY ONLY,
720 Olive Street, Suite 2900      Site #2205                         TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24,
St. Louis Site #2121                                                 4:00 P.M.
                                  Fashion Institute of Technology
                                                                     Oklahoma City Site #2187
                                  8th Avenue & 27th Street
Montana                           Building A                         The University of Tulsa
St. Vincent Hospital and          Conference Room A-803              John Rogers Hall
Health Center                     New York City Site #2124           3120 East 4th Place
1233 North 30th Street,                                              (north end of campus)
                                  Syracuse University
Madison/Jefferson Room                                               Tulsa Site #2130
                                  Continuing Education
Billings Site #2211               Professional Legal Education
The Montana Club                  700 University Avenue,
26 West Sixth Avenue              Room 307
Helena Site #2197                 Syracuse Site #2142
Viewing Sites

Oregon                          South Carolina                Utah
Northwestern School of Law of   South Carolina Bar CLE        Utah Law and Justice Center
Lewis & Clark College           950 Taylor St.                645 South 200 East
Solomon Courthouse              Columbia Site #2147           (Utah State Bar and CLE)
620 SW Main Street, Suite 706                                 Salt Lake City Site #2145
(Oregon Law Institute)          Tennessee
BY TAPE DELAY ONLY,                                           Virginia
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24            Chattanooga Bar Association
12:00 NOON                      The Pioneer Building          Northern Virginia
Portland Site #2190             801 Broad Street, Suite 420   Community College
                                BY TAPE DELAY ONLY,           TV Technical Building
                                TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24,         3rd Floor
Pennsylvania                    8:30 A.M.                     8333 Little River Turnpike
The Bar Association of          Chattanooga Site #2193        Annandale Site #2163
Lehigh County
1114 Walnut Street              Memphis Bar Association,      Tidewater Community College
Allentown Site #2209            One Commerce Square           Learning Resources Center
                                BY TAPE DELAY ONLY,           1700 College Crescent,
Pennsylvania Bar Institute      TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24          Room B201
5080 Ritter Rd                  12:00 NOON                    Virginia Beach Site #2137
Mechanicsburg Site #2133        Memphis Site #2174
The Gershman Y                  Nashville Bar Association     Washington
401 South Broad Street          315 Union Street, Suite 800   Seattle Central
(corner of Broad                TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24          Community College
and Pine Streets), Room 100     1:00 P.M.                     1701 Broadway, Room 4180A
Philadelphia Site #2166b        Nashville Site #2188          Parking available in private lots
Allegheny County Bar                                          Seattle Site #2155
Association                     Texas
                                                              Spokane Falls Community
400 Koppers Bldg.               The LeCroy Center for         College, Library
436 7th Ave                     Educational                   3410 W. Fort George Wright Dr.
Pittsburgh Site #2138           Telecommunications            Spokane Site #2175
Monroe County Bar Association   Dallas County Community
913 Main Street                 College District
                                9596 Walnut St., Conference
Stroudsburg Site #2210
                                Room 170 D&R                  Lakeshore Technical College
                                Dallas Site #2173             1290 North Avenue
Rhode Island                                                  Cleveland Site # 2195
                                Texas Wesleyan University
Roger Williams Law Clinics      School of Law                 Marquette University
Downtown Metro Center,          1515 Commerce Street          Law School
150 Washington Street           Fort Worth Site #2202         1103 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Providence Site #2194
                                                              Call (414) 288-6452 for
                                South Texas College of Law    parking information
                                1303 San Jacinto, Room 317    Milwaukee Site #2139
                                Houston Site #2135

   For more information about this and related programs, the ABA, the JCEB,
   and ABA-CLE:
             Phone ABA Member Services at 800/285-2221, then select 2 for CLE
             Visit our Web site on the Internet at www.abanet.org/cle
                              Satellite Seminar Employee Benefits Update 2004
Registration and Order Form

                              Wednesday, February 11, 2004
                                                                                                                 Name ____________________________________________________________________
                              Please register me at the following location:
                              Site #_____________ City_____________________________ State______________          Title _____________________________________________________________________
                              Standard                                                ❑ $179                     Organization ______________________________________________________________
                              Government Employee/Professor                           ❑ $125
                              Student                                                 ❑ $50                      Address _________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                          (No P.O. Boxes Please)
                              TO REGISTER AND ORDER:                                                             City ________________________________________ State ______ Zip _____________
                                    Phone 800.285.2221 or 312.988.5522 (credit card only)                        Phone ___________________________________________________________________
                                    FAX 312.988.5850 (credit card only)                                          Fax _____________________________________________________________________
                                    Online @ www.abanet.org/cle/programs/s04ebu1.html
                                                                                                                 E-mail ___________________________________________________________________
                              must include         MasterCard              VISA   American Express
                              Card No. _____________________________________ Exp. Date _______                                                      Unable to Attend?
                                                                                                                 ❑ Send me the videotape package                 ❑ Send me the seminar study guide:
                              Signature ____________________________________________________                       (includes videotapes and course materials):      ___ $75.00* (plus $12.95 domestic
                                         (Cardholder Signature Required)
                                                                                                                   ___ $225.00* (plus $17.95 domestic               shipping and handling) S04EBUB
                                   or Mail form and payment                                                        shipping and handling) S04EBUV (the price     Videotapes and audiotapes will be available 2-3
                                   (with your check payable to the American Bar Association                        will be $325.00 plus $17.95 shipping and      weeks after the live telecast. Payment in full must
                                   or with VISA, MasterCard or American Express information) to:                   handling after February 11, 2004)             accompany all orders.
                                      American Bar Association                                                   ❑ Send me the audiotape package                  * Illinois residents add 8.75% sales tax, District of Columbia
                                      Financial Services, Dept. S04EBU1                                            (includes audiotapes and course materials):      residents add 5.75% use tax and Maryland residents add
                                                                                                                                                                    5% sales tax, before including shipping and handling
                                      P.O. Box 109078                                                              ___ $179.00* (plus $17.95 domestic               charges.
                                      Chicago, IL 60610-9078                                                       shipping and handling) S04EBUA
                              ❑ We will send you information about ABA-CLE programs and products by fax and/or
                                e-mail unless you indicate otherwise by checking this box.
                              FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: ID S04EBU1 ACK ______________________ SR ____________________
                                                                                                                                                  SCE4MEBU 1           2    3    4
                              Please refer to this SOURCE CODE when placing your order. (If blank, refer to the code above your mailing address) ____________________________________
                          FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: ID S04EBU1 ACK ______________________ SR ____________________
                                                                                                                                              S C E 4 M E BU 1 2 3 4
                          Please refer to this SOURCE CODE when placing your order. (If blank, refer to the code above your mailing address) ______________________________________

Benefits Update                            American Bar Association                                                                                                Non-Profit Org.
                                           Center for Continuing Legal Education                                                                                    U.S. Postage
   for 2004                                541 N. Fairbanks Court, Suite 1600                                                                                           PAID
                                           Chicago, Illinois 60611-3314                                                                                              Documation

 February 11, 2004

12 Noon to 4:00 p.m.
   Eastern Time

                  xxxxx   Register Online at www.abanet.org/cle/programs/s04ebu1.html

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