Interview Tips
                                  How To Confront

The successful resolution of a work performance problem requires certain attitudes and
interviewing skills on the part of the manager/supervisor.

Here are a few basic points to keep in mind when confronting an employee with a work
performance problem.

  •   establish the level of work performance you expect
  •   record all absenteeism, poor job performance, incidents, etc.
  •   base the confrontation on job performance and be specific about attitude,
      behaviour, missed assignments, etc.
  •   use only factual information
  •   try to get the employee to acknowledge the work performance problem
  •   set up a plan for improvement
  •   get a commitment from the employee and monitor it
  •   be firm, but fair, but tell the employee you are there to help. Try to establish a
      trustful relationship
  •   be honest, don't hedge, speak with authority
  •   be ready to cope with the employee's resistance, defensiveness and even
  •   don't diagnose the cause of the problem. This is not your job
  •   don't make value judgements
  •   don't make idle disciplinary threats
  •   never ask the employee why he/she does this or that (generate excuses), but try
      to get the employee to explain the situation in his/her own words

REMEMBER: Accept the responsibility of intervening; don't be afraid to get involved.
Also, remember that it is highly probable that an employee's work performance will
improve if he/she is confronted constructively and consistently. It is a fact that the
situation will get worse if the employee is ignored or just warned occasionally.

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